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Update: May 29, 2006

The mouse-over buttons for the fanfiction has been changed to the new Fan Rating system. FRC (Lemonade) are stories that were previously labeled either G or PG, FRT (Ale) are stories previously rated PG-13, FRM (Whiskey) are stories that were previously labeled R, and FRAO (Flaming Rum Punch) are stories previously rated NC-17.

The following fics were added:
All Work And No Play
A Rupert By Any Other Name
A Small Mutiny
Eight Days A Week Series (Day One only so far)
Five Things That Never Happened During Dead Man's Party
Good As Goa'uld
Good Samaritan
Not So Doomed
Stroke Me A Nipper, I'll Be Back For Tennis
The Hogs Beneath The Skin
Too Darn Hot
You Can't Eat Just One

Also added to the main page link graphics, and added the "Open and Serving Graphic"


What's new?


Welcome to the grand opening of Wench's Tavern. In the various sections you'll find my fic, essays, awards, and recommendations of both sites and further reading.

So come on in, look around, read an old favorite or discover a story you've never tried before. With more than 100 to choose from, chances are you can find something to enjoy.

And while I've got you here, I want to lead you all in a big round of applause for two people without whose help and generosity this site wouldn't exist.

Karesia has devoted goodness alone knows how many hours of hard work to making this site happen. She's the one who suggested it in the first place, and I know it turned out to be a much bigger project than she imagined it would be. Hours of discussion for layouts lead to repeated re-designs and hours more of work for her. Through it all, she was a model of patience and generosity.

The other person responsible for making this site happen is my good friend Gail Christison. She donated the space on her server for us to use.

Karesia, Gail, I thank you both for all your efforts and kindness on my behalf. Nothing I say here can express my full appreciation.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported me and my fic writing over the years. Little did I know, when I sat down to write my first fic more than four years ago, that one day I would have written more than 100. Nor did I think I would have so many people sending me such kind feedback or handing me awards for said fic.

So thanks to all of you who made this site possible by encouraging me to write all those stories. And stay tuned. There's a lot more yet to come!



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