These are some of my favorite Buffyverse stories. Most
of them are B/G, but some are not. Most are romances,
but others are hilarious comedies or bitter darkfic.
The ratings range from G to NC17. The one thing they
all have in common is excellent writing combined with
original vision. If you're looking for a good read,
any of these will fill the bill!


This is one of the stories that inspired me when I first started writing. It's also a story I've recommended to at least a dozen new B/G readers who wanted to get a good introduction to the ship. It's hot, it's funny, it's sweet, and there's only a little angst involved. If you haven't read this one, do.
Yes, this was inspired by one of my GRB Monday Mini-Challenges, but even if that wasn't how it came to be, I'd still recommend this wonderful series. It's hard to believe it's Beadific's first B/G story. There aren't many authors who can make the First Slayer a viable character in a fic, but she's managed it, among a number of accomplishments too varied to mention here. Look, it's a hell of a good read, okay? Just try it out.
I'm not a fan of fic involving real people, especially historical figures. I'm also not a big fan of Spike-centric fic. This haunting tale is both, and it's an amazing read. Collie has captured two complicated characters (Spike and John Lennon), and made an odd, tenuous friendship between them not only believable, but compelling. This story will stay with you for a long time after you're done reading.
If you're ready to read something short, silly, and uncomplicated. Dolores LaBouchere's delightful Dances With Groos should be just the ticket. In addition to being the only Groo/Numfar pairing I've ever seen, it's full of deliciously giggleworthy turns of phrase.
You're a B/G and you haven't read this one? Hurry up and change that! J.K. Phillips' series is angsty, yes, but also filled with as much love as Giles torture. Keep your hanky at the ready, and hang on for a wild ride. You won't regret it.
Rari Coss has sadly moved on from Buffy fandom, but her legacy remains. This is one of the most original stories her very original mind wove for us to enjoy. Keep your hanky ready - but mainly for the happy tears. Then go read some other stories she wrote.
An exquisite piece of fic. Ruth not only gets Buffy and Giles together in the miasma of Season 7, she also does something Joss didn't manage in the course of the entire season. She lets us get to know one of the potential Slayers living in Buffy's house. This lovely story reads like dim sum tastes: subtle, rich, and unforgettable.
Gail is not only one of my all-time fave authors, she's also my good mate. It's almost impossible for me to pick just one of her amazing stories to recommend. This one, however, does stand out for me. There's sweetness and romance and a little angst and quite a bit of good humor. And horsies. And red-hot smoochies. There's really no way to go wrong with one of Gail's fics, but if you haven't read her before, this would make a nice place to start. If you already know her work, this is a nice one to visit again and again. Read this and you'll understand how Gail got the title Queen of Romance.
Ness is well known for her angst, I know, but this lovely slice of what might be is a personal favorite. I'm a sucker for stories about Giles' family, and I like happy endings. This provides both in a short, sweet, very real feeling package.
My Twisted Sister, Fabrisse, wrote this Giles/Wesley romance. We then proceeded to set Have Yourself A Scooby Little Orgy in the same version of the Buffyverse. Whether or not you read our orgyfic, this one is well worth a read. It's sweet and hot, like Chinese mustard. Yum.
Kerry Blackwell doesn't write enough fic. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Read this magical tale of love and sacrifice, and you'll know why I say she needs to write more. Whenever you're ready, Kerry. We'll be waiting.
I can't find the author's name, but I know where to find this dark and disturbing tale of the fallout of Willow's spell in Chosen. It's short, it's simple, and it's important to read. Oh, and if you ever find out who wrote this gem, would you please let me know who it is? I'd like to thank her personally.
A sweet, short story that I think makes a much more satisfying end to the series than Chosen did. JBG has a wonderfully light touch to her comedy and romance. This charming story is a great example of both.
Joanna has done an amazing job of looking inside Giles' head for this series. Her spot on characterizations and fertile imagination have resulted in a fascinating and moving story. Read this one when you have some time on your hands to really appreciate Giles' mental landscape. You're sure to see something interesting there.
GylzGryl's inventive series of solutions to a seemingly unsolvable situation will keep you on your toes throughout this wonderful saga. And the final ending? Well, let's just say it's rare that I've seen such a completely... satisfying resolution in a story that never hits an NC17 rating.
Kris Walberg has created a brilliant, painstakingly-detailed world in this sprawling romantic B/G saga. Kris has developed an interesting - and carefully considered - structure for the Council of Watchers that infuses every aspect of this amazing story. Set immediately after Graduation, this is still unfinished, but don't let that stop you. Between the romance, the humor, the horror, the detailed original characters with nary a Mary-Sue in sight, and the squirmworthy sex, this is a winner on all fronts.
Koala's masterwork. It all started with a challenge. By the time it ends, you'll agree with me that this is a B/G classic. Koala has re-written Season 5 from about the midpoint, filling it chockful of everything you've come to expect from both Koala and the Buffyverse. Humor, pathos, angst, romance, and amazing attention to detail abound in this story. It isn't finished yet, but there's a lot to love, and a lot more to come. Have your hanky at the ready, and settle in for a good read.
In the mood for a simple, smutty B/G romp? Well, this one by Karen Jephson is one of my personal faves to scratch that particular itch. Scorching hot sex, some nice B/G banter, and a deliciously hot answer to the eternal question. Da Wench sez: check it out!