Contains more information than you ever thought to wonder about the Whitechapel Murders and the identity of the miscreant responsible. Be warned: don't look at the victims' pages if you're weak of stomach. Actual post-mortem photographs are used. OTOH, if you want a good laugh, check out the theory that Lewis Carroll was the Ripper.
The home of great rock bands Ariel, Purgatory's Gate, Reign of Power, and the Aquaphobics. Jenpet also publishes a terrific kid's book called Crazy Camp Songs. Check it out!
An amazing page of random generators. Be sure the try out the Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer for some hilarious ideas!
If you love playing The Sims as much as I do, you need to know about this site. Free and pay memberships available. Freebies rotate every few days. Also, check out the boards for help and advice from fellow Simmers.
'Spare the snark, spoil the networks' is their motto. Check out reviews of all your favorite TV shows... or see the ones you hate skewered. It's all fun.

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