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Small update. All the links sections [found in the site info] and the affiliates page have been updated and cleaned out.


Hard to believe it's been over a year! Once More is back again with a new look for V7.0 - Everlast. Once More With Feeling's seventh year is on.


Back again. This time we have a number of new Galleries up for Tony's Manchild character, James, as well as the following new fics. Enjoy!
  • A Spot of Bother
  • Encounter
  • The Babysitter
  • Double Trouble
  • My Family and Other Nightmares
  • The Freshman: Replay
  • Things Lost

  • 13.04.2004

    Holy frijole! Okay, it's been awhile but we're back and better than ever with the new Once More With Feeling V6.0 - Stay. We have a whole bunch of updates for the fanfic section, including the following new fics;
  • If We're Together...
  • Once Upon a Watcher
  • Never Leave Me
  • An Aussie Valentine
  • Enchantment
  • Sierra High
  • Where Do We Go...?
  • The Watcher's New Clothes [Gail & Ruth]

  • 19.06.2003

    Welcome to Once More With Feeling - version 5.0, Origin. Yes! It's purple! Yay for purple.


    We have some new affiliates and a new award, this time from the wonderful Researching Rupert!


    Added a new affiliate, a new BG fanfic and a brand new Giles pic from the latest Australian Buffy Magazine.


    Added a new affiliate, the wonderful Researching Rupert, as well as a new award from the Believe Awards.


    And again with the disappearing act! Happy New Year all - we have four new scans up in the Giles Gallery along with a brand new B/G fic. Enjoy.


    Whew! Been a bit of a break but now we're back. For today, there's five new piccies in the Tony Gallery. We'll have more fanfic, artworks and gallery pics coming soon.


    There's a few new pics up in the Tony Gallery - the second with thanks to the wonderful Melz. Also, a new B/G story, Ever Aftering, is up in the Buffy/Giles fanfic section. Enjoy.


    Quite a few new bits and pieces today. We have a new B/G image up in their gallery as well as a new cast image and a Giles/Anya pic. There's also a new fic up in Greyangel's section and a six new Giles images in the Giles gallery. Enjoy.


    Welcome to the birthday edition of Once More With Feeling - V4.0, The Voice. We're celebrating three years online! Woohoo!. As for updates - all the galleries have been reorganised, and theres a new Buffy/Giles manip up in their section of the artwork pages. Enjoy.


    New pic up in the Tony Gallery, with many thanks to Sandra Pascoe. Also added new fanfic 'Recognition' to the B/G section, a new award from Fangirl to the awards page, and two new affiliates.

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