Plot Fanfiction

The Babysitter
PG, Fun fic
Giles is doing some babysitting. Giles, a child and a cat...

PG-13, Plot fic
Buffy goes missing after there are signs of a cult starting in Sunnydale. Angel and Giles set out to rescue her while Wesley holds the fort.

Double Trouble
NC-17, Anywhere But Here fic
You, James & Giles on Halloween. Costumes, romance, fun.

PG-13, Fun fic
Giles/Xander friendship fic. Giles and Xander are chasing a new kind of demon.

The Freshman: Replay
PG-13, Episode rewrite
A reworking of the season four premiere, The Freshman.

A Giles Christmas
G, Event fic
Christmas in the fourth season. The gang realize that Giles has been neglected and set about recitfying things.

G, Fun fic
Giles finds a small, injured dog while jogging. It takes bit, but Muffin wins him over in the end.

My Family and Other Nightmares
PG-13, Crossover fic
Buffy and Giles visit his relatives, the Harpers, and chaos ensues. Crossover with the BBC comedy "My Family".

Perchance To Dream
PG-13, Angst fic
A Scooby adventure set in the third season. Some major demons are rising with major powers. Unexpected twists and turns as well as battles and some addressing of Angel and Giles' issues.

A Rocky Halloween
G, Event fic
It's Halloween and Giles is up to something. A little Rocky Horror meets BtVS.

Things Lost
PG, Challenge fic
Giles has lost something. A walk through some memories.

Times Two
PG-13, Angst fic
Set in the third season before Anya's return. Anyanka is trying to get her powers back, and Buffy finds herself with two Giles'.

The Watcher's New Clothes
PG-13, Post-series fic
Everyone is stuck in a hotel en route to Cleveland, and something keeps happening to Giles' clothes...