Giles Shipper Fanfic

A Spot of Bother
PG-15, Fun fic
Giles/Jenny. Xander seems to have chicken pox... and it's spreading. Giles and Jenny try to make some time for themsleves.

All Else Confusion
NC-17, Challenge, Willow/Giles
A challenge fic not representative of my overall views on Willow's relationships. Willow realizes who and what she really wants.

In Your Dreams
NC-17, Challenge, Cordy/Giles
A fun challenge, to put Giles and Cordelia together in a believable way. Not one of my ships, but very enjoyable to write. Giles and Cordelia meet at a ski resort, each unhappy with their own lives. When Giles rescues her from her date, they find solace in friendship and each other.

One Moment
NC-17, Challenge, Willow/Giles
My first W/G fic, born out of a challenge - and a most painful birth at that. Long, and filled with adventures, drama and angst for Willow and Giles, interleaved with a budding romance that becomes a passionate affair.

NG-17, Angst fic, Willow/Giles
After some adventure dusting vampires comes a story of Willow and Giles, seduction and romance.

Winter Weekend
NC-17, Challenge, Willow/Giles
A pre-Tara story in which Willow and Giles take a romantic riding holiday in a resort in the wintertime.