Season 4 Epilogues

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Not One Day Longer
Epilogue to Living Conditions
Giles and Buffy reconcile after the estrangement and hurt feelings through the Freshman and Living Conditions.

Lost and Found
Epilogue to The Harsh Light of Day
Buffy indulges in some post-Parker cathartic vampire pouding which gets a little out of control. Wounded, she goes to Giles, who helps her through a very rought period.

Giles Good
Epilogue to Beer Bad
Giles looks after the cave slayer until the beer wears off.

Epilogue to Wild at Heart
Giles helps Willow through a very bad time after Oz's departure.

Epilogue to Pangs
The events of Pangs wake old nightmares in Giles, who is dealing with having Spike in his bathtub as well.

Second Sight
Epilogue to Something Blue...
Giles and Buffy reflect on the events of Something Blue and the breakdown of their relationship over the past few months. Set a while after the last scene of the episode.

Epilogue to Something Blue...
Willow and a still-blind Giles deal with their issues from the events of Something Blue after the spell is lifted, during the night before the cookie-baking scene in Giles' apartment.

Family, Part One
Epilogue to Doomed
Xander checks on Giles after he is badly hurt in Doomed.

Family, Part Two
Epilogue to Doomed
Willow helps an injured Giles deal with a lot of season four angst.

Family, Part Three
Epilogue to A New Man
An intense examination of Giles and Buffy's relationship post A New Man, picking up from the moment Buffy dropped the letter opener.

Who Am I?
Epilogue to Who Are You?
Buffy goes to Giles after the events of Who Are You and they work through issues on both sides until Buffy begins to deal with the reprecussions of Faith's assault.