Season 3 Epilogues

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Epilogue to Anne
Part three of the Becoming epilogue arc, dealing primarily with Giles and how he's coping with Buffy's absence and her mother's 'attitude'.

Spilt Milk
Epilogue to Dead Man's Party
Post zombie-party, everyone's helping to clean up the Summers residence, but Giles is way too quiet. Eventually, Buffy faces up to finding out why.

Epilogue to Band Candy
A humerous post-Band Candy exchange between Giles and Buffy.

Epilogue to Revelations
In an extremely angst filled confrontation, Buffy and Giles deal with each other's issues some time after Buffy visits Faith at the motel.

After Thoughts
Epilogue to Amends
The events of Amends are over, and Christmas day has unfolded more normally in the Summers' household for Joyce, Faith and Buffy - but Buffy realises there's still something she has to do, and how much she owes someone.

Epilogue to Helpless
Continues right on from the last scene. Buffy hasn't forgiven Giles yet. An observant Angel tells her some home truths and she confronts her own... finally.

Epilogue to Consequences
Buffy goes through a nightmare sequence following on from the episode, before going to Giles for reassurance and for both of them to confront their issues.

Epilogue to Earshot
Humerous confrontation between Giles and Buffy post Earshot. Deals with a number of issues whilst in the middle of a very competative training sword fight.

Epilogue to The Prom
A sentimental post-script to The Prom.

No Sad Songs
Epilogue to Graduation Day
After the event and some time on the town with the Scoobies, Buffy comes back to the one place she knows she'll be safe. Giles and Buffy deal with what's happened to them in the episodes leading up to and during Graduation Day.