Season 2 Epilogues

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The Hills Are Not Alive
Epilogue to The Dark Age
Giles patrols with Buffy and exorcises some of frustration and pain after the events of Dark Age.

Epilogue to Innocence
Picks up after the car scene. Buffy doesn't go straight inside. Instead, Giles drives her to his favorite place to give her time to try and deal with the events of Innocence.

Epilogue to Passion
Buffy and Willow go to see how Giles is after the events of Passion and try to help in their own way. Xander has the same idea.

Epilogue to Becoming
The first in a three part arc, dealing with the period after Buffy leaves, and how Giles and the others dealt with her absence over the summer.

Epilogue to Becoming
The second part of the arc, continuing to deal with how Giles, Willow and Xander get through that summer without Buffy. Continued in Fallout, the epilogue to Anne.