Buffy/Giles Fanfiction

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Sierra High
NC-17, Challenge fic
Buffy and Giles investigate a mysterious occurance in the Sierra Nevadas on horseback.

Shall We Dance?
G, Fun fic
Anya wants dancing lessons and ropes all the Scoobies into going. Unfortunately, since Riley has departed, Buffy doesn't have a partener. She asks the person least likely to expect her to...

Snow and Fire
NC-17, Event fic
A different kind of Christmas story. Buffy and Giles go on a road trip to find an amulet and get stranded at a farmhouse in a snowstorm.

The Surprise
NC-17, Plot fic
Giles has to go to San Francisco to see a friend and Buffy goes with him. Birthday surprises, romance, passion, and the beginning of a relationship.
Sequel: Passion Rules Us All

NC-17, Angst fic
Sequel to Destiny's Doorstep. Pretty much the morning after. More of an epilogue, really.
Significant erotic content.

PG-13, Angst fic
An angsty confrontation between Buffy and Giles directly after the events of The Yoko Factor, but before Primeval.

Troubles and Bubbles
NC-17, Fun fic
Buffy and Giles, already together, have a tire blow out in a rainstorm, leading to refuge in a hotel and a jacuzzi with bubbles and lots of fun.

Truth or Dare
NC-17, Plot fic
Ethan kidnaps Giles and Buffy, and when they escape, they're forced to hide out. Giles chooses to sizzle the Council's books with a five star hotel room. Revelation and romance ensues. Ethan is dealt with, as well as the inevitable Scooby discovery of their relationship when they arrive to celebrate Giles' birthday.

The Visitor
NC-17, Angst fic
Buffy goes to England to get her Watcher back and discovers much more about herself and about Giles.

Where Do We Go...?
PG-13, Event fic
Buffy goes with Giles to England after the events of 'Chosen', while the rest of the Scoobies are on a road trip.

The Wishes
G, Event fic
A fourth season Christmas story with twists both fantasy and real when the gang meets at Giles' place for the eve.

M-15+, Challenge
Result of a fic challenge involving Giles, a bed, and handcuffs. There were lots of erotic responses, so I chose to go with angst instead.