Buffy/Giles Fanfiction

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PG-13, Fun fic
Giles loses a bet. During the payoff Buffy has an epiphany and relents before romance and fun ensue.

PG-13, Angst fic
Xander loses Giles to vampires during a battle. The gang does not find a body. Dramatic episode for both Giles and Buffy.

The Hero
G, Fun fic
A short, fun story with a different take on our Watcher. Written as an antidote to the Giles-lacking fourth season, and the frustration around that time.

If We're Together...
R, Challenge fic
side of her Watcher she didn't know, and a side of herself she didn't expect. Horseriding, romance, passion, fun.

If Wishes Were Horses
NC-17, Fun fic
Dawn wants to do riding lessons, but Buffy doesn't have a clue, so she goes to Giles for help and discovers a side of her Watcher she didn't know, and a side of herself she didn't expect. Horseriding, romance, passion, fun.

Last Dance
NC-17, Challenge
An early challenge fic, where the point was to 'get' Parker. In this story, in the process of 'getting' Parker, Buffy and Giles make a discovery, with accompanying annoying interjection from Spike.

NC-17, Plot fic
Buffy and Giles are lost in another dimension and Giles goes into survival mode in their primitive envionment and their relationship undergoes an evolution leading to love and passion.

Never Leave Me
NC-17, Plot fic
Giles is not dealing well with the aftermath of Lies My Parents Told Me and decides to go back to the Espresso Pump, where the Scoobies overhear him singing. Issues are faced at last.

Once and Forever
NC-17, Angst fic
Buffy has a shocking epiphany while patrolling in a cemetary and hurts herself. When she appears on Giles' doorstep very late, they begin a journey into the truth about themselves and their relationship.
Sequel: Beyond Forever

Once Upon a Watcher
PG-13, Event fic
Buffy is missing Giles and goes to England to search for him, only to discover that her father is in trouble. A Christmas story with a fairy tale twist.

The Only
NC-17, Angst fic
Giles is lost in another dimension during an investigation in England. Buffy has to find a way to get him back. Adventure and action for Robinson-Crusoe-Giles, who is lost and alone in a dangerous forest while the Scoobies help a frantic Buffy.

Passion Rules Us All
NC-17, Angst fic
Sequel to The Surprise. Buffy and Giles, having just begun a relationship, are having a difficult time getting together. A story about love, passion and building a relationship.
Significant erotic content.

Past, Revisited
PG-13, Fun fic
Sequel to Blast From The Past. Buffy and Giles go to Disneyland, and meet his old friends from the prequel there.

NC-17, Angst fic
Giles and Buffy are training in the woods when a storm bursts. They find a cabin, and in the process find each other.
Significant erotic content.

M-15+, Angst fic
Epilogue to the events of Grave. Buffy takes care of an injured Giles before he has to return to England to deal with Willow, forcing them both face the future and what it means to them.
Sequel: Ever Aftering