Buffy/Giles Fanfiction

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An Aussie Valentine
PG-13, Event fic
Buffy and Giles travel to Australia on Valentine's to prove they're worthy to be guardians of the mystical Isgoth Stones.

Beyond Forever
R, Plot fic
Sequel to Once and Forever. Buffy and Giles are trying to start a life together. Joyce is not impressed. Giles is hurt on patrol and ends up in a coma. Subsequent plot involves those who hurt him and why, with lots of hurt, comfort, love, and Scooby interaction along the way.

Blast From the Past
NC-17, Plot fic
Giles is flustered about an impending visit from friends from his past. The competitive nature of his relationships with them results in him making some changes in an effort to still compete, along with a little help from Buffy.
Sequel: Past, Revisited

Blue Eyes
PG-13, Fun fic
Willow tells Buffy a few home truths after the events of Where the Wild Things Are. Buffy is promted to go and see Giles perform by herself.

A Christmas Gift
PG-13, Event fic
A Scooby Christmas story with events and twists both fantasy and real.

Destiny's Doorstep
NC-17, Angst fic
My first B/G story. Summer, post Graduation Day, Buffy surprises Giles with one of his favorite things: kayaking. Along the way they discover their real feelings for each other, before a catastrophic event plunges things into real angst and drama.
Sequel: Threshold

Don't Give Your Heart
R, Angst fic
Ethan causes problems and leaves Giles trapped in his own mind. Buffy has to go in after him and finds herself with an inside view of his life from childhood onwards.

M-15+, Event fic
A very deliberate, sweet Valentines Day story.

NC-17, AU fic
A little Buffy and Giles romance fic as they spend some time together after the events of Recognition.

Epiphany in Shades of Summer
NC-17, Plot fic
Giles decides to get away from things for awhile. Events force Buffy to follow him on his hike.

Ever Aftering
NC-17, Fun fic
Sequel to Recognition. A little Buffy and Giles romance fic as they spend some time together after the events of Recognition.

A Foregone Conclusion
NC-17, Challenge
A fic challenge requiring Buffy to find Giles in a compromising position. Revelation, passion and romance ensues before the Scoobies get more than they bargained for.
Significant erotic content.

NC-17, Angst fic
Sometime after Restless, Buffy goes to ask Giles to patrol with her. An exploration of each other's feelings and the events that have shaped their lives leads to revelation, declaration, passion and love.