Below are some of the awards Once More With Feeling has won since it first went online in september of 1999, along with the sites that awarded them.

From And Occasionally Frolic :

From Bodice Ripper Awards:

From Shades of Grey Awards:

From Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards:

From Attic Space:

  • The Runner Up for Most unique plot, no pairing 'Watchers New Clothes' in the Shades of Grey awards.

  • The Favorite Giles/ASH Site award from Researching Rupert.

  • Second place for best Giles/Jenny fic for 'Perhance to Dream' in the the Believe Awards.

  • The Tweedy Award for best fic, 'Once Upon a Watcher', from Tweedy Book Guy.

  • The Effulgence Award from Fangirl.

  • The Award for Website Excellence from The Official Robin Sachs Fansite.

  • The Grown-Up Award for outstanding Giles/ASH site from The Espresso Pump.