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The Catalogue of UK Entrances to Hell

One of the more bizarre and arcane sites I've ever run across on the net, this one purports to have found 'entrances to Hell' all over the UK. This is meant to be tongue in cheek, but it has some fun ideas and images to play with. At any rate, if you're looking for a good, creepy looking spot somewhere in England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland to start off a Giles-based supernatural adventure, some of the photos here might give you a nice dose of inspiration.

Britain Express

A guide to prehistoric monuments throughout England and Wales, including articles on specific things.

Wiltshire White Horses

The history and locations of the chalk horses of Wiltshire.

Stone Pages

Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe.

Old Maps of the UK

Provides access to Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive. Find out where ancestors used to live or check out what neighbourhoods looked like over a hundred years ago.

The Ancient Sites Directory

A Guide To Ancient Monuments Around The United Kingdom.

Thornborough Henges

Maps and pictures of Thornborough archaeology.


Bath and North East Somerset Council

Government site for visitors for Bath and North East Somerset tourism from businesses to roads, environment, life and leisure, etc.

Visit Bath

The World Heritage Site of Bath.

City Of Bath

Another site for visitors to Bath, comprehensive site about the history and places of interests and daily life and culture.

University of Bath

Bath University's website including its programs, events and campus.

Celebrating Somerset

Governement tourist information site.


Buffy/Angelverse Dialogue Database

A site with piles and piles of dialogue quotes. Can search by character, episode, popular, special or perform your own search. Anything you wanted to know about specific show dialogue, including slang terms used in the show can be found here!

BTVS Trivia

Comprehensive guide to BTVS trivia with site search engine

Episode Summaries, Transcripts

Episode information for every episode of BTVS and Angel.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sound Shrine

Sound wavs of characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including a section of Giles wavs broken down by season.


Beautiful Devon

Devon Tourist and Travel Information with pictures.

Devon Link

Provides information and links to a large selection of the towns and villages within the Devon County.

Discover Devon

Visitor and tourism site about things to do and see in Devon.

Cottages 4 You

Great for finding that 'vision' you want of a dwelling for Giles in Devon or anywhere in the UK.


Encyclopedia Mythica

Encyclopedia of the mythical: mythology, folklore, and religion.

The British Horse Society

The British side of horseriding.

Horse Directory

UK equestrian community listing equine services and information for horses and horse riding.

Rules of Darts

Easy reference for official rules to playing darts.

Chess Central

Full service site for all Chess game needs. Can purchase any and everything related to chess, but is a valuable resource for finding out details about the game for those new to it - including pieces and terms and playing board.

Royal Mile Whiskies

Giles likes Scotch as portrayed on the show, as opposed to say: gin, bourbon, or martinis. He likes a good Scotch. Some of Giles's brands of Scotch are Glenmorangie as seen in the Yoko Factor and possibly Laphroaig. Entering them here yields links with prices and pictures, as well as spelling.

The Scotch Whiskey Association

A source of information to those interested in learning more about Scotch Whisky.


Online guide to the sport of fencing and its rules.

British Fencing

British fencing site.

Swords & Shields From History

Enter the store front and use the arrow links to see the different types of swords.

Medieval and Renaissance Collectibles

Medieval swords, but also other weapons and shields, books, etc.


The Citroen DS. Use the gallery to match Giles' citroen to one of these entries and find out any details you might want to know about the Gilesmobile.


One of Giles' favortie bands.


AA: Routes In Britain

A trip planner. If you're going to have Giles drive from one point in the UK to another you need to know how long it will take and how difficult the trip will be, especially if there is any urgency.


Select the UK and the just keep enlarging the area you're interested in until you find what you want. Great for looking at locations relative to other locations in England as well.

Network Rail

Another travel option, with links to train timetables.


California Ghost Hauntings

Offers some general outlines of ghost legends based around California tourist attractions. There are brief discussions of the Winchester Mystery House, the spot where James Dean's car crashed, ghosts of the Queen Mary and Alcatraz. This is a tourist site, but offers a quick overview of commonly believed in ghosts in California.

Cemetary Symbolism

Some information on the meaning of common iconic images on graves. Giles would probably know all about this stuff!


All inclusive encyclopedia site of mythical/horror creatures; including vampires, werewolves, zombies, dragons, etc. Various myths and legends as well as how to recognize if your neighbor is a vampire!

Mysterious Britain

A guide to mysterious places, legends and folklore within the British Isles. In addition to ghost stories, it includes folk legends, UFO stories, etc.

The Shadowlands Ghosts And Hauntings

Offers quite an archive of first-person stories about hauntings, ghost hunting, etc. and a long list of haunted places listed geographically with general details of the ghosts believed to inhabit these places. A warning though: Famous Hauntings section includes a surprising number of factual mistakes so reader beware if accuracy is important. Despite that, it has a lot of interesting articles about ghosts and ghost hunting that can be useful for giving texture to fic.

SNW: The Supernatural World

An A-Z Glossary of Paranormal and Related Terms, as well as articles and information about supernatural, paranormal, and unexplained Phenomena.

TAPS: Paranormal Research & Investigation

The official website for The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Includes evidence, stories, and articles regarding paranormal research. This is the group of investigators you may have seen on the Sci Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" series.


This Is Westbury

Information and leisure, sports and news about Westbury.

Weird Wiltshire

Ghosts and paranormal events are no stranger to Wiltshire.


Common Errors in The English Language

An excellent resource for clearing up common misuses/abuses of the English language

Commonly Confused Words

A list of commonly confused homonyms/useages with tips on choosing the proper word/use

A Dictionary of Slang

Comprehensive dictionary of British slang. Gives a wide variety of terms and their meanings, listed alphabetically. In many cases, includes information on what part of Great Britain the term is used in, but not in all.

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction

Dr. Merlin has an excellent essay on the basics of writing fanfic. Read and learn, oh Grasshopper. And be sure to take the final section particularly to heart. Oh, and don't forget to check out some of the links. There's a lot of good information in them.

The English to American Dictionary

A light-hearted, opinionated English-to-American slang dictionary. This one not only tells you what the other culture calls things you may need to discuss in your fic, it also makes you giggle! If you want to know what I mean, go here and take a look at the entry for 'Aga'.

The Phrontistery: English Word Lists and Language Resources

A love letter to language, the Phronistery compiles lists of words for all manner of purposes. You can look up words for: phobias, units of measure, fighting and combat, forms of divination and fortune telling, and the lists go on. Need a really stuffy word for Giles to use? Something that he'll have to race to the unabridged dictionary to understand himself? This is the place to look for it. You can almost smell the books!


A very thorough grammar/writing site that will walk the novice through proper sentence structure in amazing detail

Oi! Yanks! No!

No holds are barred on this site designed to help Americans understand current English culture. Want to know about slang? Holidays? Sport? History? You can find something here. Now there's no excuse for us Yanks to get things wrong.

Relationship dynamics

An interesting essay that, while written for slash fans of The Sentinel, Blake's 7 and Highlander, has some VERY interesting points of comparison to Giles-based BtVSfic...

Slash Writing

THE source for slashwriting tips. Minataur is a gay man who devotes a large amount of his time and energy to helping straight women write better gay fic.

Seventh Sanctum

A site with piles and piles of random generators, both silly and serious, useful and merely amusing. Stuck for a pairing? Try the Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer for some...unusual ideas. There are also generators for magical items, plots, and no end of other goodies.

150 Years of Mary-Sue

150 Years of Mary-Sue is a fascinating look at the history and horrors of Mary-Sue, the character everyone fears in fanfic. An interesting read and a great help to guage whether your OC is Mary-Sue or not. Be warned that the author is not especially slash friendly.

20,000 Names From Around the World

A terrific archive of names from all around the world. When naming an OC of either sex, this is a great place to look for inspiration. Includes meanings.

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