livejournal communities.

All The Jellies (Giles/Buffy community)

Ashaholics Anonymous (ASH Characters Discussion community)

ASH Daily (ASH Photos community)

BtVS Fictionary (BtVS writer's reference community)

Buffy Giles (Giles/Buffy community)

Giles Ficathon (Giles Ficathon community)

GilesOz (Giles/Oz community)

Giles Slash (slashy Giles community)

GilesXander (Giles/Xander community)

No One Knows (Giles/Xander community)

Stay And Gloat (Giles/Ethan community)

Teens For ASH (Teens who can't get enough ASH community)

Tweed And Tea (general Giles community)

Watcher's Groupies (Giles "Groupies" community)

Watcher Love (Giles/Wesley community)

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