beta readers.

  • Allison - kaatalli[at]

    As long as it is Giles, she will beta. Biggest strength is in spelling and grammar. Enjoys helping people who have great ideas make them into stories.

  • Ashtonian - jules[at]

    Not overly fond of slash or Giles/Willow, but is happy to deal with anything else. Strengths include grammar and general 'Britishness'.

  • Becca Wright - becwright[at]

    Open to anything as long as Giles is there. Best at grammar.

  • Emerald - emeraldstar_1999[at]

    Crossovers are a favorite; likes a wide variety of shows and books and those she may be unfamiliar with is willing to learn about them. Enjoys Buffy/Giles, but also tends to like unusual pairings - good with either het or slash. Doesn't really like tragedies or horror. Can help with the plot if needed and has a vivid imagination. Good with grammar, but better at spelling.

  • Gail - chriscln[at]

    Best known for Buffy/Giles fanfiction but has written most pairings including Giles/Ethan slash and Giles/Wesley slash, as well as several genfics. Ratings from G to NC-17 Beta skills include spelling, punctuation, grammar, characterisation, and continuity.

  • Gileswench - gileswench[at]

    Well known for her wide multi-ship writing talents. Writes fanfiction from sillyfic to angst and has tackled about every Giles ship ever proposed at one time or another, including slash and het. Also writes genfic. Specialties include silly fic, Buffy/Giles and m/m slash.

  • Jen - supermom1120[at]

    Particular strengths are: het, genfic, fluff, plotting, and crossovers. Knows a little about most TV shows and movies, and what she doesn't know, she will let you know she doesn't.

  • Jessie - jessie53067[at]

    Will beta any ship and style. Best with characterization and punctuation. Also pretty good with helping on how to move a story along or assist when something just doesn't seem to fit right.

  • Karen - kjpephson[at]

    Talented Giles writer best known for Giles/Buffy fanfiction. Has written slash and other ships. Specialties include characterisation and continuity.

  • Karesia - karesia[at]

    Talented beta reader for genfic, sillyfic and het shipper stories. Specialties include spelling, grammar, punctuation, characterization and continuity.

  • Kim - lawyergirl152003[at]

    Will read any ship and any rating. Strong points are for continutiy and plot issues.

  • Meaghann - ashfan[at]

    Strengths are grammar, heterosexual couples, and preferably Buffy/Giles although Willow/Giles is fine too. If correcting for grammar and structure then the subject matter isn't quite as important. Will also beta for fluff, general fic, silly stuff etc. Can critique slash as well. Would prefer to stay away from angst and dark stuff for the most part.

  • Mireille - mireille719[at]

    Prefers to beta either Giles/Ethan or Giles/Xander stories, but will also happily beta gen. (Or most ships, apart from Giles/Buffy). Pretty much constantly available for beta work, except during midterms and finals (so four weeks - mid-March, mid-May, mid-October, mid-December).

  • Rainne - chanceofrainne[at]

    Strengths include an extensive knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation; a good feel for flow. Preferences include Buffy/Giles, but will do just about anything except will not beta: Giles/Spike, Giles/Angel(us).

  • Ruth - rufusruff[at]

    Specialities: plot, narrative, characterisation, Keeping Giles British, fic set in England. All and any ships or ratings acceptable, but genfic a speciality. Can advise on original characters.

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