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31 July 2006

If I Were You by Clairebot (Gen section)
A Day At The Hellmouth by Malnpudl (Gen section)
Presents by Sweetdoggie (Gen section)
Regarding Rupert by WickedFox (Gen section)
Seasons Of Love by Adele (Giles/Buffy section)
Magic's Cost by Kathy P. (Giles/Buffy section)
Stargazing by Michmak (Giles/Buffy section)
Twist The Knife by Ann Emmess (Giles/Ethan section)
Worth It by Laura Shapiro (Giles/Ethan section)
Time Will Tell by Meg L. (Giles/Faith section)
Falling From The Edge Of The World by Vatwoman (Giles/Jenny section)
The Twilight's Last Gleaming by Laura Shapiro (Giles/Joyce section)

28 May 2006

Added a section of links to the Writing Tools and References Resources section for sites involving the paranormal (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demon lore, etc.)

Added the following fic to the archive:
A Rupert By Any Other Name by Gileswench (Giles/Jenny section)
Unbreakable Series Part 12 by Koala (Giles/Buffy section)
An Act Of Thanks by Darth Nonie (Giles/Spike section)
Just The Slime by Exfilia (Giles/Spike section)
Morning After Surprise by Elisabeth (Giles/Willow section)
Don't Feed The Plants by Pythia (Giles/Willow section)
A Small Mutiny by Gileswench (Giles/Olivia section)
Carried Away by Karesia (Giles/Buffy section)
Slight Miscalculation by Pythia (Giles/Glory in the miscellaneous section)
Anamneses by Pythia (Giles/Olivia section)
Change One Thing by Riani aka Two Ladies of Quality (Gen section)
A Conversation In A Quiet Moment by Riani aka Two Ladies of Quality (Giles/Buffy section)
Career Change Series by Riani aka Two Ladies of Quality (Giles/Spike section)

23 May 2006

Challenges were updated through #97.

26 April 2006

We apologize for the length of time between updates. Our web master had some major surgery and was unable to be on the computer. Updates will begin to resume on a more regular basis.

The Challenges were updated through #93.

Updated links for BuffyGiles.com (Giles/Buffy shipper links section) and Bodice Ripper (Multiple Giles Ships links section).

Added Six Cliches essay to the essay section.

10 November 2005

The Challenges were updated through #82.

Fixed author archive name graphics issue.

Added the following links:
Carrot Patch link (Giles/Buffy shipper links section)
Sweet Misery Zone link (Giles/Anya shipper site to writer's resource section)
Enough Small Talk link (Giles/Olivia fanlisting section)
BtVS Sound Shrine link (Resource Tools section)

Added the following fic links to the Fic Rec Section:
All Your Tomorrows by Jennifer Oksana (Giles/Anya section)
Sufficient Champagne by Cynthia Liskow (Giles/Anya section)
Eternal Summer, Jealous Sky by Kath (Giles/Anya section)
Calls And Closure by Tonya (Giles/Anya section)
Conversation Piece by RGHill (Giles/Cordy section)
Continuum by Te (Giles/Ethan section)
At Last A Realised Infinity by SA (Giles/Ethan section)
Time Will Tell by MegL42 (Giles/Faith section)
Mad Moon In Scorpio by CL Kammikar (Giles/Jenny section)
Et In Arcadia Ego by TweedEmpress (Giles/Jenny section)
Semper Vigiles by Dianne DeSha (Giles/Jenny section)
Til It Bleeds Daylight by Sarah T (Giles/Oz section)
Wild Is The Wind by Dolores (Giles/Oz section)
Kiss The Librarian by Halrloprillatar (Giles/Spike section)
Spike/Giles by Sottovoce & Caoilainn (Giles/Spike section)
Bananarama by Te (Giles/Xander section)
The Longest by Maude M. (Giles/Xander section)
Hues Of Bliss by Maude M. (Giles/Xander section)
Terror by Twinkledru J. (Giles/Tara section)

Added the following fics to the archive:
Heavenly by Amberina (Giles/Multi section)
Hawk's Blood by Clairebot (Giles/Ethan section)
Leather On Willow by Fenny (Genfic section)
Good Samaritan by Gileswench (Giles/Cordy section)
Never Kiss & Tell by Jae Kayelle (Giles/Multi section)
Sugar Cookies by Jae Kayelle (Giles/Multi section)
Territorial Rights by Jae Kayelle (Giles/Multi section)
If Truth Be Told by Jane Davitt (Giles/Multi section)
Updated Popsicles And Stitches by Kim Wylie (Giles/Cordy section)
Updated Unbreakable Series (two chapters added) by Koala (Giles/Buffy section)
The Waking by Mad Poetess (Giles/Misc section)
Welcome Home by Mad Poetess (Giles/Ethan section)
Frustration by Rari (Giles/Buffy section)
Jealousy by Rari (Giles/Buffy section)
Journey's End by Rari (Giles/Buffy section)
Love Heals All by Rari (Giles/Buffy section)
Teacher's Pet by Rari (Giles/Buffy section)
Man, Pretending by Ruth (Giles/Olivia section)

31 August 2005

The Challenges were updated through #77.

9 August 2005

Sorry for the delay in updates, but we had to move to a new host and wanted to ensure a smooth transition!

The Challenges were updated through #74.

Added the following essays:
Concussion FAQ
For The Greater Good: Giles In Lies My Parents Told Me
Giles & Spike: The Watcher and The Vampire
We Go Back: Rupert Giles & Ethan Rayne.

Added the following fics to the archive:
The Forever Series by Gail Christison (Giles/Buffy section)
Seeking Sanctuary by Pythia (Giles/Buffy section)
An English Summer by Sandra Pascoe (Giles/Buffy section)
The Vulcan's Bane Series by Sandra Pascoe (Gen section)
When All This Is Over by Athenae (Gen section)
Concrete Memories At The Crossroads Of The Median Lined Ferris Wheel by Beamer (Giles/Oz section)
Talk To Me by Byrne (Giles/Wes section)
Mission From God by Gileswench (Giles/Buffy section)
Single White Slayer by Gileswench (Giles/Buffy section)
This Time Series by Gylzgirl (Giles/Buffy section)
Stasis by HeadRush (Gen section)
Unraveling by HeadRush (Giles/Willow section)
Art Exhibition by Jae Kayelle (Giles/Angel section)
Love It Was Indeed by Jane Davitt (Giles/Anya section)
Common Ground by Jeanne DeVore (Giles/Joyce section)
The Dentist by Joanna C (Giles/Buffy section)
Kitten Caboodle by Joanna C (Giles/Anya section)
Sew The Chicken Series by KV Wylie (Giles/Buffy section)
Singing And Other Nice Things by Kindkit (Giles/Oz section)
Gossip by Liz (Giles/Buffy section)
The Pump At Nine by Liz (Giles/Buffy section)
The Something More Series by Nickle (Giles/Cordelia section)

The following fics moved to the sections indicated:
One Thousand Miles Of Sky by Athenae moved to the Giles/Misc section for Giles/OC content
Working Through Fear by Fabrisse moved to the Giles/Joyce section
Allies by HeadRush moved to the Giles/Misc section for Giles/OC content
Dazed And Confused by HeadRush moved to the Giles/Anya section
Everything In Its Place by Ruth moved to the Giles/Misc section for Giles/OC content
Out-Take by Ruth moved to the Giles/Willow section
The Watcher Series by Vatwoman moved to the Giles/Misc section for Giles/OC content

22 June 2005

Reorganized the writing tools and references links in the Resources section and added the following links:
Britain Express, Wiltshire White Horses, Stonge Pages, Old Maps of the UK, Ancient Sites Directory, and Thornborough Henges - Ancient Britain/Mythical sites section
Bath & North East Somerset Council, Visit Bath, City of Bath, Celebrating Somerset and University of Bath - Bath & Somerset sites section
Beautiful Devon, Devon Link, Discover Devon, and Cottages 4 You - Devon sites section
Encyclopedia Mythica, The British Horse Society, Horse Directory, Rules of Darts, Chess Central, Royal Mile Whiskies, The Scotch Whiskey Association, Fencing.Net, British Fencing, Swords & Shields From History, Medieval and Renaissance Collectibles, Citreonet, and Cream - Giles' Interests section.
AA: Routes in Britain, Multimap.com, and Network Rail - Map and Travel Information section.
This Is Westbury and Weird Wiltshire - Westbury sites section.

21 June 2005

Added Emerald to the beta readers and fixed Mireille's email address as per her request.
Added 4 more Mini-Challenges to the challenge section.
Added Bright Minds & Dark Magics and Hairy Eyeball to the Giles/Willow shipper links section.
Added Watcher Chronicles and Warriors & Watchers to the Giles sites links section.
Added Responsible Adults and Unrequited to the Multi ships sites links section.

12 June 2005

Added the following fics to the archive:
The Unbreakable Series by Koala - Giles/Buffy section
Matched Set by Koala - Giles/Buffy section
Still Life by Rubywisp - Giles/Xander section
Curiosity by Trekker - Giles/Ethan section
A Couple Of Old Mystics by Adrienne - Giles/Ethan section
Without by Firecracker - Giles/Faith section
The Saint And The Sinner Series by Jae Kayelle - Giles/Angel section
Air Lines by Ruth - Genfic section
Everything In Its Place by Ruth - Genfic section
Out-Take by Ruth - Genfic section
The Watcher's New Clothes by Ruth & Gail Christison - Genfic section
The Watcher Series by Vatwoman - Genfic section
The Records To Prove It by Shelley - Giles/Oz section

30 May 2005

Updated About and Contact pages.

30 May 2005

We are proud to launch our new Fanfic Archive! This is an ongoing project and the archive will be continually updated (look for updates here) as we strive to bring you the some of the best Giles fic in the fandom. There is something for everyone with fic types ranging from gen to ship, from het to slash, from sillyfic to angst, and even Giles in threesomes, foursomes and more! We hope this archive will help new writers and veterans by inspiring you to go forth and create more Giles fic! Feel free to let us know what you think.
Also broke down fic page to allow for new sections: fic rec list, archive, and our new Giles fic challenge list.

8 May 2005

Completed and uploaded Giles Reference gallery and Giles portrait gallery to the resource section. Made beta corrections to gallery. Go, check out the Gilesy goodness provided for us by the amazing Neaf, with our profound thanks, and let us know what you think.

3 May 2005

Added Fanlisting section and subsequent links to Links section. Fixed URL for buffygiles.com everywhere it appeared throughout the site.

28 April 2005

Added the following 9 LiveJournal Communities links to Resources section: Ashaholics Anonymous, ASH Daily, BtVS Fictionary, Giles Ficathon, GilesOz, GilesXander, Stay And Gloat, Teens For ASH and Watcher's Groupies.

19 April 2005

Added LiveJournal Communities links to Resources section. Did overhaul of organization of Resources section so all sections and listings under sections are alphabetical.

17 April 2005

Added 6 more betas to the resource section.

15 April 2005

Added Giles/Ethan essay and update the Giles/Willow essay to the Essay section. Added Chaos Child site to Giles/Ethan section in the links section. Fixed broken link for 'Unraveling' and added 4 fic recs to the Giles/Willow section of the fic recs section. Added Buffy/Angelverse Dialogue Database link to the resources section. Changed over all fic ratings to the fan rated system to avoid any possible issue with the MPAA. Added Ruth and Kim to beta-reader list.

4 March 2005

Added two additional beta readers to the resources section. Added Warnings/Headers essay to essay section. Added Ripped Off, Giles/Ethan archive to the Giles/Ethan shipper links. Added fic rec in the Giles/Spike shipper fic section.
25 February 2005

Added Giles/Willow, Giles/Buffy, and Giles and Adulthood essays. Added 9 new links in the Resources section under the Writing Tools and References are.

17 February 2005

Added Blood And Chocolate and Xenon's Dungeon links to to Ethan/Giles ship links section. Added Just Slightly Fixated to the Wesley/Giles ship links and the multiple ship links section. Added Tales From The Attic to the Spike/Giles ship and multiple ships section, and added Step Away From Xander to the Xander/Giles ship links section.

16 February 2005

Added Giles/Oz shipper essay to Essays Section.

15 February 2005

Added Wench's Tavern to links in both general and Buffy/Giles section. Also added two sites to the Giles/Ethan links section. Added fic recs to the following categories: Genfic, Giles/Anya, Giles/Buffy, Giles/Cordelia, Giles/Ethan, Giles/Spike and Giles/Willow

14 February 2005

Removed more broken links from the links page. Added BTVS and Giles Writers links section. Added Bloody Priceless and BTVS writers guild site links. Added Bodice Ripper site link to 'Multiple Giles Ships' links category. Added Between The Lines link to Giles/Ethan links

13 February 2005

Added link for Headquarters in the general links section

12 February 2005

Added two Giles/Xander fic rec links by Wyvern
Added Mary-Sue essay Added links for Giles/Anya site Sweet Misery; Wesley/Giles site Watcher Love; Xander/Giles sites No One Knows and Wyvern's Lair; multiple Giles ships site Riposte

10 February 2005

Added Fic Rec Page

09 February 2005

Added Giles/Oliva shipper fic essay
Added Giles Genfic essay

08 February 2005

Updates added to main page
Disclaimer added to main page

05 February 2005

Webring added to main page

04 February 2005

Beta reader summaries added
Mailing list summaries added

03 February 2005

Beta status removed
Links categorised
New mailing lists added
New links added
Dead link removed
Dead list removed

02 February 2005

We're approved!!


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