Guide to Giles Shipper Fiction
written by Gail

Part of the world of Giles fanfiction is relationship fanfiction writing. All manner of fans enjoy pairing Giles with all manner of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Crossover and Original characters.

The following are some examples of Giles pairings from Buffy The Vampire Slayer which have been written in Giles fandom since the inception of series:

Giles/Andrew: An unlikely pairing inspired by Giles reportedly mentoring Andrew Post-Chosen.

Assists: Whilst Giles evinces little else but irritation or impatience with Andrew for the majority of their screen time, they are seen at the end of season seven to be playing Dungeons and Dragons with Xander, Anya and a potential before the final battle. In season five of Angel, Andrew is reported to be being trained by Giles and later is implied to be a trusted lieutenant of Buffy's. Although little previously supported either Giles or Buffy being likely to take this course, it is now canon and allows the Giles/Andrew writer to extrapolate on what might have happened to change Giles' attitude to Andrew. Also Andrew is heavily implied in canon to be gay, and in one seventh season episode is even implied to have groped Giles while the gang is making certain the Watcher is not the First.

Obstacles: At first view, extreme incompatibility. Giles 'does not suffer fools gladly' and is intelligent, seasoned and experienced. Andrew, on the other hand, has been demonstrably portrayed in canon as a 'fool'. He is a classic nerdy geek who sees the world through a haze of pop culture and television metaphors. He is also easily led, dominated and is dependent on whomever he follows to think for him. Giles, on the other hand, has always been attracted in canon to strong, independent women such as Jenny Calendar and Olivia, even Preying Mantis Lady. Also reportedly in Angel, Andrew is in Rome with Buffy, not in England with Giles, however there would be a window between Chosen and whenever everyone split up, to position the beginning of a relationship between Giles and Andrew and for the later separation.

EXAMPLE: [will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Angel; Giles/Angelus: Two difficult ships, which have been written with varying degrees of success.

Assists: In the case of Angel a ship between two attractive guys with long histories and both carrying a lot of baggage makes for good angst potential and some very pretty imagery. In the case of Angelus, for those whose forte is darkness, angst and exploring the worst side of human nature there are a lot of opportunities here, particularly with regard to issues like filling in what happened in the hours we didn't see in Becoming part two.

Obstacles: Giles and Angel are a challenging pairing to make believable. There's the relatively minor problem of the initial canon obstacles insofar as their only on screen relationships have all been with women, and the very major problem of making a plausible case for anyone wanting to have a relationship with someone who tortured them for hours. Even though we can differentiate between Angel and Angelus, it is very difficult for a victim of extreme violence to even confront the 'face' of their abuser in any form. For this reason Giles/Angel fic requires a lot of forethought and a lot of effort to make the relationship plausible for the reader and Giles/Angelus fic is rarely seen, since it is nearly impossible to make believable or palatable to the majority of readers.

EXAMPLE: Giles/Angel fiction by Jae Kayelle

Giles/Anya: An interesting and potentially fun pairing with a lot of potential based on their canon relationship in the series. Episodes like Tabula Rasa and Grave provide the most material upon which to base a pairing of Giles and Anya.

Assists: The potential for humor, the underlying, if grudging, affection of the two characters in canon…and did I mention the potential for humor…their mutual knowledge of magic and demonology and probably history. Both have history of sexual stamina and appetite.

Obstacles: While written for the laughs, Anya's early abrasiveness and sometimes over-the-top belittling of Giles make an attraction much more difficult to make believable. Anya's connection to Xander: Giles' innate integrity would make it very difficult for him to start a relationship with someone for whom a close friend still obviously has strong feelings.

EXAMPLE: [will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Buffy: The most popular of all Giles pairings, which has spawned fic in a multitude of different genres, from angst to erotica, romance to comedy, to adventure and drama.

Assists: The attraction to this particular pairing stems from the onscreen relationship between the two characters. The nature of their relationship is deliberately kept undefined in the first two seasons, yet the actors manage to charge their scenes with more chemistry than many an onscreen romance, without actually having one. Example: Welcome To The Helmouth – the balcony sequence. Buffy is also very similar in nature to those women Giles is attracted to [Olivia, Jenny]…feisty, independent and strong. Even Spike, known for his perceptiveness, has noticed that *something* is going on between these two, even if they don't know it yet. Some people believe that Spike may have been exploiting what he perceived were Giles' unspoken feelings for Buffy in The Yoko Factor.

Obstacles: Any shipper stories featuring these two characters pre-season four is extremely difficult to make believable. The integrity of the Giles character precludes his taking advantage of anyone in his charge in his capacity either as a teacher up until graduation, or as a family friend. Buffy is also far too besotted with Angel and later with Riley to make B/G stories from this period plausible or believable without some extremely AU gymnastics. There is also a perception, by a very vocal minority, that their Mentor/Student relationship is too 'parental' to evolve into anything else. This is based on age difference and the notion that a mentor is and must be a parental figure. While most of us know this is certainly not the case in real life, and that blatant ageism is as offensive as sexism or homophobia, it's important that writers of this ship take care to make the relationship between the two characters as honest and believable as they can to preclude this sort of criticism where possible. Post Chosen stories must also deal with the advent of the “Immortal” storyline from the Angel series, in which it is revealed that Buffy, living in Rome, is dating a creature called The Immortal.


Giles/Cordelia: Whilst the onscreen time between these two wonderful characters was minimal compared to the other core characters, the scenes they did have were full of humor and snark, yet still managed to project an underlying respect for each other.

Assists: The chemistry of the characters. Also both being experts at sarcasm. See: Dead Man's Party, Gingerbread and Helpless for good examples. They are very much in the same category as Giles/Anya and have the same potential for humor and fun.

Obstacles: A regrettable lack of scenes together in canon, and therefore an overall lack of subtext relationship to build from; Cordelia left Sunnydale at the end of season three and eventually had a relationship with the Groosalug and fell in love with Angel. Then she was lost as 'herself' in season four of Angel until she died in season five. This limits, but by no means prevents, Giles/Cordelia fiction set after season three of BTVS. It simply requires more work to ensure that it's plausible and believable, including taking the story completely AU.

EXAMPLE: Decafland

Giles/Darla: This is a pairing that could only be dreamt of in fan fiction. There are obvious challenges in making a Watcher attracted to a particularly sadistic vampire, particularly a Watcher once tortured by another particularly sadistic vampire with a palpable connection to Darla. An example of an author making this pairing work in her story is A. Bewley [Surnia]. It is an exceedingly difficult pairing to make believable but the dynamics of it make it one of the most challenging.

Obstacles: Darla is a spectacularly nasty vampire with an intimate relationship with Angelus, who tortured Giles. Giles is not canonically attracted to vampires other than under their thrall…such as the female vampires in Buffy Vs Dracula. Darla and Giles have had no scenes or history together in canon.

EXAMPLE: Giles/Darla Fiction by Surnia.

Giles/Drusilla: Another UC pairing that is rare but has been done. This pairing is perhaps even more challenging than Giles/Darla, since Giles directly associates the face of Drusilla [after the thrall is broken and he no longer sees Jenny] with his torture at the hands of Angelus.

Assists: Drusilla clearly demonstrates an appreciation for Giles' kissing and Giles in general in Becoming Part 2 when she is extremely reluctant to discontinue her 'interrogation' of him during that time.

Obstacles: Drusilla is a vampire: a very unpleasant one, who also happens to be insane. Giles has not demonstrated even a passing interest in Drusilla other than as an enemy of Buffy.

EXAMPLE: [Will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Ethan: A fascinating canon relationship exists between these two men with many subtext references in the course of the series. From Halloween and their first onscreen reunion, to A New Man and their drunken conversation, innuendo and subtext abound. Even in the reference in Dark Age to Eyghon being raised by the ancients for bacchanals and orgies at least infers an environment in which there might have been more intimate history between the two.

Assists: The immense chemistry between the two characters. Even Giles' ongoing underlying rage at Ethan is far too intense and too intimate in nature to ignore its possible origins. Ethan's greeting in Halloween, sarcastic or otherwise: “What, no hug?” Giles' momentary misunderstanding of Ethan's attempt to put the hard word on the waitress in A New Man; The 'Jonathan' calendar 'alternate Giles' just happened to have in Superstar.

Obstacles: A lack of canon same-sex relationships or attractions, for either character; Ethan actively flirting with the waitress in A New Man; Giles' hatred of Ethan; Giles' relationships with Jenny Calendar and Olivia; The incident with Joyce Summers in Band Candy; Giles' assumption of a relationship with Anya in Tabula Rasa, whereas Willow and Tara were aware of their sexuality even without their memories.

EXAMPLE: Be Seeing You

Giles/Jenny: Canon relationship. From the beginning Giles and Jenny were an attractive and enjoyable pairing.

Assists: Both intelligent and attractive, they looked good together and sparked off each other. Her teasing and his gruff and sometimes even profound [The smelly book speech in Prophecy Girl] responses made them fun to watch and fun together. Giles is an academic, Jenny a computer-programming specialist. Both are involved in mysticism but while Giles is a traditionalist, Jenny identifies herself as a Technopagan. Most enjoyable about this relationship is the very natural and spontanious nature of their attraction to each other. Episodes: I Robot, You Jane; Prophecy Girl; Some Assembly Required; Dark Age; Surprise; Ted; Passion.

Obstacles: The fallout from the Eyghon incident. Also, after the events of Innocence and Surprise, Jenny and Giles only reconciled on the eve of her death [after it was discovered that Jenny had a secret agenda and had withheld information that might have prevented Angel from being turned]. She died in the episode 'Passion' in the second season. There's plenty of latitude for fitting stories between certain canon episodes, or during them in some cases, and going AU or coming up with some highly inventive device to bring them back together even briefly, can still produce good Giles/Jenny fic. Beware, however, being too 'contrived' with your plots to bring Jenny back. Readers have a low threshold of tolerance for particularly unbelievable, convenient or recycled contrivances to make something happen because the author wants it to.

EXAMPLES: Of Demons and Destiny Archive, Perchance To Dream by Gail Christison

Giles/Joyce: A pairing a lot of people once thought was a real canon possibility. Of the same generation and with a mutual interest in the Slayer, it's not difficult to put these two together in fan fiction. A lot of Giles/Joyce fanfiction was spawned by the episode Band Candy in which their Ethan Rayne-invented alter-egos ran amok and eventually had sex on the hood of a police car, twice.

Assists: The interaction in Killed By Death, while Joyce still doesn't really know who Giles is, has some chemistry going on, and it's fairly obvious that Joyce is not uninterested in the attractive school librarian; the situation in Band Candy where the altered Giles and Joyce, already together to deal with problems with Buffy, are attracted to each other in the manner of teenagers when the spell from the chocolate kicks in, and eventually have sexual relations. Later, in the fifth season, there is a Christmas flashback and some relaxed banter in the kitchen. We also see Giles in his apartment after Joyce's death, with a drink and listening to Brave Ulysses, the song his alter ego played for alter-Joyce in Band Candy. While it is generally taken as Giles simply grieving, an enterprising shipper can imply that it reveals that he might have had deeper, but hidden, feelings for Joyce Summers.

Obstacles: Before Band Candy, Giles and Joyce were at best, acquaintances and then when Joyce found out about the Slaying, their relationship became tense and distant. When Buffy disappeared, it became bitterly estranged. That really didn't change until Band Candy, when a spell to remove all inhibitions from all the adults in Sunnydale resulted in pseudo-teenage versions of Giles and Joyce out wreaking havoc, and eventually having sex on the hood of a police car. Since there was no canon attraction, and only a hint of subtext-y chemistry in Killed By Death [when Joyce thought he was just a school librarian], between the pair before Ethan's manipulation of their characters, the relationship for a long time afterward was even more strained and distant out of embarrassment and probably no little trauma at being used by both the spell and each other, for both of them. It took a long time for them to settle into an informal 'family friend' style acquaintanceship, which was first really seen around Earshot and lasted until Joyce's death.

EXAMPLE: Fanfiction by Jolene Beasley.

Giles/Olivia: Canon Giles relationship. Olivia is an old friend from England. She and Giles obviously care a great deal for each other and enjoy each other's company when they meet, even though the two have very different and equally hectic careers [see Xander's reference to Olivia being a 'beautiful supermodel'] and/or lives.

Assists: Olivia is seen in the episodes The Freshman and Hush and makes a cameo in a dream sequence in Restless, which, since it's Giles' dream and symbolic at best, is very little help other than to imply that Olivia represents the normal life Giles will never have. In the Freshman, the mature, relaxed and fun relationship between these two is obvious, if understated, because it is relegated primarily to the background of the episodes. Olivia is seen to be singularly non-judgemental about Giles' activities, nor particularly jealous by nature. She is shown to have a natural concern about how things went with Buffy, indicating that she's not shallow or indifferent or hateful. Rather she's a mature, confident career woman who happens to think our favourite Watcher is attractive and sexy…a plus in any book. In Hush, Giles and Olivia deal with a number of obstacles in the same mature way, with Olivia's only concession to the terror of the Gentlemen and the general Scooby chaos in Giles' flat and out of it: one or two shots of Giles' single malt, usually when he also had one in hand. At the end of the episode they are seen together, extremely comfortable and romantically relaxed in each other's company until the duty exposition raises it head and informs us that Olivia is indeed intimidated by the reality of Giles' lifestyle/calling. He is more than disappointed by the revelation. This pairing is a mine of unexplored potential. It has the capacity to be taken in any direction, or kept at the same level of strong, intimate friendship that we saw in canon as well as exploration of Giles' past, how he met Olivia and which parts of his past she was part of…does she know Ethan? When did they meet? Did they meet again when Giles returned to England…either time?

Obstacles: Giles quite obviously chooses Buffy over Olivia in the Freshman, and Olivia appeared to seriously consider the reality of Giles' life too much of an issue to continue their resumed…relationship…and has not been seen in canon with Giles since Hush. Also Restless seemed, through Giles' subconscious, to make a similar choice to Olivia's, only the reverse. Or the choice was made for him. The dream could be taken as Giles defining his direction in life, or simply as a metaphor for what had already occurred…that his decision to stay in Sunnydale and remain Buffy's unofficial Watcher meant that he ultimately…metaphorically walked away from Olivia and the normality of the relationship she offered. Technically an Olivia/Giles fic can be set any time in the series or before or after it but to be plausible during the series, Giles' relationship with Jenny must be taken into account, and the issues Olivia has about his life as a Watcher have to be dealt with. Even after he leaves Sunnydale for good, there has to be a healthy respect paid to dealing with Olivia being a poor second to Buffy and Giles' obligations as her Watcher and friend. Olivia is not the type of character whom Giles would simply expect to ignore the choice he obviously made [since they don't appear to have seen each other since Hush] and just resume where they left off.

EXAMPLE: [will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Oz: Two musicians and relatively taciturn men with a great deal of compatibility.

Assists: They have similar tastes in and attitudes to music… to a point, and a similar sardonic wit and taciturn nature. They both have inner demons and can almost certainly identify with each other. After Oz leaves Sunnydale for the last time, there is plenty of room for Giles/Oz fic. The options are almost limitless…meeting accidentally overseas, elsewhere in the country while Giles is looking for books or whatever, or Oz returning to Sunnydale, but only being able, ultimately, to face seeing Giles again.

Obstacles: No canon same-sex relationships or implied canon same-sex attractions for either character in the series. Up until season four, Oz being a student at Sunnydale High precludes Giles being interested in him, as does Oz's relationship with Willow, which lasts until his departure. Oz is shown on a number of occasions being so committed to Willow and so hurt by her behaviour with Xander, that he's highly unlikely to have relationships with anyone else during that period. The only thing that ever caused him to waver was another Werewolf and the power of the inner-wolf, which ultimately led to the distaster that was Veruca.


Giles/Riley: A rarely written pairing.

Assists: Two attractive males, with mutual interests in the Slayer and a background in the supernatural.

Obstacles: Riley calls Giles 'sir' as though he's respecting his elders. There is also no canon same-sex relationship or attraction shown for Riley on the show. Giles has been demonstrated to be attracted to strong, feisty, independent characters whilst Riley has been portrayed, despite his military skill, to be extremely emotionally dependent in relationships. Because of his innate integrity, Giles is unlikely to become involved with someone with whom a person he cares about [Buffy in this case] is still involved, or still emotionally attached to.

EXAMPLE: Fanfiction by Fabrisse.

Giles/Robin: Two gorgeous men, both with academic backgrounds and a history with the Watcher's council, both in similar fashion to the canon relationship between Giles and Angel, concerned with Buffy's welfare and her fight. There's chemistry, though not nearly as much as between Robin and Faith, but enough to play with for a fic writer.

Assists: Some chemistry and familiarity between the characters, their mutual histories with the Watcher's council and closeness in battle. Post Chosen fic about Giles and Robin is probably just as valid as Faith/Robin provided the writer can come up with a plausible reason for Robin to lose interest in Faith and Giles to stay in America..since it's obvious from later references in Angel: The Series that Giles is in England and Buffy is in Europe, probably via traveling to England with Giles after the dust settled post-battle.

Obstacles: No same-sex relationships or attractions for either character. Robin is specifically interested in and attracted to Faith.

EXAMPLE: [will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Spike: A pairing done many times in fan fiction, primarily inspired by their enforced co-habitation during season four and the humorous, chemistry filled nature of their relationship during this period.

Assists: Giles and Spike are both English, similar in a number of regards, including smoking [or ex-smoking in Giles' case], the fondness for a good stiff drink, particularly when stressed or annoyed, and their mutual interest in Buffy. Fanfic with this pairing has unlimited potential for either humor or angst, provided the relationship is plausibly established and carried on, as it were, in the context of the series and what we know about Giles and Spike post and pre screened timeline. Giles also mentions a couple of times in the fourth season that he thinks Spike has potential to be more than just a chipped vampire. He approaches Spike at least once on that basis to see if he can convince him to actively help the Scooby gang. Through the series there are a number of occasions where, despite Spike's vocal put downs of Giles [cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got laid, cuppa tea etc] it's obvious that Spike has some underlying respect for the Watcher, at least until post-Tabula Rasa.

Obstacles: Spike is a vampire and formerly an extremely sadistic one and Giles has shown no canon attraction to vampires either male or female. With the exception of Angel pre-Angelus, he's only been seen to show hostility to, or to regard them as enemies of the Slayer. Post Angelus, Giles likely has strong vampire issues, perhaps as illustrated briefly in the moment where he warns Spike quite dangerously to leave Buffy alone in the fifth season. Also during the fourth season Giles makes at least a couple of attempts to convince Spike to change sides now that he's chipped, and to work with the Scooby gang but Spike categorically rejects this. Also Spike is exclusively obsessed with Drusilla when he comes to Sunnydale and later with Buffy. There is however, a window between Spike's arrival back in Sunnydale early in the fourth season, and his realization that he's obsessed with Buffy, for Giles/Spike fanfiction, particularly during the time Spike was staying in Giles' flat in the fourth season.

Example: Giles Slash Archive

Giles/Tara: A ship which has occasionally been canvassed, but has been little written. The gentle Wicca and the Watcher would make a tender, perhaps comfort-based pairing with the potential for either good angst or hurt/comfort stories beyond any romantic aspirations of the ship writer.

Assists: Giles and Tara seem to have a respect and a fondness for each other, which is gentle and understated, as expected in a situation where Tara is in love with someone else and where both consider themselves to be friends and comrades in the Scooby cause. Tara obviously respects and likes Giles. In their scenes together they are remarkably good with each other in a gentle sort of way plus they both sing like angels and both moved on parallel course in season six, hilighted in 'Once More With Feeling' and coming to a head in Tabula Rasa. After this episode Giles/Tara fic could be fitted in to the canon timeline, but the plausibility factor would be paramount. The writer would have to make a very good case for Tara's change of sexual orientation and Giles' willingness to have a relationship with someone whom he knows a close friend [Willow] is still in love with. Tara also displayed great appreciation of Giles' singing and his other…assets…in the fourth season episode Where the Wild Things Are.

Obstacles: Where Willow is bi-sexual, Tara is portrayed as explicitly gay in the series, something that has to be respected when attempting to write plausible Giles/Tara fanfic. Tara is also deeply in love with Willow. Apart from the limited number of scenes they had together, Tara and Giles were not shown to have any subtext-y or other interest in each other beyond friendship and respect. Tara is killed in the sixth season.

EXAMPLE: [Will be added when one becomes available]

Giles/Xander: Giles and Xander have known each other since Xander was sixteen and there has always been chemistry and a bond of friendship between them that spanned the camaraderie of the Scooby gang, their affection for each other, and Xander's respect for the older man.

Assists: The strong affection…and quite simply how much Xander cares for Giles is quite splendidly, but silently illustrated in the episode Revelations where Xander discovers the unconscious Giles, and, despite the distraction of a belligerent Faith, automatically keeps his palm between Giles' cheek and the floor and ultimately chooses the Watcher's welfare over Faith's vendetta. Much affection can also be felt in Giles' gruff responses to Xander's silliness and frequent irreverence in serious situations. There is also a fanon notion that Xander's turbulent homelife might also have prompted him on occasion to take refuge at Giles' flat. Post season three there are also windows of opportunity for Giles/Xander stories, though Xander's relationship with Anya and the presence of Spike in Giles' flat for an extended period have to be taken into consideration. More opportunities, particularly in the fields of angst and hurt comfort arise after Wedding Belles, when Xander has officially split from Anya, and again after Xander witnesses Anya making love to Spike on the Trio's closed circuit camera. Xander also seems in the episode Superstar, to be in the same thrall with Jonathan, as Giles. In fact he has even more memorabilia than any of the others. There have been a number of subtext pointers to the possibility that Xander might be latently bisexual. In season seven Xander vocalizes a desire to reorient his sexuality. Although tongue-in-cheek and borne of frustration it does suggest that he is not entirely closed to the idea that his sexuality might extend beyond chasing girls, leading to a good opening for Giles/Xander fan fiction.

Obstacles: In the first three seasons, Xander's age, status as a student in Giles' care, and the younger man's consecutive obsessions with Buffy, Cordelia and Willow. Post season three there is the growing and apparently intense relationship with Anya and Giles' relationship with Olivia, at least until post-Hush. No canon same-sex relationships, or references to, for either character.

EXAMPLE: Shoot me, Stuff me, Mount Me; Giles Slash Archive

Giles/Wesley: A very attractive ship, though written only in fanon. The two Watchers barely got to know each other under extremely trying circumstances in Sunnydale and in canon, at least, have not met again since then.

Assists: Both these gorgeous men are disaffected Watchers, and outcasts or misfits in their chosen field and there is a lot of potential in the notion that they might be attracted to each other in the right circumstances. The powerful subtext chemistry between Wesley and Angel is heavily suggestive of the notion that Wesley can be as attracted to men as to women. Giles and Wesley have history, tradition, heritage in common as well as a mutual love of knowledge and their status as outsiders. The subtext chemistry between Ethan and Giles could also form the basis of a fan fiction hypothesis that Giles could possibly be open to an approach by the right man.

Obstacles: Giles neither respected nor showed any canon attraction or particular chemistry with the Wesley who arrived at Sunnydale High, and in fact at times showed blatant contempt and disrespect for him until a grudging respect flickered to life just prior to Wesley's departure. In canon there is no reference to Giles visiting Los Angeles or Wesley visiting Sunnydale. By the same token there is no conclusive proof that they didn't, which means that post-Sunnydale Giles/Wesley fic is quite feasible, provided Olivia, Virginia, Lilah, and eventually Fred are taken into account in order to make the pairing as plausible as possible in your story. Also of some account is the powerful onscreen chemistry and subtext between Wesley and Angel, feelings about which might affect any other male/male attraction Wesley might subsequently consider indulging [like Giles].

EXAMPLE: Giles Slash Archive

Giles/Willow: A pairing based primarily on the characters' similarities, such as intellect, love of books and studying, research and knowledge for its own sake.

Assists: Giles and Willow are both extremely intelligent, even gifted. They both appreciate books and knowledge. Willow recalled a childhood crush on Giles whilst in high school in the episode Where The Wild Things Are and was more than a little attracted to Giles when he was singing in the Espresso Pump in that episode. Some fans also feel that Giles reaction to Willow's Halloween outfit in the episode 'Halloween' and his reaction when he discovers she's not dead in 'Dopplegangland' point toward an attraction.

Obstacles: Pre-graduation, Giles's inherent integrity would preclude either poaching on Oz's territory or pursuing a relationship with someone in his care as a schoolteacher, even when they came of age. Post graduation Willow is still seen to be deeply in love with Oz until his departure. In Pangs and Something Blue she demonstrates deep rebellion against Giles and shortly after starts another relationship after meeting Tara in Hush. Although considered bisexual thereafter, Willow voices her choice to pursue her lesbian side when she realizes she's in love with Tara. In Flooded she shows demonstrable contempt for Giles and voices longstanding grievances with him. In Grave Willow again voices the same longstanding grievances, expanded upon from Flooded and proceeds to try to beat Giles to death before ripping his magick from him, knowing full well that it would probably kill him. Post Grave, Willow is taken to England with Giles for rehabilitation and they seem to come to some kind of terms, although Willow seems extremely detached right through the early episodes of season seven. Willow begins another relationship with a potential slayer: Kennedy, in season seven which would need to be taken into account.

EXAMPLES: Willow's Lil Secret

A selection of unusual and 'sillyfic' pairings, most of which have, believe it or not, been done at least once, and the rest have at least been discussed, if only in a fun way, on mailing lists:

Giles/Cheese Guy
Giles/Ira Rosenberg
Giles/SHS Lunch lady
Giles/Mr Gordo

Now that you've stopped giggling, yes, some of these really have been written. Eaglewolf has produced both a Giles/Snyder and a Giles/Lunch-lady fanfic, Shelley Luppert-Barnes wrote a Giles/Penguin sillyfic, and K.V. Wylie wrote a serious relationship fic for Giles/Ira Rosenberg, to name a few examples. It's up to you, the writer, to decide how best to tackle the challenge of a ridiculous or seemingly impossible pairing and make it work. K.V. Wylie made Giles/Ira Rosenberg believable and Shelley's and Eaglewolf's talents for parody and the ridiculous entertained people with their sillyfic pairings.

So…how exactly would you write Giles/Cheese guy…? A dream sequence where Giles is dreaming some time after Restless? Someone who is identical to the Cheese guy being recognized in a bar by Giles and approached out of curiosity? And in the last frame, when they're lying sated and content and 'cheese guy' is asleep, Giles rolls over to go to the bathroom and finds a silver platter with several artfully arranged cheese slices on it…... You see, you can take even the strangest or most unlikely pairing and turn it around and around until you find a key…a way in…a way to make it work, or make it fun…as long as it's ultimately plausible in the context you choose…and that it's entertaining. The best silly-fic goes to some lengths to keep Giles in character even when they have him mooning over a Penguin.


Giles/Ira Rosenberg


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