One of the best ways new writers and experienced writers get inspired is from challenges.  This challenges come from anywhere - from a personal friend to a group dedicated to sending out challenges and their responses.  The following challenges are from the Giles Rules Baby yahoo group list - the official affiliated list for the I'd Like To Test That Theory Giles Zone. The rules for challenges are simple: it may be shipper or genfic, silly or serious, smutty or squeaky-clean. It's up to you. All you have to do is use the basic concept of the challenge and write. The challenge may be a single word, or it may be something far more complex. Most importantly, hopefully it will inspire you.

Most every Monday Gileswench brings us a new "mini-challenge", so this list will be continually updated.

Challenge #1: Someone catches Giles watching his favorite movie of all time. What is it? Why? How does the other person react?

Challenge #2: Giles goes horseback riding.

Challenge #3: Giles has a dream.

Challenge #4: Giles has a secret vice. What is it?

Challenge #5: Fire

Challenge #6: Giles is someone's hero. Whose, and why?

Challenge #7: Giles is on the block at a bachelor's auction. Who bids on him and what do they do with him once he's theirs?

Challenge #8: Why the Citroen? Then why the red, convertible BMW?

Challenge #9: Giles writes a letter home.

Challenge #10: Music

Challenge #11: Explain a single significant choice on the Giles' part

Challenge #12: What did Giles miss the most about England?

Challenge #13: Giles meets another ASHBLF (ASH Based Life Form)

Challenge #14: Who does Giles go to when he has a problem?

Challenge #15: Giles meets an alien.

Challenge #16: When and why did Giles get his ear pierced?

Challenge #17: Children.

Challenge #18: Explain how Giles broke his nose.

Challenge #19: Giles goes shopping.

Challenge #20: How did Giles get involved with the Coven in Devon?

Challenge #21: POV: three people think about Giles.

Challenge #22: Giles visits the ER.

Challenge #23: Animal.

Challenge #24: Giles meets up with someone from his past.

Challenge #25: Giles makes a complaint.

Challenge #26: Giles teaches someone a lesson.

Challenge #27: How did Giles get that pinkie ring?

Challenge #28: A Giles family gathering.

Challenge #29: Spring cleaning with Giles.

Challenge #30: Champagne.

Challenge #31: If Giles wrote a book, what would it be?

Challenge #32: Giles learns his destiny.

Challenge #33: Giles at a wedding.

Challenge #34: Scars.

Challenge #35: Giles goes on a trip.

Challenge #36: Giles invites someone to dinner. Who? And why? What happens?

Challenge #37: What's the story behind the case of medals in Giles' place?

Challenge #38: Giles is a contestant on a game show.

Challenge #39: First kiss.

Challenge #40: Giles indulges himself.

Challenge #41: Giles has a surprising talent. What is it and how did he learn it?

Challenge #42: Giles contemplates what would be different if he'd made a different decision at some key point in his life.

Challenge #43: Tea.

Challenge #44: Fencing.

Challenge #45: Giles hires someone to do a job.

Challenge #46: Giles tells someone about his mother.

Challenge #47: Hunger.

Challenge #48: Giles describes his perfect woman...or man.

Challenge #49: Returning.

Challenge #50: Someone thanks Giles.

Challenge #51: An entry in Giles' Watcher Journal vs, the same event in his personal diary.

Challenge #52: Giles plays Anywhere But Here.

Challenge #53: What is Giles' favorite book? Why?

Challenge #54: Crossroads.

Challenge #55: Giles considers Buffy's first Watcher.

Challenge #56: A chance meeting of significance.

Challenge #57: Getting away from it all.

Challenge #58: Giles receives a letter from someone he hasn't seen in a long time.

Challenge #59: Shadows.

Challenge #60: Stamina.

Challenge #61: Who would Giles be in a world with no vampires or demons?

Challenge #62: Giles does someone a favor. Who does the favor? Who does he do it for? Is the recipiant of his favor grateful or otherwise?

Challenge #63: Giles takes care of a thorn in his side.

Challenge #64: Giles collects on an old debt.

Challenge #65: Pity.

Challenge #66: A confession of love.

Challenge #67: Memento Mori.

Challenge #68: Giles takes up a handcraft. What does he take up? Why? Does he let anyone know about it?

Challenge #69: The number says it all. A smut challenge for the Giles pairing of your choice.

Challenge #70: Who is Giles' favorite super hero? Why?

Challenge #71: Giles and a handbag.

Challenge #72: Winter

Challenge #73: What would you find if you looked in Giles' refrigerator?

Challenge #74: Loss and gain

Challenge #75: Giles at play.

Challenge #76: Giles goes on a reality show.

Challenge #77: The birds and the bees.

Challenge #78: Giles asks for advice with a dilemma.

Challenge #79: Rain.

Challenge #80: Giles gives someone a treat.

Challenge #81: Nibble.

Challenge #82: What was Giles' favorite childhood toy?

Challenge #83: Giles, ice and another person.

Challenge #84: Groping.

Challenge #85: Giles in the rain.

Challenge #86: What is Giles' middle name? To whom does he reveal this information and why? What does he think of the name?

Challenge #87: A happy birthday.

Challenge #88: Sports.

Challenge #89: Pair Giles romantically or sexually (or both!) with any Buffyverse (this includes AtS) character who was never a regular cast member, but did appear more than once.

Challenge #90: Giles goes on a trip.

Challenge #91: Respect.

Challenge #92: Interruptions.

Challenge #93: Giles is doing some spring cleaning and finds something that makes him remember a past event of some importance. What does he find? Is anyone else there when he finds it? Does he tell that person(s) what it means?

Challenge #94: Giles pulls in a favor.

Challenge #95: Giles vs the computer.

Challenge #96: What was Giles' first day at Sunnydale High like?

Challenge #97: A vision of the future.