Insupportable Deductions
written by Shelley

Rating: FRC
Spoilers: Through Season 4 to be safe.
Summary: Giles refreshes Professor Walsh's memory as to the various steps in the scientific method.
Author's Notes: This was written for Doyle's 1,000 Buffyverse Pairings Project. Flurblewig requested Giles/Maggie, and who was I to say no?
Feedback Author: Shelley

"What I suspect I'm seeing is a reaction to the absence of a male role model."

Giles stared at Professor Walsh in disbelief. "Absence?"

"Buffy clearly lacks a strong father figure."

Giles gaped in disbelief. Walsh stood up and smiled falsely at him. "I'm sorry, I have things to do. I'll tell Buf-"

"Now wait just a moment. You just met me, what?" Giles made a point of glancing down at his watch. "Two minutes ago? And you've already determined everything there is to know about me?"

"I wouldn't say th-"

"You just identified me as Buffy's 'father figure,' and a weak and absent one at that. You've never seen the two of us interact, you've never met me before this afternoon, and I would wager that you'd never even heard my name before I introduced myself. Yet somehow you have managed to divine everything there was to know about my relationship with Buffy?" Giles flashed a humorless smile. "Tell me, Dr. Walsh, do you encourage your students to make deductions in this same fashion?"

An ugly look flashed across Walsh's face. "Clearly you have a limited understanding of psychological principles."

"Oh, no doubt," Giles agreed. "Most of my university classes concentrated upon languages, anthropological studies and ancient history. Still, I did take several courses in the hard sciences, at least enough to know that your application of the scientific method is flawed."

"Flawed?" she screeched.

Giles smiled falsely. "Back when we aged patriarchs went to school we were encouraged to study and observe before making conclusions."

"I am one of the most respected scientists in this country," she declared pompously.

"So much for American scholarship," Giles smirked.

Pushed beyond her limits, Walsh reached across the desk and grabbed Giles' arm. "I'm sorry if you were offended by my observations, but-"

"But you haven't observed anything, yet." Acting on an insane impulse, Giles tugged on her arm until she fell across the desk and her face drew close to his own. "You see in front of you an older man who is familiar with one of your students and thus you automatically jump to a erroneous conclusion. You don't know the slightest thing about me, in fact. Don't know what I do or don't do for a living, how long I've known Buffy or even how many years I've been in this country. You don't know what color my eyes are or what I wear to bed at night. You haven't seen me."

Walsh was mortified to realize that her body was reacting to his closeness. Her heart was pounding, her breathing was ragged, and heat was gathering between her legs. Before she could act upon this sudden attraction, however, Giles let go of her. He gave her an evil grin and said, "Do let me know if you would ever like a refresher course on the scientific method." And with that, he spun on his heel and left.

Walsh took a moment to get herself back under control and then pounded the intercom button on her desk. "Kyle? Get me all the information you can find on Rupert Giles, soon as possible. INS, IRS, past employment records. All of it. And Kyle? Whatever else you do, make sure you get his address and phone number."