Slight Miscalculation
written by Pythia

Rating: FRT
Spoilers: Through Season 5 season ending.
Summary: She's a hellgod. They don't just lie down and die
Feedback Author: Pythia
Author's Website: Warriors And Watchers

He realises his mistake just a second too late to do anything about it.

One moment there's a man, struggling for breath under the weight of his hand and in the next, there's the sudden whisper of power as it arcs up his arm, and sinks into his skin. Death may be Buffy's gift but it's a gift to Glory too; it releases her to seek another shell, to seize and dominate and take control. She escapes her prison to find a surer hiding place and the murder that was meant to save the world serves only to condemn its perpetrator's soul to inescapable, unendurable torment.

He doesn't even have time to scream.

The man that had been Rupert Giles only a heartbeat before closes his eyes as he savours the last, feeble struggle of the dying man beneath his hand; then his lids snap open and he looks up up to where a single figure clings to a swaying tower and weeps inconsolable tears.

"Well now," he breathes softly. "There's my pretty little key. All alone and desperate. No-one left to save you." The smile that flits across his face is both confident and cruel. "No-one at all "