S’Mores And S’Moochies
written by Neena

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Set in the beginning of Season Four.
Summary: Who knew demon hunting could be this much fun?
Feedback Author: Neena
Author's Website: Neena's Cabana

Spending the night in a pitch-black cave waiting for the possible arrival of a flaming Tsul demon wasn’t Giles’ idea of a great time, but the rest of the Scoobies were acting like they were on some kind of campout. Willow even brought marshmallows.

“What?” she asked. “Haven’t you ever heard the expression ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade’? Well, when life hands you demons…”

“Make demonade?” supplied Xander.

“I was going to say ‘make s’mores’, but yours is punchier” she said.

Xander beamed, proud that his pun was appreciated.

“There won’t be a fire, though,” said Oz, “so we’ll just be eating potential s’mores.”

“Ooh, can we tell ghost stories?” asked Buffy. “Giles, I bet you’ve got some great spooky stories.” She was excited about this Scooby weekend getaway—the first chance since she’d started college that the whole gang had been able to spend any quality time together.

“I’d’ve thought you got enough scares in real life,” said Giles, shifting the ridiculously large backpack on his back as they hiked along the dirt path.

“Oh, come on, Giles…please?” she whined.

“Alright, I’ll tell a story, but I can’t be held responsible if no one can sleep afterwards.”

“Cool,” said Oz, smiling minutely as Willow dug her nails into his arm. Definite smoochy potential in a ghost story by candlelight.

“Are we almost there yet?” Xander asked for the hundredth time. They all groaned.

Everyone except Giles, that is. “Actually, we’re here,” he said.

“Here where?” asked Buffy, looking for a cliff or rock face where the cave entrance might be.

“About thirty feet…that way,” he answered, pointing into the woods. “And watch your step, it’s well hidden.”

They followed him off the trail, pushing through thick undergrowth and stepping over mossy roots and fallen trees. Giles came to a sudden stop and Xander, who was too busy watching his own feet, bumped into him. His balance thrown off by the weight of his backpack, Giles lost his footing and nearly went over into the gaping chasm. Thankfully Buffy was close enough to nab him before he went head first over the edge.

“I said be careful,” Giles snapped at Xander, his heart still ricocheting off his ribs from the close call.

“Sorry,” said Xander, only too aware that he’d once again nearly got someone killed with his clumsiness. Not just any old someone either — a special someone.

Willow and Oz drew up to the lip of the cave. The entrance was overgrown with moss and suckers from the surrounding trees — a wrong step would be treacherous, perhaps even deadly.

Buffy helped Giles unpack the spelunking gear and got the ropes rigged to lower themselves down into the inky black pit below. Xander volunteered to go first, still feeling guilty for his blunder, but Buffy insisted on going first in case the Tsul was already down there.

It took more than half an hour to get the group and all their supplies into the cave. When they got their flashlights going, no one was surprised to find heaps of animal bones littering the floor. The cave was a natural death trap.

They picked their way through bone piles until they reached a spot where the sandy cave floor was carcass-free. It was an enormous cave, with a multitude of fissures and tunnels branching off of it. Giles took out a small, hand-drawn map and studied it intently before flashing his light over the damp, craggy cave walls.

“This way,” he said, leading the group into a cramped tunnel. It seemed to get narrower as they went, until they had to slide along sideways and single file to squeeze through.

“Are you sure this is the right one?” asked Buffy.

“Quite sure. Don’t worry, we’re almost there.”

“Well, at least we know we’re dealing with a skinny little demon if it can get through here,” said Xander.

“Actually, Xander, the Tsul is purported to transform itself into fire — so it’s capable of getting into pretty much any space. In its natural state, it’s said to stand approximately seven foot high with a shoulder width of nearly four feet,” said Giles.

“Okay. Not so skinny and little, then,” said Xander.

“So how do we kill it?” asked Buffy from the back of the line.

“Surprisingly, it’s not so difficult. You have to catch it in its fiery state and flash a mirror at it. The reflected light of its own fire is the only thing that can kill it.”

“So…good thing I brought my compact,” said Buffy.

“Ow!” Willow yelped in the blackness, directly behind Giles.

“Sorry, Willow,” he said. “Should have warned you to duck. Watch your heads, everyone,” he added belatedly.

“You okay, Will?” asked Oz behind her.

“I will be if you promise to kiss it better,” she said.

“Count on it.”

“Ah—here we are,” said Giles. “Much better.”

The others followed him into a large cavern with no other exits. It looked lived in. The ground was littered with shredded blankets and comforters like some kind of gigantic nest. Willow felt a cold chill run down her spine. It was a big nest for a big demon — and she doubted it would be happy finding a bunch of people messing up its bed.

“Cosy,” said Oz.

“What kind of demon decorates with satin sheets and Barbie comforters? Look at all the pink—it looks like the inside of a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Are we after a demon of a ten-year-old girl?” asked Buffy.

“Don’t let the décor fool you — the Tsul is very dangerous,” said Giles as he cleared a spot in the middle of the cavern and lit several candles.

“What does it do?” asked Willow. “Why’s it so dangerous?”

“It…uh…w-well…I um…I’m not sure, really,” Giles admitted with some embarrassment. “Most people who’ve come into contact with it and survived don’t recall much. The few who do remember are the ones who’ve defeated it, and their accounts are sketchy at best.”

“That bad, huh?” asked Buffy.

“My guess is that it somehow blocks the memories of those that actually see it, which is a good thing,” said Giles.

“And a seven-foot fire demon toying with your memory is a good thing because…?” asked Xander.

“Because it means the creature prefers to leave its victims alive rather than dead.” Giles unzipped his large backpack and took out a heavy-looking contraption that turned out to be a fold-out vanity mirror. Then he dug out a tripod and duct tape and set about assembling their weapon. When he was done, he positioned the mirror a few feet from the cavern’s only entrance, so that the demon, travelling through the narrow passage in its fiery state, would see its burning reflection upon entering its lair.

“There. That ought to do it,” said Giles. “But I brought hand mirrors for everyone, just in case. We’ll position ourselves at equal intervals along the cave wall. Buffy will take the spot closest to the entrance. If the creature manages to get past the large mirror, Buffy will alert us and we’ll surround it with our hand-held mirrors. What ever you do, don’t break them,” he warned.

“Why, Giles? Does that make the demon stronger or something?” asked Willow.

“No, but it’s seven years’ bad luck,” he answered.

After setting up their blankets and overnight bags and changing into their bed-clothes, they gathered in the centre where the candles created a circle of flickering yellow light. They all turned off their flashlights to conserve batteries and sat around the candles. Willow rustled through a plastic bag she’d brought with her and laid out the fixings for s’mores.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m ready for spooky tales and chocolaty goodness.”

They all dug into the snacks — even Giles, much to everyone’s surprise. Xander roasted his marshmallow over one of the larger candle flames.

“Xander, you do realise that candles are petroleum-based—that you’re essentially cooking your marshmallow in car exhaust?” said Giles.

“Giles — we’re eating s’mores! I think the marshmallows themselves are petroleum-based.” He answered.

Giles shrugged and popped one into his mouth.

“Story us, Giles,” said Buffy. “We’ve only got about half an hour before witching hour, and I want my creepy story before the demons come out to play.”

Willow and Oz cuddled closer in anticipation. Xander started in on his third s’more, and Giles told his story. It was obvious to everyone from the start that this was a true story, and one that he revelled in telling.

They sat engrossed as Giles told about his first encounter with the supernatural — the dagger-wielding ghost that haunted his home when he was a little boy. By the end, Willow’s jaw was hanging open and Oz’s arm was bruised where she’d been clutching at it. Xander, too, looked as if he might never willingly close his eyes again.

Buffy yawned.

“Thanks for the bed-time story, Giles,” she said. “I think I’m gonna hit the pit. Night everyone.” She took her flashlight and went off to find her sleeping bag.

Reluctantly, the others split up and went off to their separate corners. Once everyone was in place, Giles blew out the candles, plunging the lair into an almost palpable blackness. He flicked on his torch and found his blanket. He settled in, before flicking it off again, thinking he’d probably lay awake all night listening for the demon. But the long hike in the fresh air had caught up with him, and he was asleep practically before his head hit the pillow.

* * * * *

He was having the most incredibly erotic dream. It felt so real that Giles could swear he was actually being caressed. Then he woke up enough to realise that he actually was being caressed.

He lay perfectly still, faking sleep, as his mind grappled with the situation. Was it the demon? Had it somehow got past their defences and sought him out? He dismissed that possibility as ridiculous — whoever was snuggling up behind him was not a seven-foot Tsul demon. Besides, the Tsul was far more likely to rip his head off rather than…

Oh God!

A warm hand slipped underneath his shirt, sliding up to his chest. One finger swirled little circles around his left nipple, making it harden in response. He knew he ought to put a stop to this — he didn’t even know who it was. Buffy? The hands were too large. Willow? Oz? Not likely. The two of them had barely been able to keep their hands off each other all night. That left…


Giles’ mind reeled. Xander? What on earth had gotten into him? Now he knew he had to put an end to this. Really had to. Now. Really.

Only it felt so amazing.

God! It had been so long since anyone had touched him like this. The mystery hand roamed further south, making Giles’ breath hitch in his chest. The caresses became bolder, and as Xander spooned him from behind, Giles felt iron-hard proof of the young man’s intentions pressing into his back.

Xander couldn’t believe Giles wasn’t protesting. He’d expected rejection — absolute, loud and painful rejection — and he figured that’s all he deserved after letting him down so badly back in the woods. But instead of being kicked halfway back to Sunnydale by an irate ex-watcher, Xander suddenly found himself in the position he’d always dreamed of being in.

He knew what he wanted to do — hell, he’d even come prepared for it — but he never honestly thought he’d be given the opportunity. Yet here he was, pressed up tight against Giles’ back, his throbbing erection sandwiched painfully between their bodies. He let his hand trail down the soft hairs of the older man’s chest and felt, more than heard, Giles’ sharp inhalation. He marvelled that he was able to affect Giles that way. He’d never dared to hope that Giles might feel an attraction for him. He’d certainly never shown any sign of one before.

Giles’ breathing grew more rapid, and his mouth went dry as Xander’s hand ventured past the waistband of his sweatpants. Only the thin cotton of his briefs separated the probing digits from his rapidly swelling manhood. It was too late to feign sleep now. There was no turning back now, even if he wanted to (which he didn’t). Giles could sense Xander’s longing — a need for companionship that went beyond the physical — and answered it with a longing of his own. He hadn’t appreciated just how lonely he’d been until now.

Giles felt Xander’s lips brush against his ear and hot breath tickled against the sensitive skin. The boy slowly trailed his tongue along Giles’ soft earlobe, making his whole body tremble. The kisses continued, distracting Giles from the hand that cupped his balls through the thin fabric of his underwear. Xander’s lips wandered down to the silky-soft triangle of skin just behind Giles’ jaw.

Giles began to pant quietly, suddenly aware that Xander’s hand had found its way under the cotton barrier of his shorts. Tentative fingers closed around his hardened length, and his hips pushed into the touch. As Xander’s hand explored, playfully teasing Giles’ straining erection, Giles bit his lip to squelch the moan that was fighting to escape. His fingers grasped the blanket underneath him, twisting the material out of shape in his desperation to maintain control.

Xander was satisfying his curiosity. He now knew what he’d ached to know for so long… just what the watcher was hiding under all those layers of clothing. The velvety skin of the older man’s penis fascinated him. And he was shocked at the size of it. There was definitely more to this man than met the eye.

The clothes were becoming an encumbrance, and Xander abandoned his groping to remove the obstacles. Giles helped him to shed their pants and underwear, and their shirts soon followed, leaving them skin-on-skin in the utter blackness of the cavern.

Xander’s hand found its way back to Giles’ cock, and he began to pump him in earnest. His fist rode up and down the shaft, slick with pre-cum, and his mouth sought out the warm, smooth skin of Giles’ shoulder. He nipped and licked at the flesh, growing heady from the man’s musky scent and the urgent thrusting of his hips against his hand. He worked him harder, feeling every muscle in Giles’ body go taut just before he sprayed his seed onto their makeshift bed. Xander pumped him a few more times, milking the last drop out of the waning erection.

Giles leaned back against Xander, his breathing ragged. He wanted to thank him, but words seemed inadequate to express the gratitude he felt. He felt limp and utterly sated, like someone had replaced all his bones with pudding.

He became aware of a hardness between his thighs. Xander’s thick cock rubbed between his legs, followed quickly by fingers, dripping with lubricant. Giles had no idea where he’d got it from, but he didn’t care. A slick finger found the puckered entrance to his body, and Giles jolted involuntarily at the unfamiliar touch. But he was too relaxed and too curious to resist, and when the finger pushed its way into his anus, he let out a soft moan of pleasure. It was an unusual sensation. Not painful, as he’d expected, but satisfyingly hot. A second finger joined the first, stretching the opening. Giles pushed against the invading hand, needing to feel more of it inside him.

Xander’s heart was racing. God! He was actually going to let him do this! And he was ready for him; Giles’ hand reached back and stroked his ass, gently urging him to finish what he’d started. Xander slowly removed his fingers and pushed the tip of his cock into the slick entrance. It slid in, embedding itself head-deep in Giles’ tight hole. Xander gradually pressed himself into the awaiting passage, the abundant lubricant making the joining easy and painless. Giles grunted quietly as Xander’s full length disappeared between the baby-soft flesh of his butt cheeks.

Xander paused for a moment, overwhelmed by the stimulation of being buried deep inside the man he loved. The rhythm began imperceptibly, almost like a second heartbeat. Sliding in and out of Giles’ body seemed as natural and familiar to him as breathing.

Giles shifted, rolling onto his stomach and raising himself to meet the boy’s thrusts. The change in position allowed the thick shaft to sink even further into him. Xander adjusted his movements until he hit a spot that had Giles squirming in ecstasy. A series of electrifying jolts coursed through him as Xander’s erection brushed past his prostate over and over again. His penis sprang to life once more — stimulated by the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt. He had to bite his pillow to muffle his groans.

Xander knew he’d hit the spot and he concentrated on it, delighting in the way Giles’ body responded to him. His back arched beneath his hands. Muscles trembled under his onslaught. As Giles’ muted sounds of bliss reached him, Xander could no longer control himself. His rhythm became erratic as he neared the edge.

Gasping, he came in heavy spurts, filling Giles with wave after wave of hot, wet ejaculate. Giles came a second time moments later, and the two of them collapsed in a sweaty, tangled heap. They were asleep almost instantly, succumbing to their heavenly exhaustion.

Neither of them noticed the imploding ball of flame that marked the demise of the Tsul demon.

* * * * *

Some time later, Giles awoke to find himself alone. He groped about in the darkness, feeling for his clothes, and got dressed. He found his flashlight and checked his watch: it was just past seven o’clock. He saw an answering flashlight from across the cavern. The beam of light hit him square in the face and he raised his hand to shield his sensitive eyes from the blinding brightness.

“Sorry, Giles,” Buffy called out, eliciting moans from around the cave.

“Keep it down, will ya? Some of us are trying to not be awake,” Xander grumped. Giles smiled at the sound of the young man’s voice. His body still ached pleasantly from their lovemaking. Thinking about what happened between them in the middle of the night, Giles was amazed to find himself yearning to be alone again with his young friend.

More flashlights flicked on, and soon the entire gang was dressed and ready for the long hike home. Buffy took the lead, followed by Willow and Oz. Xander was about to squeeze into the tunnel to join the others, but he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

“Xander, might I have a word with you?” Giles asked.

Giles’ flashlight caught Xander’s look of foreboding before he could hide it. “Sure, Giles? What’s up?”

“Last night…I um…”

“You don’t have to say any more, Giles. I understand. I shouldn’t…”

“Thank-you,” said Giles, interrupting him.

“Wh-what?” asked Xander, not sure if he’d heard right.

“Thank-you,” Giles repeated and ran his thumb gently over the boy’s cheek. They leaned into the embrace like they’d been doing it for years. When their lips met for the first time, something clicked, and they both knew this was more than just a one time only deal. Before the kiss could get any deeper, Giles pulled away, making Xander whine.

“I think we’d better catch up with the others before they start worrying.”

As they inched their way along the cramped tunnel, they found it hard to keep their hands off each other. Too soon, they emerged into the vast, bone-filled chamber they’d come in from. The others were waiting for them, chatting happily amongst themselves and munching on trail mix. Willow handed Giles and Xander each a bag of the stuff, and they greedily devoured every crumb of it.

Once they were back on the surface, Giles said; “Too bad the Tsul demon didn’t show up. Maybe my sources were wrong.”

“You’re joking, right?” asked Buffy.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t see it! It was a huge ball of fire, and then ‘poof’ — big light show, no more demon.”

Everyone looked at her like she was covered in glowing green dots. “What — none of you saw it?” she asked, incredulously. They all shook their heads. “Well, trust me; it came, it saw, it combusted.”

After two hours of trekking through the woods, they finally arrived at the dirt road where Oz’s van was parked.

“I’ll drive,” Giles volunteered.

“Shotgun!” cried Xander, racing for the passenger side door. Buffy, Willow and Oz climbed into the back of the van and made themselves comfy with the blankets and pillows they’d brought.

As they bounced along the heavily rutted dirt road, Buffy eyed the cuddling couple sitting across from her.

In a low voice she said; “Sounded like you guys had some fun last night.”

They looked back at her, confused.

“Come on, don’t play dumb,” she said. “I know you thought you were being all discreet, but you forget I have Slayer hearing. I could hear you going at it from all the way across the cave.”

Willow and Oz looked at each other, then looked back at Buffy.

“Buffy, Oz and I spent the night in our own sleeping bags. Separately. We didn’t…”

“But if it wasn’t you, then…”

The three of them turned in unison to the front of the van, where Xander and Giles sat talking quietly between themselves.

“Nah,” said Oz.

“Couldn’t be,” said Willow. “Could it?”

“I must have imagined it,” said Buffy, staring at the grinning faces of two the men up front. “Yep. Definitely must have imagined it.”