Brown Paper Packages
written by Lisan

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Set after Once More w/Feeling. Goes slightly AU after that. Tara has moved out, Giles has not left for England. No real spoilers included.
Summary: Giles and Tara are accidentally affected by a magic spell.
Thanks: Thanks to Naomi and Ryan for their wondeful beta work, they really helped me pull this one together. I couldnt' have done it without you guys!
Feedback Author: Lisan

"I'm not so sure we should be doing this An."

"Honestly, Xander. Of course we should," Anya replied, stacking red heart shaped candles in a pyramid on a strategically placed table, "I want to make sure we have plenty on hand for that last minute rush. If there is one thing I learned after watching men make mistakes for thousands of years, its that everyone forgets about Valentines Day until they are heading home from work. Do you have any idea what the profit margin on these candles are? We'll make a killing."

"Hello? Magic spell you placed on Willow's books ring any bells?" Xander jumped down from the counter where he had been playing with a brown paper wrapped package and began pacing.

"Oh that. I told you, it is just a simple variation on a truth spell. It just loosens inhibitions and brings hidden attractions to the surface. Nothing to be concerned about." Anya placed the last candle and stood back to admire her handiwork before she returned to the counter and began unpacking a box of red tins. "Now, where do you think we should put the Magical Romance Rub? I think it will be more of an impulse buy, so maybe up here by the register."

"Magical romance rub?? Are you telling me there is some kind of magical Viagra?"

"Actually there is, but it uses the spleen of a Rashgar demon and you have to harvest it under a full moon and then rub it on your-"

"Please, stop."

"But, this is just some petroleum jelly as a lubricating base with some peppermint oil to increase blood circulation to the surface and cinnamon to give it a good scent. Rather ingenious really, and according to my trade magazine it is guaranteed to bring in a return of at least 63%. I got a great deal on the case, so all we have to do is sell at least 12% of the stock to cover our outlay and then -"

"Focus for me An, just for a minute. I think we have a definite case for Willow and Tara already being attracted to each other."

"And they are obviously too stubborn to admit it right now. Honestly Xander, trust me, I know what I am doing. This spell will just help them get past all of that other stuff and be happy again. They can give each other orgasms and then they can both be in our wedding party."

"That is really sweet An, but I just want to make sure. Things have a bad habit of not working out quite so well around here, you know? Especially things of the love spell variety. You do a simple spell and next thing you know you have hundreds of women chasing you with axes and baseball bats..."

Anya shook her head and picked up the package from the counter. "Honestly Xander, haven't you been listening? I told you, it isn't a love spell, more of a truth spell. I promise no baseball bats will be involved. Or, at least, none without both of them consenting. What they do on their own time is not for us to judge. Besides, it worked perfectly well earlier didn't it?" The exasperated tone of her voice brought a smile to Xander's face, followed quickly by a faint blush as he remembered just how well it *had* worked.

"That's what I am afraid of... I mean, Wow. And again, Wow. But are you sure that we should be encouraging that in Tara and Will right now? They're still trying to sort things out and I don't know that "wild monkey sex" is exactly what they need considering the circumstances."

Shaking her head, Anya placed the box under the front counter and turned to face him.

"Xander, I told you. The spell only works to loosen inhibitions slightly, plus it will only bring attention to feelings that are already there. Don't you trust me? I was a demon for thousands of years you know, I know how to cast a simple spell."

Reaching out to brush a stray hair back, Xander sighed softly as he realized there was no changing her mind. "I remember hon, that is what scares me," he whispered to himself just before he slid his hand lovingly down her neck and pulled her closer to him for a kiss.

* * * * *

Later that afternoon.

Tara was busy sorting through some dried herbs when she heard someone enter the Magic Box. She turned slightly as the bell above the door jingled, but her attention stayed focused on the task at hand as her hands were full of dried rosehips.

"I'm sorry, we are closed for lunch. But if you want to come back we will be open at - Oh. Hi Giles." She smiled shyly when she realized who had entered.

"Hello," Giles said after casting a quick look across the counter, which was strewn with herbs, a bottle of honey, and some liquid simmering in a small bowl over a Bunsen burner. "Sorry to interrupt your, err, lunch?"

"My lunch? Oh no. I was just putting together a healing draught for Dawnie. Buffy said she had a bad cough and I wanted to send over something to help."

"Ahhhh, yes, that would explain the honey then." Giles grinned briefly at Tara's obvious uneasiness and watched fondly as she added the rosehips to a small pot that sat over a Bunsen burner. "I had several errands to run this afternoon and Willow asked me if I could stop by and pick up the books Anya had ordered for her."


"She wanted some books on the history of magic and Wicca. For Dawn, I believe." Giles hastened to explain, seeing the worried look upon Tara's face. "She asked Anya to select a few and order them for her."

Trying to hide her relief at his explanation, Tara wiped her hands on the apron she wore over her clothes and turned the flame off on the burner before kneeling and rummaging underneath the counter.

"Anya keeps all the special orders here. Let me get W-w... the books for you and then if you can wait for a few minutes I can give you the draught for Dawn as well."

With the package in hand, Tara stood and headed towards Giles; only to be caught up short as the hem on her skirt snagged itself on a protruding nail along the bottom edge of the counter. Giles moved to steady her and a small electric shock passed through both of them as their hands grasped the falling books.

"Sorry!" Tara blushed fiercely as she pushed her hair off her face and gave a quick tug to her skirt to untangle it from the nail it had caught on. "This skirt and I are not having a good day. That is the third time I have caught myself today."

"Quite alright," Giles replied, suddenly distracted by the hint of ankle he saw beneath her skirt as she quickly moved back behind the counter and began straining the mixture from the burner. Wanting to put her back at ease, Giles searched for something else to say. "I am rather surprised that Anya left you to tend the store alone this afternoon."

Tara looked up from her work and raised a single eyebrow, an impish smile playing across her lips.

"Oh?" She replied, obviously waiting to see what his response might be.

"N-not that you aren't extremely capable of course. I just meant it is so unlike her to, well, to trust the money to anyone else. Especially on what she must view as an extremely lucrative holiday."

Giles voice trailed off as the red tins next to the cash register caught his eye.

"Well I was given strict orders to push the candles and the Magical Romance Rub," Tara replied, her eyes twinkling as Giles picked up one of the tins and began to play with it.

"We have a tester tin available for that, would you like to try some?" Tara laughed at the horrified expression on Giles face as he realized what he was holding and hurriedly put it back on the counter. Grinning ever so slightly, she grabbed the tin he just put down and opened it, making a show of rubbing some of the balm onto her fingers and reaching for his hand.

Pulling his hand back rapidly, Giles straightened his jacket and tried to ignore the blush slowly creeping up his neck. "I, umm, believe I shall pass."

"Are you sure?" she teased, turning the tin over to read the back. "It's guaranteed to magically l-lengthen your... p-playtime and energize your... love life. All for a mere $4.99 plus tax."

"I see. W-well then." Taking his glasses off and polishing them as he searched for a safe topic of conversation, Giles wondered briefly at the openness in the usually reticent woman. "I can see her choice in you was well thought out. You are definitely a wonderful saleswoman. But as I am going to be quite alone tonight, I will risk going without."

Laughing gently at his obvious discomfort, Tara wondered if she had perhaps crossed a line with the older man. She replaced the tin in the display and returned to the burner.

"Actually it was mostly that she wanted to spend some time with Xander this afternoon. She said something about planning a "traditional" Valentine's day surprise for him." Her grin was infectious and Giles felt himself responding in kind as they both speculated on what traditional surprise Xander might find himself the lucky recipient of. "Besides, I think she felt it would be kind of her to "give me something to do" as I am the only one without plans for tonight, being single girl and all."

Finished straining her concoction, Tara began pouring the quickly cooling draught into a small blue bottle, her hands trembling slightly as she found herself strangely fascinated by the quick and sure movements of Giles hands as he finished polishing his glasses and stowed away his handkerchief.

"Poor Xander. Heaven only knows what Anya has in store for him," Giles mused with a smile as he placed his glasses back on. He watched her working, her head bent over her task, biting her lower lip slightly as she concentrated and, not for the first time, thought how lovely she really was. And before he had a chance to second guess himself, he heard himself asking her out.

"Say, I am going to be singing at a new place tonight, the Garland Café. Would you perhaps like to join me for dinner afterwards? I hate eating alone and Buffy, Dawn and Willow are planning what I believe they are calling a 'chick flick' night."

Even though her hand wobbled when he invited her to dinner, Tara finished pouring the mixture without spilling any. Smiling brightly, she placed a stopper on the bottle before replying.

"I would love to. Are you sure though? I thought you wanted some time to yourself, away from us bratty kids?"

"I'm positive," Giles replied, reaching across the counter to tuck a stray chunk of hair behind her ear so that he could see her face clearly. "You are far from a bratty child and I would consider myself extremely lucky to have such a wonderful dinner companion. My set ends around 7:30. If you show up around then you won't have to listen to me suffer through numerous requests for "Feelings" and "Wind Beneath My Wings"

"Hmmm, how about I head over once I close up here instead? Then I can still catch part of your set. I always wanted to go to one of your performances at the Espresso Pump but Willow said you needed your space."

"Really?" Giles forehead wrinkled slightly in surprise, "I was sure you lot would have been bored to tears or else I would have invited you. But, I would be delighted for you to be there. I shall see you tonight then."

* * * * *

"Well, this is me." Tara's words floated gently in the air as she turned to look over at Giles. They were standing in front of a nondescript gray door that had the number 203 painted on it and a small peephole underneath it.

"Quite right, umm, thank you for the lovely dinner. Although I feel compelled to apologize yet again. I had no idea it was a... mixed café. When I spoke to the owners there were only humans there, I had no idea." Giles felt himself blushing slightly as he recalled his own reaction as he walked out on the small stage to begin the night. He had rounded the corner to find himself staring at several couples of a decidedly non human bent and had almost missed the chair bottom when he went to sit down.

The sound of Tara laughing filled the hallway. "Oh I don't know, it was kind of fun. I never realized that K'galas demons were such good dancers. And everyone seemed well behaved."

"Yes, well one can only hope that things will stay peaceful. I have heard of other public venues where humans and demons are able to mix without any problems, lets see if that can happen here."

"I really did have a good time, thank you for inviting me."

"Yes, it was a rather nice evening, wasn't it? Perhaps we can do it again sometime."

They both stood in comfortable silence for a moment, smiling softly as they gazed at one another. Suddenly realizing that she had been staring at Giles, Tara dropped her eyes and her hand moved towards the doorknob.

"Well, I guess I should let you get going, I'm sure standing around in a overly bright hallway all night is not exactly what you had in mind."

Giles glanced around and really looked at the building for the first time since they had had pulled up in front of it. The location had surprised him originally when she had given him her address. It was in one of the old industrial districts of town that had just recently been part of a "revitalization" project by the city officials.

"It used to be a warehouse," Tara explained, seeing the slightly confused expression on his face. "The outside isn't much to look at, but they have made quite a few upgrades to the inside. And as you can see, it is fairly secure. And with really bright halls."

Tara hesitated for a moment and took a deep breath and began speaking again at the same time as Giles.

"W-w-would you like to come inside and see the rest of it?"

"Well, I suppose I should say goodnight then."

Tara could feel the blush spreading over her skin as she realized what Giles had said. "Oh. Well, I don't want to keep you. Ummm, t-thank you for dinner." For a moment, images of Giles giving her a goodnight kiss flashed through her head as she imagined what would happen if they were on a real date.

For his part, Giles seemed to consider her question for a minute before replying. "Actually, if the offer still stands, that would be lovely. I admit I am loathe to say goodnight just yet."

Tara's smile brightened as he agreed and she quickly turned to unlock the door.

"It isn't much I know," she said as she opened the door and stepped inside. "But the rent is really affordable and I actually have a lot more space than I would be able to afford elsewhere in town - each apartment is one quarter of the whole floor."

Giles smiled at the slightly defensive tone in her voice. He had lived in much worse circumstances when he was running with Ethan.

"I don't really like to turn the fluorescents on, I always feel like I am wasting all that energy when it is just me, " Tara explained as she moved quickly about the room turning on several small lamps and lighting a few candles. "And it is just so bright. Why don't you have a look around while I fix us a cup of tea?"

"Tea would be perfect, thank you," Giles said as he began to explore the apartment. There was a large futon bed against one wall covered in a warm burgundy comforter and heaped with jewel toned pillows. A freestanding wall across the room looked as if it partitioned off a bathroom area, and in front of another wall was what he assumed to be a small altar with a silver bowl and mirror on a short table. He could see crystals and bits of flowers and other trinkets placed around the entire apartment as decorations. Tara had moved to the kitchenette area closest to the door, and in the middle of the room was a simple table and a few chairs that seemed to be serving double duty as bookshelves judging by the numerous books piled high on and around them.

"The tea will just take a few minutes to steep," Tara called over her shoulder. "Best forty dollars I ever spent was to put in an instant hot water tap. I can have boiling hot water anytime."

Still hearing the defensive tone in her voice, Giles wanted to reassure her. "Really Tara, this is a lovely place. You have turned it into a very warm and inviting home."

"Well I am not going to be on the Sunnyvale Homes tour, but the rent is perfect and I feel good here. I am really starting to like it." She replied, relaxing slightly as she realized he wasn't being at all critical.

They both moved towards to table as Tara set out cups and began pouring the tea. When she handed Giles his cup, their hands brushed and she jumped slightly as a spark passed through them both again.

Giles accepted his tea calmly, focusing on the task of adding sugar and taking his first sip to help him ignore the delicious tingle that he had felt as Tara's hand brushed against his.

"So how did the big Valentines sale..." Giles voice trailed off as he watched Tara preparing her tea. She had decided on honey instead of sugar and was squeezing it onto her spoon above the cup. What caught his attention, however, was the way she caught the last drop of honey with her finger and brought it to her lips to lick off. Suddenly, his attention was riveted by the flash of her tongue reaching towards the golden honey.

Not sure what caused his sudden silence, Tara looked up and caught her breath at the desire that darkened his eyes so suddenly. She felt herself responding to the heat in his gaze and without thought found herself leaning forward as if to kiss him.

Giles met her halfway, his lips barely grazing hers, but as he began to pull back he felt the slight stickiness of the honey and he couldn't stop himself from licking lightly at her bottom lip. Her lips parted in a silent gasp and his tongue slid forward slightly, enjoying the faint sweetness of the honey mixed in with the taste of her.

Abruptly he pulled away, "Tara... I.... I am so sorry," he said, pushing back from the table and standing. "I... please, forgive me. I should go." With that, he began walking quickly towards the door.

Too stunned by her reaction to his kiss, Tara sat for a moment, unable to do anything. Her brain was swarming with thoughts. She hadn't responded to a man's kiss like this -ever- and the fact that she desired Giles now... this was certainly a new development. "Giles! P-please, wait." She called.

At the sound of her voice, he stopped but didn't turn around. Not trusting himself after his loss of control a moment ago, he simply stood there, waiting for her to begin castigating him.


Her voice flowed over him, caressing when he knew she didn't mean it to.

"Bugger." Turning back to her, his face a study in longing and frustration, the tone of his voice made her laugh. "You weren't supposed to hear that." Giles said, noticing the smile she was trying to hide.

"Sound carries well in here, nothing to break it up."

"Ahh, well." Giles dragged a hand across his face, trying to get his body back under control. "Tara... I... I realize I have overstepped my..."

"Would you k-k-kiss me again?" Tara asked, interrupting him.

"Excuse me?"

"Only if you w-want to that is."

"Want to? Bloody hell woman, I want. B-but I thought you. Well, you and Willow. And I... Are you sure? I... Damn." Sighing, Giles began to pace the room as he tried to explain himself. "I am sure I am going to sound like a bloody fool, but I don't want to lose your friendship. I want nothing more than to kiss you soundly, and for a very long time. But Tara... I can't promise you anything more than that. My heart, it belongs to... someone else. I don't know what this is, but I can't offer you anything more than a few kisses and, well, whatever might come after that."

"I am sure Giles. Willow and I... are not together anymore. I still love her, but we are not together. And I wasn't always a l-l... not always." Feeling more sure of herself, Tara moved to intercept him. Sliding her arms around him, she laid her head against his chest listening to the pounding of his heart. "Besides, what if all I want is what you are offering tonight? Kisses and... whatever might come after that. There is no shame in love between friends."

Taking her head between his hands, Giles stared down at her for a long moment before leaning down to kiss her again. This time he held nothing back, and neither did she. Pulling back slowly he asked one more time. "Tara, are you sure... do you, do you want this?" His voice was low and heavy with desire. She could see the concern on his face as he waited for her response.

Tara nodded and a quick smile flashed across his face.

"I don't want to pry, but have you ever... with a man I mean," It was Giles' turn to blush as he tried to find a way to phrase his question.

"Yes, I have," She responded, smiling secretively. "Not for quite a long time though."

"Alright. Do you trust me?"

"Of course."

"Such a quick answer. You shouldn't you know, not completely." Giles closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers as he sought to control his body's response to her. "But I promise, tonight you can. All you have to do is say the word, and I will stop. Even up until the end. I promise you that much."

They stood there for another moment, neither moving, simply accepting what they were about to do. Then Giles dropped a kiss on her forehead and began speaking. This time however, his voice sent shivers across her skin.

"From here on out, I want you to do a few things for me. If you can trust me, I promise... it will all be worth it, alright?" Waiting for her nod of acceptance before continuing, he gently pushed her arms length away and reached into the inner pocket of his jacket. Tara watched as he brought out his wallet and pulled out a small foil square.

"I suppose old habits die hard," Giles blushed slightly as he explained. "I wonder if men ever grow out of this one in particular."

Realizing what it was he had pulled out, Tara looked down at the floor, her hair falling forward to hide her face as she realized what he was implying. "Tara?"

The sound of his voice sent delicious shivers racing across the surface of her skin, and Tara felt herself trembling as his hand gently lifted her head until she was looking at him.

"Shall I stop?" Giles asked. "I didn't mean to rush things. I just... well to be honest, I would rather not ruin the moment by stopping to search for contraception."

The mingled concern and desire in his eyes helped her make her decision. Not trusting her voice just yet, Tara responded instead by lifting herself slightly and kissing him again. They kissed for several moments, hesitant at first, but as they grew more comfortable the kiss deepened until Tara was leaning completely against Giles, her arms locked around his neck.

"I'll take that as 'don't stop' then, shall I?" Giles whispered against her cheek as he pulled back at last.

Tara could only nod as she caught her breath, her entire body tingling as his hands roamed, one hand tangled in her hair, as the other traced circles down the length of her arm. They were small, inconsequential touches, but still as seductive as anything she had ever felt.

"Good. Tonight I am going to take you on a journey... you have to trust me, and I promise you will enjoy yourself. But, in order to make sure I don't hurt you. I would like you to do a few things for me, ok?"

Again, Giles waited for her nod before continuing. "Wonderful... Now, why don't we see about making you a bit more comfortable."

Taking her hand, Giles led her slowly to the edge of the room where her bed waited. He kept his eyes locked on hers the entire time, his thumb stroking the sensitive skin in the middle of her palm the entire way, causing the nerve endings all over her body to tingle in time with the strokes.

Once they reached the bed, Giles began undressing her slowly. His hands skimmed across her skin, caressing every inch of skin as he revealed it, almost as if he were learning her by touch. Her breath began to come in tiny gasps as he murmured to her, feeling her body begin to soften and blossom under his hands.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the sensations flowing over her, Tara closed her eyes, allowing her head to fall back as she grew accustomed to them. She felt slightly unsteady as she stood, so she placed her hands on his shoulders for balance. She also quickly realized that her other senses were heightened by the lack of vision. She could feel her chest rising and falling rapidly as she found herself becoming even more aroused.

Taking her hand, Giles pushed her down upon the bed gently, asking her to lie back in the center of the bed. Moving to where her best guess of the center was, she slowly sank back, reveling in the coolness of the comforter against her skin.

She felt the bed dip to one side as Giles sat down near her, and instructed her to raise her hands above her head. She hesitated for a moment, and then did so, her entire body trembling, although at this point she couldn't tell whether from anticipation or desire.

"I don't have anything to secure them with," he whispered against her skin as he dropped soft kisses down her arm. "But I want you to hold on very tightly and not let go, no matter how much you might want to. And if you can, try and keep your eyes closed. I promise it will be worth it."

Tara felt his weight leave the bed, and she feared that he was going to leave her, but just as she was about to call out, he began to speak again. His voice was soft and calming, and as she listened to it change, becoming muffled or seeming to move in directions, she realized he must be undressing as he spoke to her.

"I have another suggestion for you." Giles began to explain, "Whenever you want to move, I want you to pull tightly on the headboard instead. Take the energy and internalize it, absorb it back into your body... "

As he talked, Tara felt the faint brush of something at her temple, stroking her skin softly, moving down to caress her cheek, only realizing when he reached her lips, that it was one of the silk roses from the vase by her bed.

"You are so beautiful Tara," Giles continued to trace the petals lightly across her skin as he spoke. "You take my breath away. Ahhhh, that is a good spot, isn't it?"

Tara found herself biting back a gasp as the rose began to circle her breast, teasing her nipple again and again.

"Yes," Giles continued, "it must be. You respond so beautifully."

Tara listened as he continued to paint pictures with his words. She began seeing herself as he was, the crimson of the bed, her hair flung out upon it, her skin, tanned lightly by her time outdoors, glowing under the lights, her chest rising and falling rapidly in time with her breath. She felt her pulse race as the rose moved lower, dipping lower to brush her belly, then using long slow strokes along the inside of her thighs. The erotic image he painted for her was stunning in its power. She found herself pulling slightly on the headboard, unconsciously following his earlier directions.

Giles fell silent for a moment and Tara used the reprieve to catch her breath. Unable to bear the suspense, she opened her eyes slightly, only to gasp as she watched Giles tear open the foil package and begin rolling the condom down his erection. She quickly shut her eyes again as Giles moved his body over hers, settling between her thighs.

Wanting to give her a little more time to become accustomed to his weight, Giles took the opportunity to explore her body more. Her breasts were fuller than he had realized and the dusky pink tips called to him. Watching carefully for any signs of discomfort on her part, his tongue began to tease her nipple and he smiled to himself as she bit back a moan. Deciding he was still on the right path, he laved the nipple thoroughly, sucking it into his mouth briefly before moving on to the other, alternating between them until her body was pressing up against his.

Just as Tara was about to reach the point where pleasure turns to frustration, Giles stopped, and she felt him positioning himself above her, moving so that he is resting at the juncture of her thighs, waiting. Dropping his head to hers, he captures her mouth in a quick hard kiss as she feels his head rubbing along her already slick folds, covering him in the proof of her desire.

"Shall I stop? " He repeated his question from earlier, his voice rumbling across her skin.

Even though her body cried out for him, Tara considered his question seriously. She hadn't had sex with a man for a very long time after all. But any concern she had faded as she stared into Giles' eyes.

"Giles. please, I want this."

Searching her face one last time, Giles kissed her again, slowly this time. His eyes darkened as they kissed, and Tara felt herself being drawn into their depths.

"Remember what I told you," he said, as he began to enter her slowly, allowing her body to adjust to his, waiting for her to relax completely before continuing deeper, finally sliding completely into her. "Not a sound." And with that, he pulled back and then thrust forward again, burying himself in her in one stroke.

She felt more than heard him groan against her neck, and Tara found herself biting her lower lip as she fought not to cry out at the pleasure of having him within her. She began tightening her grip on the headboard as the pleasure engulfed her, so different than with Willow, but just as intense despite the difference. Her blood began to roar as Giles began a slow steady rhythm that her body, being unused to making love with a man, resisted slightly at first, closing tightly around him with each thrust, but soon she began to relax as the tightness faded and she felt the heat rising within her.

Her arms clutched even more tightly at the headboard as she felt her orgasm approaching, and Giles senses it as well as he begins to talk to her in a voice low and heavy with passion. He reminds her not to make a sound, telling her how incredible it fells to be with her, encouraging her climax. And as the orgasm finally crested, she understood what he had been telling her. As her muscles began to contract, her entire body began to experience the pleasure, all the moans and movements she had held back are there, adding their energy to her orgasm, feeding it so that it became more powerful.

And through it all, Giles continued to thrust, his movements not allowing the pleasure to stop, as he stimulates nerve endings already sensitized by her orgasm.

Giles starts to thrust harder and faster, moving towards his own climax, even as her orgasm continued. His breath came in short quick pants as he drew closer to his own pleasure, feeding off of hers. And as his climax finally overtook him, Giles captured her mouth once again, kissing her with his entire being, their moans of pleasure flowed between them, every sound doubling and being absorbed by the other.

As she started to slowly come back to herself, Tara lay limply as Giles' hands reached up to peel her fingers off the headboard. Cradling her close, Giles rolled to her side, spooning his body against hers as he pulled the comforter up over them both from the side of the bed. They lay there for a few minutes, cuddling even as her body quivered as the aftershocks of pleasure passed through her.

Tara turned to face Giles and a smile stole across her features as she mumbled, "Mmm, thank you hardly seems to be enough." Her hand reached out to caress the side of his face.

He kissed her palm gently and pulled her close. And his voice was almost too soft to hear as they both began to give in to sleep.

"No my dear, Thank You."