No Games At The Dinner Table
written by Karesia

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: None really, except for a mention of the incident between Giles/Joyce from Band Candy.
Summary: An answer to a "Night Out" challenge where Buffy and Giles start playing footsie at a restaurant and quickly spiral out of control.
Thanks: To Gail, for the beta and for saying I should post instead of scrap this like I wanted to.
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Giles picked up the crystal flute and brought it to his lips for a small taste before nodding to the waiter to continue pouring for them. For the umpteenth time that evening he caught a glint off his dining companion’s eyes and allowed the smile playing along his lips to bloom into a full one. As soon as the waiter left them, he raised his glass in the air towards her for a toast.

“To the most wonderful two months of my life.”

Buffy brought her glass up to his, halting just before clinking and corrected: “of *our* lives.”

“Of our lives then.”

The two glasses clinked in agreement. As Giles allowed the bubbly liquid to slide down his throat he contemplated the reason for their celebratory evening. Had anyone asked Rupert Giles if he would be sitting in the most romantic restaurant within an hour’s drive of Sunnydale, with his Slayer, toasting to two months of romantic bliss he would have had them checked out by a psychiatrist. The truth was he never thought she would return his feelings, never dared to dream that she would want to be here with him, giving that look of love and desire in her eyes right now to him. Once he had returned from England with Willow he and Buffy had begun trying to work out the issues between them. It all had begun innocently enough, but emotions had run deeper for both of them more than either of them had been aware of. He pushed aside the unpleasant memories and focused on how at the bottom of it all had been a connection and love both had tried to deny and neither had been successful in doing.

Buffy allowed the tingling feeling of the champagne to aid in her feeling of bliss as she gazed lovingly into the green eyes across from her. Two months of finally being together. Two months where she no longer had to hide her feelings for fear of being rejected by the one person in her life she knew she couldn’t live without. She was so glad she had finally stopped lying to everyone, including herself, about her feelings for her Watcher. Buffy silently wished she had fessed up earlier. Rupert Giles was everything she wanted and more. For at least the tenth time that night she allowed her eyes to drink in the sight of him in his black slacks, amethyst colored silk shirt and black jacket. He was so different then when they had first met, in appearance anyway. He wore his silver hoop in his ear and she felt a rush of desire come over her as she fought back the desire to nibble on it.

“What are you thinking about, luv?”


Giles blushed slightly as he saw the desire cloud her eyes. Buffy Summers was a gorgeous woman, but dressed as she was tonight in her little black dress, strappy sandal heels and looking at him like she wanted him right there, right now… it was almost too much for him to stay composed. He mentally chided himself with a ‘down old man’ as he shifted in his seat to allow for the change his body had automatically reacted with to such thoughts.

“And I you… so, how did I manage to get so lucky as to have the most beautiful co-ed at USC here with me tonight?” he flirted.

His slayer blushed beautifully and he noticed that a couple of the restaurant staff as well as a few of the other patrons had noticed the happy couple. He picked up her hand and gave it a loving kiss, then rubbing his thumb in light, small circles on the top of her hand. “I think we’re being watched.”

Buffy chuckled with him and teased; “You should be used to watching…”

“Oh, very funny…”

He winked at her while also giving her a playful kick under the table for the bad pun. The waiter approached them with their food and they both reluctantly let go. Buffy instantly missed his touch and had to stifle a whimper of disappointment. Giles swallowed hard, trying to change the charged atmosphere a bit to at least get them through their meal. They talked about everything from her classes at USC, to the Magic Box, and to her mother’s reaction when they had told her of their new relationship.

“Well I certainly didn’t expect her to be overjoyed, but I still say she over-reacted.”

“Buffy, your mother has every right to want the best for you.”

“I have the best.”

Giles had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat his food had become in an effort not to choke. He was still not used to hearing Buffy make those kinds of statements and it sometimes caught him off guard.

“I.. ah..well, regardless of if that is true, her concerns were quite valid, love.”

“And we discussed them all with her. I’m just glad she finally came around.”

“As am I. Although I’m afraid it’s still a bit awkward between Joyce and I.”

“Well, if you two hadn’t gone all willy-nilly with the band candy and had sex on top of a police car you wouldn’t be having those wiggins,” she admonished.

It never failed; he fell for it and took the bait each time. “That was… I… “

“Yeah yeah, wasn’t your fault, you both weren’t acting as adults.”

“Well, yes. Exactly right.”



“I’ve often wondered what it would be like with him.”



“In the end, mostly meaningless I would suspect. Buffy, we’ve talked about this….”

“Chill, Giles… I know, that isn’t who you are anymore. But it’s part of you, a part that when combined with who are now is, well, damn sexy.”

He blushed again, putting down his fork and pushing his plate away slightly. Leaning forward a bit, he looked into her eyes and saw the desire beginning to cloud them.

“You should know I suppose, you bring it out of me easily enough.”

“Mmmm…” Buffy responded as her mind immediately ran through some of their love-making sessions. They had begun full of love, coming together again and again with tenderness and a slowness that killed them both until they no longer could stand it. But as time went on they had finally allowed some of their passion to dictate the mood and basically just ‘ran with it’ of late, their couplings becoming more and more intense, whether it was slow and tender or more wanton.

Buffy allowed her sandal to fall to the floor and lifted her leg to lightly run her foot against Giles’ leg.



Giles chuckled. One good turn deserved another he supposed, so he allowed his foot to twine around with hers under the table. God, she was incorrigible!

“Didn’t your mum ever warn you about the dangers of playing games at the dinner table?” he admonished her playfully.

Just as he was taking another sip of his champagne, Giles suddenly felt her foot traveling further up his leg and her toes rubbing his groin. His semi arousal became a full fledged hard on instantly and he coughed as the liquid went down the wrong way.

“Why Rupert… whatever’s the matter?”

“Vixen!” he said between coughs.

Buffy laughed lightly. She loved causing that kind of response from him. She was also aware of how warm she was getting and she was overcome with a sudden desire to leave.

“Buffy, your food…”

“I’ve had my fill… of that anyway.”

“You’re making things very har…uh, difficult, you know that?”

“So it seems…”

“Buffy… behave yourself… people are… ” he trailed off as she promptly ignored him and pressed a bit harder with her toes around his more filled out groin.

“So, I’m curious Giles, what would Ripper say right now?”

Giving into the game knowing he couldn’t resist her, Giles leaned inwards and with a wicked grin allowed himself to channel his inner bad-boy.

“If you don’t start behaving, I’ll have to bend you over my knee and spank you, right here-right now.”

Buffy returned his wicked glint and shivered from the tone of his voice. “Oh, I don’t know, that sounds more like fun than a threat.”

Unfortunately, they were so lost in their lust for each other and in the game that they didn’t see the waiter had approached and was waiting to ask if he could get them anything else without interrupting. When they indicated negatively, he reached for Buffy’s plate to clear it and was still shaken from what he’d overheard that he lost the balance of the plates spilling some of the lemon-sauce from Buffy’s chicken onto her top.

“Oh ma’m I’m so sorry….”

“It’s ok… I can just go…” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw Giles’ hand reach out with a napkin wetted with water. He began to dab at it and she moved closer so he would have better access. Not expecting her shifting, Giles’ knuckle grazed over a nipple. The touch after the game playing was electric. Both of them felt her nipple harden like a rock immediately at the contact.

“Thank you…” Giles directed to the waiter, desperate at this point to just get him out of there before they embarrassed the poor man any further. “We’ve, ah…got it now, it’ll be fine…”

“Yes sir, sorry again ma’am…” he backed away apologetically.

Buffy and Giles barely heard him. Buffy could only hear the pounding in her chest and feel the increasing wetness between her legs. Giles was in no better state, yet he couldn’t seem to stop his hand from continuing to “wipe at the spill” on the top of Buffy’s dress. It was no longer his knuckles grazing by, but fingertips deliberately tracing the curves of her breast or the hardness of her nipple. Buffy’s foot found itself back at Giles’ crotch. Lust filled eyes met, both of them agreeing without speaking a word.

They parted and Buffy got up and headed towards the lady’s room. To the casual eye of other patrons it appeared as if Giles were paying the bill or going to the restroom himself.

* * * * *

They met in the hallway of the restrooms, no words, just lips meeting lips. Giles lifted Buffy up against the wall as their embrace deepened. The heightened passion was too much for both of them and they clumsily stumbled into the ladies restroom. Buffy wound her legs around Giles’ waist, arms around his neck. They broke from the heated embrace out of the need for oxygen, both panting.

“Buffy, maybe….we….should…” he panted out as she kissed him hungrily along his neck, until she found his ear and begin sucking on the earring, “…oh DEAR LORD!”

His hands moved from her waist and instinctively began massaging her breasts. Their breathing came even faster and between grunts and moans Giles tried once more: “Must…get it together… at least… the…car…”

“No…Giles, I need you… can’t… wait”

Buffy ground herself against his erection and assaulted his lips again. That was it for Giles, he lost any control he had left. He lifted her up onto the sink as tongues dueled in a war of passion. His hands snaked underneath the short skirt of the dress that had ridden up and found her already wet and hot. He rubbed at the lace between her thighs, eliciting a deep groan from her mouth. When Buffy pushed harder against his hand in response and need, Giles growled into her mouth. The next thing Buffy heard was a rip and the cool feeling of the sink porcelain as he ripped her panties from her body.

Buffy immediately reached out for his groin and began massaging him through his trousers.

“Oh, God, Buffy…”

Hearing footsteps outside the door, he lifted her again and backed her into a stall, her legs encircling his waist and her hips still grinding against him. Her movements drove him over the edge further and he no longer cared where they were. Pressing her up against the side of the stall his mouth claimed hers in a passionate kiss. The heat between them was palpable and despite someone having entered the bathroom it seemed as if it were only them.

“Too much… clothes…” Buffy panted between hungry kisses. Without breaking contact and with Buffy’s insistent tugging, Giles managed to shimmy out of his jacket. Buffy tried to fumble at his waistband while holding on to him so as not to fall. With one hand he pulled at his shirt, sending buttons flying, while his other hand and arm supported her. His mouth sucked at her nipples through her dress and Buffy moaned loudly. Neither of them heard whoever had come in leave, obviously getting the idea that the facilities were mostly occupied.

Buffy finally found the button of his waistband and worked it and the zipper until her hand snaked in and pulled out his engorged shaft. At her touch, Giles moaned into her mouth. They both wanted to devour each other, both wanting to give each other pleasure, but this strange urgent need, not to mention lack of comfort, overcame them and Buffy guided Giles to her waiting nether lips.

Supporting her, Giles allowed her to guide him and slide down onto his cock, her juices covering him as he felt himself sink deeper and deeper. For the briefest moment their bodies stilled, enjoying that first feeling of being one. As Giles began to move within her, Buffy met his thrusts and urged him on.

“Oh, God, Giles… yes, harder!”

Giles wanted so much to take his time, to bring her to her heights deliberately and skillfully, but the urgency and heat of their passion caused him to give into the wanton animal she was, heck they both were, behaving like. As such his response was to simply grunt and thrust into her harder.

Buffy legs squeezed tighter around his mid section as her body rapidly climbed towards climax. She was only minimally aware that they were in a public place, the only thing registering was the feel of Giles inside her and the sounds of both of their grunting, groaning and panting. Suddenly, she felt him shift just a bit, changing the angle of his hips just slightly that he had now found that perfect spot inside her. With every thrust he was now stroking that fire in her core and her nails dug into his back in response.

He could tell the instant she was beginning her assent towards climax. Giles felt the familiar quiver of her body as it began and heard her begin to cry out his name. He moaned into her mouth one final time as he felt her muscles contract around his cock, milking out his own release. He called her name as if in prayer and than he groaned loudly and deeply, thrusting into her for a final stroke.

Giles felt both of their bodies tremble with the aftershocks of their pleasure. Once they both stopped shaking, he slowly withdrew and let her down.

“Oh, my – God!” Buffy breathed.

Giles put a his forefinger under her chin, lifting her face to his. Looking deeply into her eyes, he placed a tender kiss upon her lips. He felt her body lean into his lazily, and his lips claimed hers in a deeper, yet loving embrace. When their lips parted, he braced himself, still unsure if this encounter had been too Ripper-like.

Buffy caught her breath and gave him a shy smile; “Not that I didn’t like it, but… whoa, that was… intense!”

“Quite…” Giles agreed softly, and then softly added; “My, how I love you, Buffy.”

“I love you too, Rupert.”

She would never know it, but Buffy using his name at that moment meant more to him than anything else either of them could say. He smiled at her and placed another quick kiss to her lips, then moving back to help her smooth out her dress and get herself put back together. As he pulled up his own trousers and pulled his arms through his shirt sleeves, he began to laugh. At Buffy’s quizzical look he explained; “I… uh, rather destroyed my shirt I’m afraid.”

She looked at it and realized the buttons and been torn off in their haste to get their clothes off. Then she remembered her own undergarments that had been rendered unfit for wear. “Well, at least I can say it wasn’t my fault.”

He giggled along with her and moved them both towards the mirror to ensure they looked presentable enough to get through the restaurant and to the car. “Not directly anyway, but if you didn’t do the things you do to me…” he teased.

“Me? Oh, no you don’t Mr.! *I* am not the one who ripped my underwear off! And, if I remember correctly it was *you* who tore your own shirt from your body.”

“Regardless, we can hardly have dessert now with my shirt hanging open like this.”

Buffy turned to him, stepped up on her toes and brought his head down to capture his lips for a lingering kiss. “Maybe not here, but I think I’d much rather have some cookie dough fudge mint chip ice cream, you, and our bed instead.”

He answered her by reclaiming her mouth and deepening their embrace, saying everything without saying anything, and accepting her proposition whole-heartedly. With one last check to ensure they were as inconspicuous as possible, they slipped out of the bathroom and left the restaurant arm in arm. As they approached the door, Buffy laughed and teasingly asked: “So, Rupert Giles, Watcher-Mine, what was the what with all the ripping of the clothing anyway?”

He slipped away from her to hold open the door, and as she passed by he replied with a glint in his jade eyes: “Didn’t you ever wonder *why* they called me Ripper?”