Carried Away
written by Karesia

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Set between seasons 6 and 7 BtVS.
Summary: My attempt for the Wenchie "National Masturbation Day" challenge. Basically a PWP where Giles just gets carried away.
Thanks: To Gaknar for the quick beta! You're the best!
Dedication: To Gileswench – for actually inspiring me to forgo being diligent at catching up at work after a long absence and kicking up my muse to actually write. It's been a long time…
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Author's Website: Karesia's Kards

It had started innocently enough. They had gone to the Espresso Pump to get away from the others and *really* talk. Buffy had said she needed to tell him everything in more detail and Giles had quite a few things he wanted to discuss with her himself. He hoped to make her understand why he had left and that he realized now that it might not have been the right way to go about it, it just had seemed that way at the time. It had been a simply wonderful discussion, kept from getting too heated at times as they were in public. And, as such, they actually listened and *heard* each other. When they had both apologized and played "who-was-the-one-who-let-whom-down-the-worst" and they both were holding back tears, Buffy had suddenly announced that "all this angst needs ice cream!" So off they had gone, to the ice cream parlor. It was successful, it lightened up the mood considerably and they exchanged joking jabs with each other. He should have known he was in for it when she placed her order. Bloody ice cream *cone*! Since when did she order a cone?! In the past, her confection of choice would have been some monstrosity of a sundae, oozing and dripping with all the whipped cream, hot fudge, marshmallow sauce and melting ice cream; which of course she would only eat but half of as she pronounced herself stuffed. Normally, this left Giles chuckling and shaking his head as to why she never seemed to learn and insisted on ordering the blasted things. No, *this* time she'd ordered a simple cone with two scoops of double chocolate chip.

He'd tried his best to look away as much he could, but she continued to converse with him inbetween licks at the cone. That pink tongue darting out to lap at the ice cream, almost caressingly…

Bugger! If he wasn't already, he was bloody well good and hard now. It had been such a relief to him that she'd decided to pass on his offer to take her home; choosing instead that she would take a pass through the Restfield Cemetery. Had she accepted his ride, she might very well have seen the evidence of what her ordering that cone had done to him. Instead, he had been able to come straight home, kick off his shoes and shirt and lay down on the bed to reflect on what they had discussed; for him to think about how much of a fine young woman she had grown into and how much her strife over the past year had matured her.

Only he hadn't planned on having a hard-on the likes of this one! With a sigh, he undid the top button on his jeans, unzipped them and shimmied a little to allow them to fall open and relieve the pressure on his cock which the denim confinement had rendered unbearable. Absently, his hand reached down and began to work its way under the briefs, his mind immediately back to the images of Buffy eating her ice cream cone. Resignedly, he pushed his jeans and briefs down to his knees and began running his thumb over the head of his penis. Spreading the precum around, Giles allowed his thoughts to go back to Buffy - and that bloody ice cream cone; which was no longer an ice cream cone in his mind. Instead, her luscious lips and tongue were paying homage to his rigidness. He let his hand be the replacement, knowing full well that he was beyond stopping now, imitating as best it could the ministrations his fantasy was playing out in his mind.

As Buffy took and suckled him, her tongue kept swiping at him; Giles felt his shaft throb harder in his hand. Dear lord, he was filled with such desire! It wasn't like he hadn't had fantasies about Buffy before and relieved himself from time to time with those in the last couple years, but tonight – there was more of an urgency, he felt himself trembling from the heat of his desire and the reaction of his body to the images finally running free in his mind. He moaned and thrust into his hand, no longer holding back.

Giles saw himself lovingly stroking the back of Buffy's head as she continued her attention to his shaft. He could practically feel the wetness her saliva left as a natural lubricant. Her beautiful face looking up at him occasionally, the twinkle in her eyes showing him how much enjoyment she was getting from this too. His hand flew over his cock, speeding up, squeezing… if he didn't bloody well slow done this would be over way too soon. He stayed his hand for a moment, using the opportunity to allow his fantasy to put a gentle stop to Buffy's suckling and bring her up over his body, imagining the feel of her breasts, hips and groin sliding up his legs, chest. Kissing her with ardent fever, his tongue swept the inside of his mouth as it did hers in his vision. Giles could taste himself on her tongue. His cock jerked of its own accord and his hand began to slowly resume the stroking.

Giles saw himself flipping her over so she was underneath him, his mouth never breaking contact with hers. He wanted her so badly, wanted to kiss her entire body, feel every curve and burn the contours into his brain forever. But he had no time for that…

As he continued to kiss and nip at her neck, shoulders, and breasts – he used his knee to pry her legs apart and with one fluid motion sheathed himself inside her. His hand paused after the long stroke. To be in Buffy. To feel what it would be like to have her powerful muscles contract around his sensitive member. Oh dear lord!

Moaning louder, Giles' hand found the rhythm to match that of his fantasy. He thrust into Buffy (his hand), nearly coming out before plunging back into her velvety depths. He heard her moans and added his own to hers She felt so damn good! His cock twitched once, than again and he knew he was going to come shortly. He tried to slow it down a bit, but it was too good. Too delicious. His hand continued to speed up and he began to spiral out of control. He felt the first wave spurt over his hand as he cried out `Dear lord – yes!'

To his utter astonishment, his hand kept going. Not that he'd never managed to stay hard and come again, but not when it was just him. Not like this. He briefly wondered why this time felt so… real, felt so bloody marvelous. He giggled and just decided to go for it.

His imagination shifted their positions so that now Buffy was on top of him. She readjusted and found her own rhythm and speed. His other hand clutched the sheet in sheer rapture as she contracted around him, milking the last of the orgasm, yet making him harder again. Giles' hand stroked his cock in imitation, the cum spreading along its length and acting and feeling like the juices he knew Buffy's core would be saturated with. She rode him, moving her hips in abandon and urging Giles to follow her to her own shattering end. He went willingly and found himself hornier than ever before.

As he imagined his hips thrusting up to meet hers, his hands guiding her and aiding in the speed of the friction between them, he pulled upwards to suck at her nipples. The extra stimulation worked and Buffy screamed out his name as he felt her muscles contract around him as she climaxed. Taking one hand off her, he saw himself lick his thumb and then find her clit between them, making her ride yet another wave after wave. That was all it took as Giles himself plummeted over the edge and he cried out again.

His breathing hadn't even begun to even out, his hand yet to leave his pulsating shaft, when his eyes flittered open. Was that a person by his dresser? He forced his eyes to focus and saw Buffy standing there, mouth open. "Buffy!"

"Giles!" she exclaimed back to him. He rushed to find a cover or something as his face flushed a deeper shade of red – the embarrassment adding to the heat his session had caused.

"I.. uh… what… Buffy is something wrong?" he was at a loss and knew it.

"I stopped by to show you this strange amulet thingy I found tonight. Nothing wrong – well unless you won't tell me who you were thinking about just now…."

Had he said her name out loud? Should he lie? Tell the truth. Bugger! His mind was too bloody blitzed out from coming twice like that. And there was this glint to her eyes…

Placing his hand over his eyes, he decided since she had just seen him wanking himself admitting the truth now couldn't really be all that much more of a risk or embarrassment.

"If you must know… it was you. Alright. I was thinking about you. You and that bloody ice cream cone…"

He trailed off when he realized the `eeiiwws' and `gross' exclamations he expected had not yet begun. In point of fact, it was quiet. Giles removed his hand from his eyes, green ones locking with blue ones and he would never have been prepared for what his ears *did* hear.

"Good. I was hoping you'd say it was me."