The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Day Eleven
written by Karen Jephson

He shifted, his dream being interrupted by something brushing against him. He frowned, trying to identify the distraction. It was such a good dream too. About him and Buffy, and how she would rub her hand across his chest, teasing his nipples. He pulled apart the final veils of sleep as realization hit. He was laying naked in his bed, his love beside him. And her hand was teasing his nipples, hardening them with her ministrations. He hummed in appreciation.

"Morning." She leaned over his chest, pressing a kiss to the closest nubbin. He released a jagged sigh when her tongue flicked across the tip.

"Hmm-hmm. Getting an early start?" He rested his hand on her head, running his fingers through her hair.

She shifted slightly, moving up toward his face. She hovered over him. "Do you know what day it is?"

He brought her head down to claim a kiss that wiped away any final cobwebs. "Tuesday?" He moved his hands to her chest, massaging them gently.

"Not just any Tuesday. That feels so good."

Giles stopped, as if thinking. "Ah. It's that Tuesday." He rolled them until she was underneath him. Starting at her jaw, he kissed his way down her chin, her neck and her chest, paying special attention to the dip at her lower neck. When he nipped her scar, she growled at him. "Decided to get an early start have we?" Reaching his target, he stroked his tongue across one of her nipples.

Buffy's breath hitched. "I-I thought you might want to go for the record?"

He turned to the other breast, working it with his mouth and tongue until it had hardened. "You want quantity instead of quality?" He continued his journey southward, licking and sucking at the ring in her navel before moving on.

She was writing beneath him now, her body quivering with passion. "C-can't I have both?"

"Have you still got some of that mixture Willow gave you? If we're going for the record, we're going to need help."

"Uh-huh. D-Dawn found it once, but I t-told her it was your secret stash of weed."

He paused. "So that was the reason for the lecture."

"Can we break the record? It's the last day we'll have to ourselves for some time."

The bedding fell to the floor, leaving them both exposed. He gazed down at her, never losing that wonder of knowing he had full access to her beautiful body. She'd gained weight since the destruction of Sunnydale. A combination of the reduction of responsibility and less need to fight every night meant she burnt off less energy daily. He loved the fuller figure, though she would never be considered voluptuous. Kissing her rounded tummy, he opened her legs wider with his hand. "I'll strive to do my best." Bending, he ran his tongue along her labia, encouraging her to open up for him. He was thankful to see her already wet, tasting her arousal as he found and worked her most sensitive areas with his tongue and teeth. When he found her clit, she jerked up, almost forcing him off the bed. The first time, she'd done just that. It had been a slightly embarrassing moment for both of them. Afterwards, he learnt how to balance his weight to resist the pressure of her movements.

He felt Buffy's muscles tense as she neared an orgasm. She groaned and whimpered as he pushed his tongue up her channel, grazing the lining as it clenched and released around him. "Rupert, please? Together."

Obeying his love, he rose, lifting his body over hers. Feeling her hand on his hardened penis, he allowed her to guide him into position. Their eyes never left each other's as he lowered his body, pushing gently into her channel. She wrapped her legs around his torso, opening herself further to him. They both sighed as he sheathed himself fully within her. "Slow or fast?"

"Hard." He pushed into her as she requested, forcing them both upwards. The bed began to rock as they started their rhythm, their movements fast and almost rough. Sweat slicked his skin, adding to the friction where their two bodies joined. Buffy was moaning loudly now, her concentration solely on waiting until he caught up with her. He felt himself getting closer to the edge, his own moans joining hers.

"Can't you two wait until we've left for the day?" The petulant voice carried through from the living area.

They stopped, smiling at each other. Buffy spoke first. "I think we're going to have to get him a pet."

Giles shrugged. "Why bother when he can always summon himself one up?" Lifting his head slightly, he raised his voice to shout one word. "No!" He began pushing in and out of Buffy again, returning to the tension that had stretched between them before. Blocking out all distractions he encouraged her to let herself go. He strained against her as she climaxed, reveling in the feel of her body humming its release. He increased his motion, pushing into her until he found his own release.

* * * * *

"Bye. Kennedy, make sure you let Xander help you to and from the taxis."

"And Dawn, don't break any of Aunt Agatha's ornaments!" They waved from the doorway until the others had disappeared.

He closed the door, then turned to Buffy. They were wearing identical terry robes, neither having bothered to dress to farewell the others. They looked at each other for a moment, then moved quickly forward for an open kiss. His hands released the sash on Buffy's robe, as hers pushed the edges of his open. They moved toward the nearest sofa, Giles' robe falling behind them. He paused long enough to slip the material over Buffy's shoulders before guiding her down onto the coach. He covered her body with his, ravishing her mouth with his tongue. His hand slipped between them, rubbing her core. He felt her heat as she opened her legs to him.

Buffy moved her head away from him, then down. She placed an open kiss against his Adam's apple before grazing it with her teeth. She moaned as his fingers slipped inside her, pushing in and out of her channel. Her hand found his penis, gripping it firmly before running up and down it. Her other hand played with his testicles, squeezing and rolling them. "Oh, God." He groaned the entreaty as his body reacted to her ministrations. He rested on his haunches for a moment, trying to catch his breath.

Giles pulled back, releasing her and forcing her to do the same. Grabbing her ankles, he lifted them up around his waist. Placing his hands under her buttocks, he raised her slightly then moved forward. She placed her hand on him to guide him into her. With the additional angle he was able to enter her more fully, the sensitive flesh of his balls pressing against the soft skin of her buttocks. This was the one position where he had absolute control, and it had taken a while for her to trust him with it. Since then, with his encouragement, she had come to enjoy the feeling of being powerless as he drove into her. Her passion-glazed eyes told him this time was no different. Feeling himself nearing his orgasm, he moved one hand to the front of her, finding and teasing her clit. Her body tensed as she climaxed, screaming out his name. The sight was enough to drive him over the edge and he pumped his release into her.

* * * * *

She felt his eyes on her as she poured the liquid into the bath. "Whose is that?"

She smiled. "Dawn's. Turnabout is fair play. Besides, it smells nicer."

"So there's no point reminding you she'd replaced yours?"

Buffy rose and placed the bottle on the vanity sink. She shook her head. Untying the sash to her robe, she allowed it to drop to the floor, then turned to her lover. "Coming?"

He lifted one eyebrow. "Always." She blushed as she realized the double meaning of both her question and his answer. Giles quickly disrobed and joined her at the bath. They shared a leisurely kiss as the water continued to fill the tub.

Buffy backed away then turned to switch off the taps. She stepped into the water with Giles' help, then waited for him to join her. Once they were comfortably placed, he turned and pressed the button, allowing the jets to pump the water and massage their bodies.

Buffy closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of him there with her as the water soothed some tight muscles. She smiled. "Poor Dawn. I don't think she'll ever have a spa again."

"At least not in our bath." She felt Giles shift, his legs stretching either side of her. She determined to ensure that they would have a proper bathtub in their permanent home, one with jets and big enough for both of them to fit comfortably.

She opened her eyes, and saw Giles watching her over the bubbles. He looked very relaxed, but there was also an awareness of her in his eyes. It was always this way between them now. No matter what they were doing, or who else was around, there was a knowledge that they were aware of each other, and desire was always close.

Sighing, she slid forward, wrapping her legs around him. Lifting herself, she found him erect and waiting for her. She sheathed him within her, the joining giving her a feeling of completeness. She sat still, looking into his eyes, and savoring this rare moment of solitude.

Giles smiled. "Are we going to stay here all day?"

She shook her head. "I wouldn't mind, but I'd rather we wait a few years before you see me prune-skinned." She started to move slowly, rocking gently back and forth on him. The dual stimulation of her action and the massaging jets slowly increased their arousal, the rhythm carrying them slowly toward their destination. Only once her ardor increased did she pick up speed, her own needs demanding that she quicken their journey.

They were both breathing deeply now, their senses taking in the aroma of the bubbles that frothed around them, their skin heated from the water and from their arousal. Giles' hands gripped onto the edges of the bath as he allowed Buffy total control of this time. Her own hands wrested on his shoulders, her fingers slipping slightly on his damp skin. When they came, it was as quiet as their lovemaking, a transition from desire to satiation that they made together. Her eyes widened as she stiffened from her release. She felt him pour into her as she dropped her head on his shoulder, his arms wrapping around her. Moving her hand, she sought the button to turn off the jets. As the water stilled, they huddled together, drawing this moment out for as long as they could.

* * * * *

"I'm still not sure about this." Buffy shifted as the air chilled her skin.

"I thought you trusted me." His voice was above and slightly to the right of her.

"I do, with my life." She smiled, shifting her legs apart slightly. She was naked bar the blindfold covering her eyes, and she wanted to make sure he enjoyed the view. "But I'm kinda worried about what you're gonna put on me."

"I thought you liked honey?"

Her hand lifted automatically to the material covering her eyes. "If you th..."

His hand stopped hers. "I'm not. Now, you know the rules. No movement." He guided her hand back down beside her on the bed, then released it." She felt his breath in her ear before he spoke. "Trust me."

She barely noticed it at first. A slight tickle on the skin above her right left eyebrow. When she felt it on the other side of her face, she thought it might be a fly. She felt Giles' presence near her, but she could detect no movement from him. She wondered if she could ask him to shoo the fly away. But then it moved again, the lightest of stroking along her nose, across her cheekbones, then tracing the shape of her lips. Her mouth opened at the sensation of the touch, her skin tingled at contact.

Whatever it was stroked down her neck, then across her shoulders, taking a leisurely exploration of her body. She felt her nerve endings come alive in the wake of this instrument of pleasure and torture. When it stroked across her breasts, the nipples hardened immediately in response. She shifted slightly, and squeezed her hands into fists to keep them still. She couldn't prevent the moan that escaped.

"Rupert? What...?"

"No questions, remember? No questions and no touching." It stroked around her breasts before returning to each nipple again, dusting them as if in farewell. As it trailed down her chest and stomach, her muscles contracted in reaction. She almost whimpered in disappointment when it barely grazed her navel. The touch had deepened slightly, but it was more of a sensation than an increase in pressure. The area of surface to surface contact had also increased, though just barely. She felt its touch from thigh to thigh, before it moved slightly down one of her legs.

It was all she could do not to roll away from the touch. Yet she also craved it so much, anticipated each move. The effort of staying still was all that kept her where she was. When she felt it dip and move to her heated core, she lifted herself up to meet it, only to moan when it disappeared off her skin.

"Move again and it'll go away again." She dropped back on the bed, spreading her legs further. Fortunately, he didn't comment on her infringement of his rules.

The touch was back, just above where it had left her before. She turned her head to the side, sobs of arousal and frustration escaping her. As it trailed down and touched her she whimpered, opening her body to its touch. The feel of it running up and down her opening, just but not quite penetrating increased her frustration and her arousal. She was surprised when she climaxed. He hadn't penetrated her or touched her clit, but she came, stronger than she expected. She screamed as she bucked up off the bed, before collapsing in exhaustion.

He kissed her back into awareness, teasing her lips with his own until she responded. Only then did he remove the blindfold. She had only one question. "What...?" He lifted his left hand, showing her a feather, matted and wet.

* * * * *

'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Oh, whoa, oh
Rockin around the Christmas tree
At the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Every couple tries to stop
Rockin around the Christmas tree'

"When did you say this version was made?"

"1980's. Mel Smith and Kim Wilde. I got it on cassette so I could take it with me wherever I went."

"Oh. And they were popular.? Ouch!"

"If you pull that tree down, you can explain to Dawn."

"Hey, it was your idea to do it under the tree!"

"Under it, not in the bloody thing."

"We couldn't get under it because of all the bloody presents! Arggh!"

"Might keep that branch you just pulled off as a souvenir."

* * * * *

"Nice mistletoe."

"Thought you'd appreciate them. Took me ages to find an identical set."

"We do have a problem though. The idea isn't to kiss the mistletoe, but to kiss underneath it."

Buffy spread her hands wide, bracing herself against the back of the sofa. "And the problem is?"

Giles smiled, then knelt in front of her. He proceeded to kiss and lick below the mistletoe, wanting, as always, to keep within tradition. He was shortly rewarded for his decision.

* * * * *

"Why am I doing this again?"

"One good turn deserves another. This is for the feather."

"You're going to run a feather down my body?"


"Damn. And when can I open my eyes?" As requested he was lying naked on the bed, his eyes shut. He was already in a semi state of arousal as he anticipated Buffy's surprise.

"In a minute." She lifted his hand and brought it to the bedpost. His anticipation increased.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Have to keep in the holiday tradition. No peeking!" His second hand joined the first, both wrapped in lengths of tinsel.

By now Giles was fully aroused and was concentrating on making this experience as long as possible. One of the reasons he'd memorized Theorin's A-Z of Demonology was for moment's like these.

"Now you can open them." Giles did as he was ordered and all thoughts of the Karinoctin demon went completely out of his head.

She had straddled his legs, her naked bottom resting just above his knees. Her only adornment was the Santa hat on her head. Her only make up the bright pink gloss she knew made him wild. Her lips looked swollen and moist, and he swallowed as he knew what would happen next. "Dear Lord."

"Now, Mister Giles. Exactly how naughty have you been?" She dipped her head, her tongue extending past her lips as she did so. He held his breath as she touched the tip of his erection, swirling over and around the top, licking away the droplets of fluid that had already escaped. He bucked up, trying to increase the touch. "Now, now. Be good, or you won't get your present."

Her hands clamped down on his thighs and pushed down, preventing him from moving. She trailed her tongue along the vein of the exposed underside of his penis. His hands twisted the tinsel securing him, his frustration at being held prisoner working with her ministrations to increase his excitement. Her tongue at his balls almost undid him. It was only the knowledge of what was to come next that saved him from prematurely ending this gift. When she replaced her tongue with her mouth, sucking them into her warm cavity, he cried out in pleasure. Fortunately, she seemed to know just how far to go before pushing him over the edge, because she released him, and sat up.

Giles took in gulps of air, trying to steady his heart and ease the pain in his erection. Her lipstick was now smudged around her mouth, which had turned red with her actions. He licked his own lips in anticipation of ravishing them after. She smiled at him, that naughty smile that was just his. "Is my lipstick smudged?" Not waiting for his answer, she leaned behind her and retrieved a tube. While he watched she undid the lipstick and slowly twisted the roll, until the tip was exposed. He groaned, his imagination going wild, as she'd known it would. Lifting the tube, she outlined her lips perfectly, not missing a spot. "All better?"

He growled. "Damn it, Buffy. If I make a mess, you're going to clean it up."

Her eyes widened in innocence. "Don't I always?" He growled as his penis began to throb. She took pity on him, and lowered her head once more, ensuring to clamp down on his thighs again. This time, she opened her mouth wide, sliding him inside her mouth, pausing only when he felt the back of her throat.

He moaned when she paused, allowing them both to adjust to the new position. Then she began moving, lifting almost off him completely before dropping down again, her tongue wrapping around him as she did. The pain increased as his orgasm neared, his penis swelling as she increased her actions. When he came he cried out her name, his entire body stiffening as he released his seed inside of her.

He regained his senses as he felt her licking him. He sighed and smiled. She always did clean up his messes.

* * * * *

"Nice Mistletoe."

"Thought you'd appreciate it."

"What did you tie it with?"

Giles turned to show her. "Took some of the tinsel from the bedroom."

"Always did like the silver stuff."

"I think it contrasts more."

"I suppose you want me to keep with tradition?"

"If you don't mind too much?"

"I think I can force myself." Buffy knelt in front of him and began kissing and licking below the mistletoe. She was soon rewarded for her sacrifice.

* * * * *

His hands lifted to fondle her breasts as he pushed into her. With his longer body, he was able to stretch over her back, ensuring his hands had full coverage and plenty of room for maneuvering. He pulled at her breasts, then pinched her nipples, his ministrations rewarded when she arched her head back.

Her hands were braced against the bed head, ensuring she didn't bang into it as he rammed into her from behind. She'd been afraid he would be disgusted by that part of her that had enjoyed the rough lovemaking with Spike. Instead he'd shown her things she'd never known were possible, and encouraged her to add rough play in their lovemaking. The first time he'd suggested he take her from behind, she'd been scared, and too afraid to tell him why. Only after she'd learnt to trust him fully had she agreed to this form of intimacy, this submissive act. And she'd enjoyed it, coming loudly as he'd pumped into her.

Their lovemaking was silent save for grunts and groans from them both. With each stroke she felt him fill her, her muscles stretching to accommodate him. The slight pain from his massaging of her breasts increased her excitement, the feel of his teeth as he nipped her shoulder sending tremors through her body. He howled as he came, the sound sending her into her own orgasm. She collapsed on the bed, his heavy weight as he followed her a welcome blanket around her shivering body.

* * * * *

They lay in each other's arms, their bodies tired and, in some places, sore. They still had some time before the others returned, but neither felt the energy, nor the inclination to initiate more lovemaking.

"I guess it's official." The teasing note in Buffy's voice put Giles on his guard. "You're getting old."

He harrumphed. "And your excuse? Perhaps we should reinitiate a more intense training regime. After all, if an old man can tire you." He tried to avoid her hand as she punched him lightly on the arm.

Buffy settled back against his shoulder. "I was taking it easy on you. Thought you might want a bit of a rest, maybe a nap."

Giles' eyebrows lifted. "Your muscles aren't up to so much strain. They need to be eased into such exercise."

She frowned. "Your brain must be getting foggy. I figured it might need to recharge to try and think of other ways to do it."

He rolled his eyes. "If I'm tired it's because I'm usually the inventive one. It'd be nice if you actually thought of a way to 'do it' for a change."

Her eyes narrowed. "I could have forced the issue, but I figured you wouldn't have the energy to respond."

He pursed his lips. "I didn't want to cause you any more pain. You must be awfully sore in certain places."

They turned to look at each other, challenge in their expressions, and the tenseness of their bodies. Giles pulled away, forcing Buffy to fall onto the bed. He sat up, his legs under him. Then he turned, so his legs faced the top of the bed. Lying down, he curled his legs so that he was facing her crotch and not her knees. "Next time I'll get a girlfriend who isn't two feet shorter than me."

"Next time I'll get a boyfriend who's actually heard of stamina." His response was a mumble and his mouth on the hair at her core. Accepting the challenge, she opened her mouth, and drew his slack member in.

Response was instant, if a little tepid from both of them. Working quietly for a few minutes, they licked, nipped, and sucked at each other's semi-arousal, trying to encourage a more enthusiastic answer. Buffy moaned when Giles hit a more sensitive spot, then fumed at her weakness. The smug "Ha" from between her legs grated her competitive streak, and she turned to the sacks beneath his cock. Fondling and squeezing them with her hands, she was gratified when they hardened, and the piece of flesh in her mouth began to rise.

A mumbled "Cheat" vibrated against her clit.

"All's fair." She'd never talked with her mouth quite so full before. She hoped he understood.

"Two can play." He did. His fingers massaged her buttocks, squeezing them together, then pulling them apart. His tongue dipped into her channel, then worked back along her clit. One of his hands moved forward, a finger running across her wet crotch, then disappeared. She jumped as she felt it against her anal opening.

"If that's the way you want to play." He was fully hard against her now, his thighs automatically rocking against her. She ran her forefinger along the underside of his penis, gathering the moisture from his sweat and her mouth that sat on the skin. She almost forgot her purpose as she felt his finger penetrate her. She moaned, taking him more fully in her mouth.

Her finger found his opening waiting for her, his muscles pulling apart to make her entry easier. Her legs were open now, allowing him unlimited to her throbbing core. His finger pushing into her anus forced her further forward, his mouth and tongue ravishing her, drawing her ever closer to her orgasm. She worked automatically, pushing her finger in and out of him with the same rhythm that his cock slipped in and out of her mouth. As one they came, their cries of ecstasy smothered by the other's sex contracting and expanding with their climaxes.

Buffy lay back, heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She wasn't surprised to feel tears gather in her eyes. A few moments later she felt him move as he crawled up beside her. He lay on his stomach, his arm wrapped around hers. She turned to look at him, reveling in the look of utter exhaustion on his face, his eyelashes resting against his lower lids.

"How long?"

He grudgingly opened his eyes, then glanced at the clock. "Fifteen minutes."

"Hmm." She closed her eyes, her hands wrapping around his arm. "A new record."

* * * * *

The scream shattered the silence of the room before echoing into the hallway outside. Buffy and Giles sat up then froze at the scene before them.

Dawn had stopped screaming though her mouth and eyes were both wide open. She looked frozen to the spot. Andrew's expression wasn't much better, distress and disgust equally playing across his face. Willow's mouth was working silently, as if trying to find a way to diplomatically end the uncomfortable scene. Xander's mouth was opening and closing like a fish. He closed his eye, then realized that Dawn still had full view of the two of them, so covered her eyes with his hand. Faith was looking at Giles, appreciation in her face. Robin just looked amused. They both looked around for a way to escape then realized they were less exposed where they were.

Kennedy had been behind Willow, so obviously had not seen what the others had, until Willow moved slightly. The slayer shook her head, then turned from the room. "I better run interference. The whole hotel probably heard Dawn scream. You guys might want to shut the door."

Buffy looked at her sister, then looked at the item in her hand. She glanced across at Giles, and what she'd been doing to him before the others arrived. "I-I can explain. We'd just ordered dinner, when Giles said he fancied something, um, creamy. We didn't know what dessert we wanted, so we." She trailed off, realizing she was making things worse.

"I am so going to need a life time of therapy for this." Dawn shook her head.

"B. I didn't know you liked Sundaes. Robin," she turned to her lover, "I think Giles' Sundae is almost as big as yours."

"I don't."

"You're right. It might be bigger." Faith ignored the daggers being thrown her way from Robin and Buffy.

"I wish I had a Sundae as impressive as that." Xander shut up as he realized what he was saying.

"We ought to measure them, just for factual information of course." Faith smirked, enjoying herself fully. By the look in Giles eyes, he wasn't as embarrassed as he should have been.

"I have a tape measure." Andrew had raised his hand, but dropped it at everybody's glare. "Which is somewhere that I can't get it, and I-I'm not sure it'd be big enough."

"Wha... what's that?" Dawn pointed toward a bowl on the coffee table next to Buffy.

Buffy shrugged embarrassingly then looked down at her cream covered chest. "Cherries."

"Oh. My. God. I am never going to forgive you!"

Xander pointed to another bowl. "That isn't what I think it is, is it?"

It was Giles' turn to shrug. "I happen to like chocolate sprinkles." He lifted another bowl, filled with tiny pieces of rainbow colored candy. That was when the others noticed familiar pieces on Buffy's breast. "And hundreds of thousands."

"Um, Buffy? You left some of your underwear out." Willow pointed to a confection of red lace.

Giles glanced over. "That's Robin's."

"Now wait."

"How do you know?" Faith knew it was Robin's but wondered at Giles' knowledge.

"Because it's too snug on me."

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas My True Love Sent To Me
Eleven Sexy Scenes
Ten Candles For Lighting
Nine Demons Caroling
Eight Slayers Slaying
A Menorah For Remembering
Six DVD's A Playing
Five Scooby Rings
Four Futures Told
Three Old Loves
Two Gift Vouchers
And A Star On A Christmas Tree

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