Sugar Cookies
written by Jae Kayelle

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: 'Pangs'.
Pairing: Giles/Buffy/Wesley
Summary: Buffy and Giles help Wes get over losing his job.
Dedication: To Ann -- I keep my promises. Merry Christmas.
Feedback Author: Jae Kayelle
Author's Website: Infinite Diversity
Author's LJ: Debauch The Sloth

Everyone was as stuffed as the turkey they'd just devoured had been. Xander and Giles were sprawled at opposite ends of the couch, Spike looked like he would have loved to sprawl if the ropes that bound him to his chair would have allowed him to (and if someone had let him drink or eat or anything at all), and Buffy, Willow and Anya were lethargically making an attempt to clean up the disaster area formerly known as the kitchen.

"I don't see why the womenfolk have to do kitchen duty," Buffy grumbled.

"Yes, and the menfolk just lie there like sacks of turnips," Anya agreed.

Willow threw down her dishtowel. "I vote we go on strike. If they want dessert they'll have to make it themselves."

Buffy looked glum. "It would have been a good pie if I hadn't added all that extra condensed milk."

"Come on now," Willow consoled her, "If we all hadn't been yelling at each other, you wouldn't have gotten distracted like that."

"Why were we yelling anyway?" Anya asked. "Xander and I never yell."

"It's a holiday tradition. People yell." Buffy lifted her shoulders in a shrug.

"It's a natural reaction to tension," Willow said.

"I don't know about that," Anya continued. "Whenever Xander and I feel tense we have sex. Isn't that what everyone does?"

Buffy and Willow traded looks. "It's, uh, a different kind of tension," the witch explained.

Anya seemed to accept that.

Someone knocked on the door.

Buffy looked over the counter at her Giles. His eyes were shut and his chest rose and fell in peaceful slumber. Smiling, the Slayer went to answer the door for him. If the patriarch of their little clan was taking a nap, the least she, as matriarch, could do was greet visitors in his place. She smiled to herself. The notion of fulfilling that role gave her lots of fun ideas for what they could do later after everyone went home.

On the other side of the door stood Wesley Wyndham-Price.

Surprised, Buffy stammered, "W-Wesley?"

Her other ex-Watcher greeted her with a glassy smile.

"Hello, Buffy." He swayed slightly, like a reed in a breeze.

"Are you okay?" His appearance was hardly that of the ultra-tidy man she had last seen after the Mayor's Ascension to demonhood. While he still wore a suit, its expensive lines were wrinkled beyond repair and there was dust on both knees and lower legs like he'd crawled across the ground.

"Perfectly fine, thank you." His speech was a tiny bit slurred. "Is Gi...Mister Rupert... Mister Giles at home?" Then he pushed past her without waiting for an answer or an invitation to enter. At least he wasn't a vampire, Buffy noted as she closed the door behind him.

When she returned to the living room, she saw Wesley had taken up a station in front of Giles who was still unaware he had yet another guest. Wes swayed alarmingly. Buffy had already figured out he was drunk and was fascinated by the concept. He'd never shown signs of having less than perfect control -- under normal non-Hellmouthy circumstances, anyway.

"This is a new look for you, Wes," Xander commented sleepily.

"Thank you."

Xander grinned. "That wasn't a compliment."

"Quite right. Thank you again."

Then Wesley's knees buckled and he fell onto the couch between Giles and Xander. One arm hit Giles across the stomach, jolting him awake.

"Oof! What the...?" He saw who was lying half on top of him and shoved him off. "Wesley?"

Wes turned his head and gave Giles a blitzed smile. "Mister Rupert, how do you do?"

Giles winced as he got a faceful of whisky fumes and the bad breath that accompanied them.

"Bloody...! What the devil has gotten into you, man?"

"I'd say at least a mickey of rotgut," Xander waved his hand under his nose to ward off the fumes.

"Rotgut," Wesley repeated, then apparently he found that amusing because he started to giggle. "Never touch the stuff. Only the best for a Wyndham-Price. Father taught us well. Living by example."

Spike snorted. "This is the other Watcher? The Council sure can pick 'em."

Everyone ignored him.

Giles leaned away from Wesley. "Why have you gotten yourself into this state?"

"Celebration!" Wes shouted unexpectedly and loudly. "It's a day of celebration."

"Thanksgiving?" Willow asked. "Why would you want to celebrate an American holiday?"

"Not American -- mine. Mine emancipation!"

Buffy met Giles' eyes and mouthed, "Mine emancipation?" Giles smiled briefly then returned his attention to his latest visitor.

"Emancipation from what?"

Wesley shot to his feet and swayed dangerously. "My destiny!"

Xander shook his head. "What's he talking about?"

Giles' attention was still on Wesley. "I believe he means he's no longer a Watcher."

"Right! No longer a Watcher." He seemed to deflate before their eyes and sank back onto the couch, once again more on top of Giles than anywhere else. Giles shoved him off again. "No good for a Watcher. No good for anything." He subsided into gloomy silence and slid downward into an ungainly slump. A moment later, he fell asleep.

"Too much turkey?" Willow asked jokingly.

"Too much Wild Turkey," Xander supplied.

Giles looked at Wes snoring loudly next to him. "Well, that was interesting."

* * * * *

An hour or so later, the dishes had been cleaned, leftovers put away and the gang sat around on the floor, going through Giles' record collection. Giles sat cross-legged in the centre and reminisced about his favourite artists. Only Anya had heard of some of the groups but they didn't hold her interest. Willow was the most intrigued of the group, but then she'd had some practice as a rock musician's groupie.

Xander leaned back on his elbows and patted his stomach. "Dinner sure was great." When that got very little reaction, he repeated himself. "Yup. That was so good it tasted like..."

"More?" Willow guessed.

Giles glanced over at Xander. "Good lord, Xander. You must have a truly bottomless pit there."

Sitting next to Giles with her arm wrapped around one of his and her chin against his shoulder, Buffy smiled as she stared at Xander's slightly rounded belly. "It's looking not quite so bottomless to me."

Getting to her feet she said, "I'll bet I can scrounge up some dessert for you, Xand. Anybody else have room?"

Everyone sheepishly confirmed that they, too, would like dessert.

Buffy walked away a couple of feet then stopped. She looked at the couch where she'd last seen Wesley. He wasn't there.

Spike still tied to his chair, cleared his throat. She looked at him. He glanced sideways towards the kitchen. Buffy heard a mild clatter in there and walked around to go in.

Wesley had his back to her while he was busy sifting flour and sugar and adding it with water to mix in a big bowl. The strange part was that, except for the red apron tied around his waist, Wes was nude. As her eyebrows crawled into her bangs, Buffy noticed a neatly folded pile of clothes on the side of the counter consisting of Wesley's shirt and tie and shorts. His shoes and socks sat on the floor. There was no sign of his suit jacket and pants.

As she watched, Wes began to vigorously mix the ingredients in the bowl with a wooden spoon. As he stirred, his very own personal honeybuns jiggled with the force of his movements. Buffy noted somewhere in her shocked mind that they really didn't shake a lot. They were very firm. And round. And cute. He had a little mole shaped like a...

"Buffy? Good Lord!"

Giles walked up behind her. His hands closed on her shoulders and then dug in painfully when he saw Wesley.

Tilting her head back, Buffy sputtered, "Giles! I wasn't looking! Okay, I was because how can I miss that? I mean, oh, I don't know what I mean. I came in here and there he was. Naked. Making something. With flour."

Giving her shoulder a reassuring if somewhat absent-minded pat, Giles walked closer to their impromptu baker.

"Wesley," he said carefully, "what are you doing?"

"Mister Giles!" Wes beamed at him, and Giles realized that the man was still soused.

"What exactly are you doing?"

"I'm baking sugar cookies. My Auntie Meg taught me how when I was a lad."

"Yes, I see, but why did you remove your clothing?"

Sheepishly ducking his head, Wes admitted, "I'm a bit messy as you can see." Indeed, there was a lot of flour spilled on the cupboards and the floor and on the front of the little red apron. "I didn't want to get my suit dirty."

Giles remembered that the suit was rumpled and very dirty when Wesley arrived. He just nodded.

Xander came into the kitchen just then. "How's that dessert coming along? Anything I can help with like the eating part? Oh my God!" He stared open-mouthed at the younger Watcher, who was facing him. "Wes, have you got anything on under there?"

"Of course not," was the indignant answer.

"Of course not," Xander repeatedly silently, nodding his head. He exchanged looks with Buffy and Giles and then wandered back out.

Seconds later Anya and Willow came into the kitchen. Out in the living room, Spike was complaining loudly, "I want to see, too!" The girls stopped short in the doorway. Willow put her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles. Anya raised her eyebrows and appraised Wes carefully.

"Not bad," she pronounced folding her arms across her middle. "He's a little skinny, not muscular like Xander."

Buffy took a longer look at Wesley and found she agreed with the assessment. Wes had muscle tone but he was very lean. Kind of a Pierce Brosnan look, the way he appeared in the pool scene in 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. Wesley's chest was broader than she had expected -- not that she'd spent even a second speculating on what Wesley looked like nude.


Her eyes roamed up and down his frame again. Maybe she should have.

Then sanity returned and she remembered, vividly, what Giles looked like naked and realized there was no comparison. Her man was sexier by far. Though not as far as she would have thought. Flushing, Buffy turned away from staring at Wes and looked at Giles... who was staring at Wes.

Annoyed with both him and herself, she smacked him on the arm.


"Don't look!" she admonished.

"Me? What about you?"

"I couldn't help it..." she admitted. "He's cuter than he was before."

"Before he took his clothes off?" Giles seemed amused more than anything.

"Before, when he was my Watcher."

"If he'd been cute then would you have let him remain your Watcher?"

"'Course not. You will always be the Watcher for me. But Wes..." she trailed off helplessly.

"Yes. I see."

Suddenly an idea struck her. "Can we keep him, honey? Just for the weekend?"

Giles was somewhat hesitant. "He's a proud man, Buffy, when he's not groveling. He might not go for it."

They both turned to look at the naked man. He had finished mixing the cookie batter and poured it on the baking sheet. Now he was bent over the open oven door preparing to slide it inside.

Giles hissed. "Be careful, man! That door is hot. You might injure something vital."

"And we might want to make use of it later," Buffy said half under her breath. She helped Giles steer Wesley away from the potential hazard. Flicking her eyes away from the younger man's nearly hairless chest, she glanced across to her lover. He met her gaze and smiled at her.

"He needs to sleep it off first. He'll be no good to us in this condition."

"Upstairs then?"


Together they guided Wesley out of the kitchen while he gave them instructions for taking the cookies out of the oven in 20 minutes. As they trouped through the living room they passed Spike who stared speechlessly for a full minute before bursting into raucous laughter. Willow was still giggling. Xander was still disdainful and Anya was still silently appraising.

* * * * *

It was late when the others went home. Willow took Spike with her to her parents' home as they were away for the weekend. Anya and Xander were barely able to keep their hands off each other, muttering something about getting naked in the kitchen as they left.

Buffy and Giles climbed the stairs to the loft.

"Xander forgot one thing," Buffy said, comfortable and happy with her man's arm around her shoulders.

"What's that, love?"

"He doesn't have a kitchen in the basement of his folks' house."

Giles tightened his hold on her. "He and Anya have gotten quite good at improvising, I should imagine."

Reaching the top of the stairs, they stopped to look at Wesley sprawled in the bed. Asleep, his face smoothed out that perpetually snooty look he assumed when trying to be something he wasn't. Asleep, he looked peaceful and very attractive.

"Now what?" Buffy asked.

"He might sleep the night through."

"We could carry him downstairs to the couch," she suggested.

"I won't let him put us out of our bed. Let's shove him over to the far side. We'll deal with him when he wakes up."

"Deal with him how?" Buffy asked slyly.

"That more or less depends on him," Giles replied with a smirk.

* * * * *

Wesley woke up with an urgent need to make use of the bathroom. The room was dark and he was disoriented for a moment, unsure of where he was or how he had gotten there. Glancing around he was startled to see Giles and Buffy lying beside him, entwined in each other's arms. The sheet covered them from the waist down. They appeared to be bare from the waist up.

Then he realized he was completely naked. And he still needed to use the bathroom. Now.

Unable to find his clothes, and since there was nothing around with which to cover up, he made the best of it and eased out of bed. Once he was vertical, his head began to pound alarmingly. He stumbled down the stairs and found his way to the bathroom. After relieving himself -- realizing the true meaning of the term -- he located some aspirin for his headache and downed two of them.

Stifling a yawn, he thought maybe he could go back upstairs and return to bed, but knowing Giles and Buffy were up there -- Good Lord, together -- made him hesitate. There was always the couch and perhaps a blanket.

When he opened the door, he found Watcher and Slayer waiting for him. They wore robes, loosely tied, reminding him of his own nakedness. He started to back into the bathroom so he could get a towel, or close the door and die in there of old age, but Buffy got there first and held the door open. There was an exceedingly brief struggle with the door. Slayer strength won out.

"Don't be shy, Wesley," she told him.

He gulped. His headache had turned tail and run, and he was suddenly stone cold sober.

Buffy reached out and touched his cheek. With their eyes locked together, she let her hand trail down to his shoulder. Her fingers brushed over his chest like the silk bristles of a paintbrush. Waves of heat rushed to the surface of his skin. A full length body blush hit and knowing that he was blushing made his skin suffuse even more.

Buffy's eyes dropped. She smiled.

Wesley followed her gaze.

He was very erect down there.

His eyes snapped up to her face. She was still smiling, but not because she was laughing at him. Buffy was smiling like she wanted him.

Looking over her shoulder at Giles, Wesley saw a similar expression on his face.

Buffy took his hand and tugged gently until he put one foot in front of the other and followed her. They passed Giles who fell into step behind them. Buffy led them both up the stairs to the loft.


"Hush, Wes. This will be fun."

His voice quite deserted him at that point.

Feeling terribly self-conscious about his nudity, Wesley's nerve deserted him and he jumped into bed, pulling the sheets up over himself.

"Eager, isn't he?" Giles asked.

"Yup." Buffy leaped onto the bed, landing so that she was kneeling over Wesley. He let out a squeak of surprise. She stripped off her robe, letting it fall off her shoulders. "Baby?"

"Yes," Wesley responded, his gaze on Buffy's chest.

She giggled. "I meant Giles."

"Yes, luv?"

"Join us?"

"By all means," he untied the belt on his robe. It slithered down his arms to the floor and he climbed onto the bed to fit himself behind his girlfriend.

Buffy fell back into Giles' embrace. He slipped his arms around her waist, his hands flattening out to stroke her stomach and heading southward. Her eyes closed while she reached back and up. As her back arched and her breasts jutted forward, Wesley's erratic breathing caught in his throat.

Buffy's eyes opened. Giles paused in his exploration of her throat with his lips. They both looked at Wesley.

"M-may I join you?"

Releasing Buffy, Giles crawled around her to stretch out beside Wesley. Languidly, he hooked a finger under the sheets and lifted them up, drew them down and dropped them, exposing the long, lean body. Buffy got off Wes's legs and pulled the covers down to the bottom of the bed. She laid down on Wesley's other side.

Gently taking his face in her hands, Buffy brushed her lips against the younger Watcher's. When she stopped, his eyes were wide but much of his fear had gone. Giles reached over Wesley to caress Buffy's arm. When he leaned over, he deposited a kiss on Wesley's shoulder. The other man flinched in surprise, but then he lifted Giles' arm and kissed the bend of his elbow.

Giles smiled. "Thank you."

Wes met his gaze and smiled back. The fear was gone completely and in it's place was a new confidence.

"Buffy," Giles beckoned. "In between us?"

The Slayer crawled over Wesley, making as much contact as possible. Settling between her men, she sighed happily. Giles pressed up against her back and began stroking her smooth skin. Buffy took Wesley's hand and placed it on her breast, encouraging him to pet her. He did, taking liberties he wouldn't have dreamed of just a short while earlier.

Flipping over onto her back, Buffy enjoyed the attentions of the two men. Her hands got busy and she reached down past their waists, over their stomachs to catch their straining penises. Both settled willingly into her palms. With a look of determination, and in a feat of coordination, she slid her hands up one shaft and down the other. The men bucked against the stimulation.

Giles slipped his hand between her legs, dragging his fingers through the hair. Two fingers went further and slid inside her. Buffy lifted her legs and spread her knees to make it easier for him to get in there. Then Wesley placed his hand on top of Giles', fingers spread, seeking the same warmth. He found it and put one of his fingers into her passage, too. Buffy whimpered at the double stimulation and jerked her hips off the bed. She cried out, having her first orgasm of the night.

While she recovered, Giles drew Wesley closer, pulling him over top of Buffy, into his arms and kissed him full on the mouth. Wes allowed the other man's tongue to enter and stroked his alongside it. They enjoyed the act for a minute or so, then Giles sucked Wes's bottom lip into his mouth and released him.

Sliding down the bed until his head was lower than Wesley's hips, Giles lapped at the other's cock. He took his time licking the shaft from bottom to top. With one hand wrapped around it and pumping up and down, he took it fully into his mouth and sucked hard.

Crying out, Wes bucked his hips. Giles eased off and blew on the weeping tip. Just then, Buffy draped herself across Wesley's chest and began kissing him in earnest. Unable to see the source of the torment on his cock, Wesley moaned into Buffy's mouth. He was getting close to climaxing. Then Giles tightened his hold on the base, stopping the massive buildup.

He sat up.

"Don't stop!" Wesley pleaded.

Giles sat up. "Don't worry. There's more."

Buffy caught her lover's eye and, still straddling Wes, slid down his body until she was forced to raise up to get below his straining penis. Giles released Wes and let Buffy take over. She replaced her hands where Giles' were.


Giles fished one out of the bedside drawer. She took it and rolled it down over Wesley's long cock, then got up and positioned herself over it. She was so wet she simply slid down it, engulfing it with her heat. Wes shuddered at the sensation.

Giles brought out a second condom and dangled it in front of his love who was getting lost in the sensation of pumping up and down on her other lover.

Blue eyes flashed in gratitude at her boyfriend.

"Roll him over?" she asked.

"Roll him over," Giles agreed.

"Wesley. We need you to be on top -- for a minute, anyway."

Unquestioningly, he went with the flow and he and Buffy reversed positions. She ended up on her back again with Wes between her thighs. He quickly figured out where they were at and resumed thrusting into her. Buffy's legs came up and wrapped around his waist while her hands gripped the pillow under her head. She worked her hips in time with Wesley's efforts.

Meanwhile, Giles put on his condom and got up on his knees behind the other man. He leaned around and to the side, going for the ever handy drawer again. Producing a tube of lube, he squeezed some out onto his hands and tossed it aside. Reaching down, he put his hands between Wesley's cheeks. He found the anus and slipped two fingers in just past the opening.

The other man gasped at the intrusion then he pushed backwards.

"Do you like that?" Giles whispered in his ear.

"Ohh, yes. More, please?"

"Your wish..." leaving the phrase unfinished, Giles forced his fingers in further. Under Wes's moans and shouted encouragement, Giles held his cock so that the tip was at the opening, and he pushed it in. Wes yelled out and pushed back.

With Buffy holding him captive from the front and Giles wrapped around him from behind, Wesley had no choice but to enjoy himself. The three of them thrust together, their movements growing wilder with each passing moment. Somehow they found a matching rhythm and settled into it. Wesley was nearly overwhelmed by the stimulation from behind and the sensation of having his cock buried inside Buffy. It was like he was surrounded. Then he couldn't hold back any longer.

He closed his eyes, threw his head back against Giles' shoulder and gushed hot seed into the squirming girl under him. When he did, Buffy clamped around him and climaxed for the second time. Giles continued to pump for a moment or so then shuddered and Wes felt an incredible warmth fill him.

Buffy stopped moving and let her legs fall from Wes's sides. He followed them down, his flaccid cock slipping out of her, and he oozed out of Giles' embrace to lie by Buffy's side. Giles pretty much collapsed on top of both of them.

"Trash," Giles panted.

"I beg your pardon?" Wes was puzzled by the remark.

Giles smiled against the younger man's chest.

"Would one of you hand me the garbage bucket so I can dispose of this?" He indicated the soggy condom in his hand.

Giggling, Buffy held up the receptacle and reached for a tissue at the same time. Wrapping it in the tissue, Giles tossed his condom into the garbage. Wes did the same and they all three sprawled back on the bed in a comfortable tangle of limbs.

Stroking Wesley's forehead, Buffy asked, "Feeling better now about getting fired?"

His eyes closed, he replied, "Much better. Thank you."

Giles settled his head on Wesley's shoulder and closed his eyes as well, preparing to go to sleep. "Perhaps we can have some of your sugar cookies for a snack later."

Content, Wes said, "They are rather good. Auntie Meg always said so."

Giles met Buffy's eyes and smiled.

"Love you," she said.

Wesley's eyes popped open.

Buffy patted his cheek. "Go to sleep, Wes." She reached across him for Giles' hand. They settled into a three-way embrace and, eventually, they slept.