The Saint And The Sinner Series
Chapter One - Straight To Hell

written by Jae Kayelle

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Becoming Part 2 and onward.
Summary: What really happened in the mansion on Crawford Street and what happens further on.
Dedication: For Lyna.
Author's Notes: WARNING: Violent, nonconsensual sex between two males. Do not read any further if you do not like the idea of someone being used, abused and humiliated. Don't complain if you read it and don't like it.
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Angelus didn't want witnesses. He banished Drusilla and Spike to the other room and locked the door to keep them out. Surprisingly, although Dru protested being told to leave, Spike did not. Angelus wondered about that. He'd speak to Spike later.

First he wanted to spend a little time with the Watcher.

Giles was tied to the chair, hands bound behind him. Sweat beaded his forehead and soaked his shirt front and back. Right now his head lolled on his shoulders. He was very close to passing out from exhaustion.

The vampire stood over him, gazing down at the handsome face of the man he had once loved. No, that was the wimp, Angel, who had loved this human. Angelus loved no one. He lusted, he hungered, he took, and he destroyed. He loved no one. He did, however, find this man attractive enough to consider making him a slave.

"Let's see, what does one do with a slave?" he mused.

Giles jerked his head around, startled by the sound of Angelus speaking aloud for the first time in several minutes.

"I know. I'll do this." He swooped down on the unfortunate man and straddled his thighs, resting all of his weight on them. Giles made a noise but immediately repressed it. Taking Giles' head in his hands, Angelus twisted it up and leaned forward, capturing his warm, bitten lips with his own cold ones and sucking on them. The Watcher tried to resist. He managed to gain scant millimeters before the vampire tightened his hold and kissed him harder. Giles retaliated by keeping his mouth tightly closed. Angelus tried to force his way inside using just his tongue. No good. Giles clamped his lips together as if they were adhered with glue. Angelus moved his thumbs to the corners and shoved them inside, steadily and brutally, his nails scoring the gums underneath and drawing blood. Giles gave way out of self-preservation. It was that or the soft flesh would be ripped half way up his face.

Making good use of this concession, Angelus rammed his tongue inside and stuck it partway down Giles' throat. He didn't need to breathe so he held the man there for too long. Gagging sounds and frantic convulsions of Rupert's throat weren't enough to make him stop. The taste of blood under his tongue was like honey. He needed it, craved it. He kept up the assault until he was sure the human was going to expel the contents of his stomach. That made him stop. Some things were better off not pursuing. The human gasped for air and fought to control the heaving of his diaphragm.

Still sitting with Giles' thighs clamped between his, the heat seeping up into his groin, Angelus studied the face before him.

There was anger and hatred. No fear, though.

"Why not?"

"Why not what?" Giles countered through bruised and swollen lips.

"Why aren't you afraid of me? Do you think that your lover Angel -- that whipped, neutered pussycat -- will magically resurface and save you before the big bad vampire hurts you?"

The green eyes behind the smeared glasses stared steadily.

"Angel is dead."

Angelus blinked. Then he leapt up and paced away, his motions agitated, jerky. When he returned he slapped the open palm of his hand across Giles' face, rocking him back so hard the front legs of the chair lifted off the floor. The blow drew more blood. The demon stared fascinated as a small trickle descended from the corner of Rupert's mouth to his chin.

He went down on his knees before the Watcher and Giles showed his surprise. Angelus leaned forward, grabbing the long face in his hands again. His tongue slipped out and lapped at the precious fluid, licking and sucking ever so gently until all traces of blood were gone. Then he placed a light kiss on Giles' mouth and sat back on his heels.

Giles stared back at him. It was clear he was shaken by the unexpected gentleness the vampire had just shown him.

"Rupert," the apparition crooned softly.


Tilting his head and gazing back at him, Angelus abruptly pushed up from the balls of his feet until he was in Giles' face. "Wrong!" he shouted.

Giles flinched back, hurt and disappointment warring with hatred in his eyes. And, what was that? Just a smidgin of fear? At last!

"All right! Now we can boogie."

Angelus walked over to the table by the wall and selected one of the instruments laid out there. He returned and bent down to cut the ropes binding Giles' legs to the chair. When the legs flashed out, connecting with Angelus's shin, the vampire brandished his weapon, holding it close to the vulnerable flesh of the man's throat. It was a knife at least seven inches long. The finely honed edge resting against his carotid, Giles subsided immediately.

"Smart Watcher. I guess there's no such thing as a stupid one, is there? Otherwise you wouldn't get into Watcher School." Angelus squatted there, the blade pressing against skin. "Are you going to behave?"

A cautious nod.


The legs were freed. Angelus watched as the man flexed the muscles in his thighs.

"Nice." He put one hand on the long legs and ran it up and down slowly. On the upward sweep his thumb pressed into the inner thigh. The third time he did it he slipped his hand down so that it covered Giles' groin and lightly squeezed.

"Angel-wimp tells me you used to like it when he did this. You loved to feel his hands cupping your balls, stroking you through your pants."

Glancing up he saw that Giles had his head up and his gaze resolutely fixed on some distant spot that only he could see.

"Hey! Pay attention when I'm seducing you."

Slowly Giles lowered his eyes until they met the dark brown ones. They were colder than Angelus had ever seen them.

"Seduction implies gentle emotions. I feel nothing for you except revulsion." His lips twisted.

Moving swiftly, the vampire removed the Watcher's belt and opened his trousers. Curling his long fingers around the waistband, he yanked so hard the force of it lifted the man's hips and the pants and shorts were torn down his legs to his ankles before Giles could protest. Bare from the waist down, his shirt hanging open, Giles could not be in a more exposed and defenseless position and yet he continued to glare.

The reaction -- or non-reaction -- angered Angelus.

He delivered a vicious backhand. Then he dropped to his knees again, putting his face in Giles' crotch, and took the flaccid penis in his mouth. He sucked hard. The flesh remained limp. He swirled his tongue around the head then licked it from base to tip. Finally he used his free hand, the one not holding the knife point first into a tender abdomen, to fondle the testicles. At last the traitorous flesh began to respond.

It hardened swiftly under the assault. It pointed unerringly at its tormentor and begged for more.

A quiet grunt of despair left Giles' throat.

Letting the cock slip from his lips, Angelus looked up.

"Betrayed by little Rupert. And he's not all that little. That's one thing I will admit to enjoying when Angel was in control -- your size is impressive. I loved having you inside me, thrusting, pushing, and filling me. Oh, am I making you hot? Are you getting excited just thinking about it? I am. I'm so hard I'm going to burst through my pants. Look."

He leaned back enough so that, braced on the balls of his feet with his legs spread wide, pulling the cotton of the trousers taut, it was very obvious just how aroused he was. A sizable bulge strained at the restrictive clothing. When he saw that Giles was looking at him there, Angelus stroked himself with one hand. He clenched his teeth and shivered with pleasure.

"Ahhh. Yeah. Just like that."

The vampire's eyes closed partway.

The next thing he knew a foot struck out and just barely missed connecting with his genitals. The blow caught him on the inside of his thigh knocking him onto his butt. With a roar he surged to his feet, wrapped his arm around Giles' neck and just managed to stop himself from snapping it. Breathing hard to get himself back under control, remembering he needed information, he instead reached down and sliced through the ropes tying the man's arms. Then he grabbed Giles by the shirtfront and flung him face down on the floor, the Watcher's glasses flying off to land several feet away.

Following him down, Angelus quickly tied Giles' hands behind his back with the remnants of the rope and eased down the zipper of his own pants, freeing his distended erection. Using the hand still holding the knife to push down on Giles' back, the vampire rubbed his cock along the separation of ass cheeks. The organ wept fluid from the tip.

"Mess with me and you get it in the end, Watcher." He laughed at his own weak joke.

Then he pushed at the puckered opening and forced his way inside.

The channel was tight.

"Guess you haven't let another man near you since wimpboy."

The passage was an inferno surrounding Angelus's cold cock. The sensation left him momentarily speechless. He thrust in silence, swelling to complete fullness deep inside Giles.

The force of their bodies rocking together caused Giles' face to slide roughly back and forth against the stone floor, the abrasive action scraping his cheek raw. His eyes were shut tight against pain, against sight, against knowledge of what was happening to him. He shut out his memories of his life with Angel. He wanted none of it. It wasn't happening. It hadn't happened.

Angelus in his rage and great need didn't last long. He came as violently as the act prior to it. When at last the tremors stopped he pulled out and flipped Giles over onto his back. Blood stained his thighs.

"Look at this. I was going to finish you off but I see you don't need it." The Watcher's erection had wilted as soon as the madman entered him.

Green ice floated in those flinty eyes regarding Angelus as if he was a bug ready to be squashed underfoot.

The vampire caressed a warm cheek. "Brave man."

Then he pulled Giles' pants and underwear back up and zipped him closed.

A large part of Giles seethed inwardly with hatred, disgust and sorrow.

He held up well under Angelus's repeated attempts to get the needed information out of him. After all, what were a few bruises and cuts after what had already taken place? Blood ran down the inside of his arm under his sleeve and dripped off his fingers. Once again he was bound to that chair.

Giles' frozen heart was encased in steel by that point.

The only thing left to him that mattered was his dear Jenny. Of course Angelus and Drusilla used her against him.

The steel cracked. The ice shattered.

* * * * *

It was months before the rape that Giles last saw the man he loved. Even though he'd stood back and done nothing while Angel fell in love with Buffy, except pursue his own relationship with Jenny Calendar, he never stopped loving Angel. To stop loving him was tantamount to dying.

After the rape he hated himself.

* * * * *

It was months before Giles learned the whole story of what happened at the mansion after Xander got him out. Buffy finally told him and Willow that she had battled Angelus. She had kissed him as the spell Willow invoked restored her -- their -- Angel's soul and she had run him through with the sword, sending him to hell but saving the world once again.

Then she left the library. After a few minutes Willow left as well, heading for her next class.

When he was alone Giles walked into his office, removed his glasses and wept.


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