written by Jae Kayelle

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Giles and Angel have a midnight snack.
Feedback Author: Jae Kayelle
Author's Website: Infinite Diversity
Author's LJ: Debauch The Sloth

Hearing sounds in the kitchen, Angel walked in and found Giles sitting in the dark.

"What's wrong?"



He heard some swallowing sounds then his human lover got up, ran water into a glass and drank it.

"I said, nothing's wrong."

Angel caught the scent of something familiar. It was an aphrodisiac for him and Giles knew it.

"I get it. You lured me out here so you could have your way with me. Is that it?"

"Of course. Is it working so far?"

By way of answer, Angel stalked over and grabbed Giles by the hips, yanking him close. He kissed him thoroughly and released him, going back into the bedroom.

"Bring that with you."

Smiling like the proverbial cat about to swallow the cream, Giles followed his undead lover into their sanctuary.

* * * * *

They gave some thought to using an implement of some kind, maybe a spreader, but in the end, decided hands were best. Giles inserted one finger then thought better of it and used three instead. He wiggled them about and dug in deeper. He took Angel's penis in his other hand and slid it up and down, up and down.

Angel bucked his hips.

"Hurry! Get it on, quick!"

Giles knelt between his lover's legs and worked at his cock with both hands then leaned down and took it into his mouth.

"Turn around, Rupert. I want a taste, too."

Selflessly obeying, Giles walked on his knees so that he was poised over Angel's face. Soon cool hands surrounded his cock, too, and they laboured together, striving to reach ecstasy.

Thrusting up into Giles' mouth, Angel could smell the heady scent under his nose. It alone could send him over the edge.

Then it was just too much for him and all of his control vanished. He came in Giles' mouth, taking his human with him. Giles wobbled and fell on the bed next to Angel, one leg draped over his chest. Lifting his head, Angel looked around at the stickiness covering the bedspread and both of them and complained, "What a mess."

"It was your idea, remember?"

"Next time remind me about the final result."

"Next time I want mine on toast." Giles dipped a clean finger into the peanut butter jar and then popped it into his mouth.