Never Kiss And Tell
written by Jae Kayelle

Rating: FRT
Spoilers: None indicated.
Pairing: Giles/Angel/Wesley
Summary: Some people are full of surprises.
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Author's Website: Infinite Diversity
Author's LJ: Debauch The Sloth

Angel looked up at the sound of someone descending the stairs into his apartment. Rupert Giles paused two steps from the bottom and stood looking back at him. Angel swallowed hard at the sight of his on-again, off-again lover.

Giles put one boot-encased foot on the next step down and was soon standing in front of Angel. The vampire kissed him on the lips in greeting.

"Rupert. It's good to see you."

"Cordelia told me you were down here." Giles loosely wound his arms around Angel's waist and dropped his hands to cup the firm round buttocks.

Angel nuzzled Rupert's neck saying, "She and Wesley are probably gossiping about us right now."

"I think Cordelia said something like, 'Oh yuck, you guys are at it again' and Wesley looked uncomfortable."

"He's jealous," Angel said matter-of-factly.

Giles laughed. "Oh really?"

"I'm serious. He wants me."

Quirking up one eyebrow Giles said, "You too?"


Giles released Angel and stepped back. "He and I had a sexual relationship last summer before he left Sunnydale to become a rogue demon hunter."

Angel shook his head. "He never told me. You never told me."

"Wesley doesn't like to kiss and tell. I respect that."

"Oh yeah?"

Giles nodded, "I spoke with another of his conquests - a professor of mythology at the University of Sunnydale. He said he and Wesley were lovers for about two weeks. I believe it was just after he arrived to become Faith's Watcher."

"Man," Angel was amazed, "you think you know someone."

"That's not all, Wesley also shagged half the waiters at the Demon Bistro."

"No way."

"Oh yes. He was a busy boy when he lived in Sunnydale. I heard that he was with two other men at the same time."

"A threesome?"

"I couldn't find out. Wesley inspires loyalty in his lovers and most don't want to share the details."

"Is he good?"

Giles suddenly acquired a wicked grin. "Very."

"Come on, details. Give."

Giles shook his head still smiling.

Angel gave up for the moment. "Do you think he'd go for a threesome with us?"

"We could ask him sometime."

"How about now?"

Both men turned. Wesley stood on the stairs. It was obvious he'd been listening to their conversation.

"You never did answer me when I asked you to be my lover, Angel," the young man stated.

"I, uh, thought it might make it awkward between us as co-workers."

Wesley merely stared, his blue eyes boring into the vampire.

"He is good," Giles reminded his present lover. "Say yes."

"Yes?" Angel said, the word ending on a questioning note.

"Try again, Angel," Wesley commanded. "If you want to know the answers you so crave you'd better try again."

Clearing his throat, Angel said, "Yes. I want to be your lover, Wes. Can Giles play too?"

Smiling at both of them, Wesley walked between them into the bedroom. He disappeared round the corner then stepped back into the doorway. "Coming?"

"Not yet," Giles whispered, "but we will be." He held out a hand to Angel.

Some things needed to be experienced rather than explained. Angel grasped Giles' hand and together they went to join Wesley in the bedroom.