Lick Me To Death
written by GylzGirl

Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Something Blue.
Summary: Giles takes a shower with rather unforseen consequences.
Thanks: Thanks to Brenda for beta rescue. Thanks you's to Meawan and Kazza.
Author's Notes: I know, bad wicked naughty Tricia for these thoughts that popped unbidden into my head during Something Blue.
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Author's Website: Anthony Head @ Midnight Lore

Spike sniffed back a tear as his television program went to commercial. As his manacled hands wiped his damp cheek, he sighed. "That Carly is such a slut! What's Jason going to do now? He really loves her, the poor wanker." Giles came into the bathroom, clad in only his robe. Spike looked up at him with tears welling in his eyes. "I can't believe Sonny would do that to him." Giles rolled his eyes as the vampire's lower lip trembled. He switched off the television set.

"Hey! The previews! I want to see if Felicia's going to get away!"

Giles unchained Spike from his bathtub plumbing. "It's time Spike."

The vampire scooted away from Giles. "Y-you're gonna kill me?"

"No, I'm going to take a shower, thank you very much."

He raised his eyebrow and grinned. "Well, I guess I'm going to get the big show after all, eh?"

"Alone, Spike."

He pouted. "Spoilsport."

Giles tugged on the chain until Spike stood in the tub. Then he hoisted him over his shoulder and carried him into the living room. Spike was upside down and eye-level with Giles' rear end. Now more than ever he regretted no longer being able to bite humans. It was bad enough when Buffy tempted him with her exquisite neck, and now he was being tormented with such fine meat.

Giles sat Spike down in the wooden chair that was reserved just for him. He tied him to the chair with the ropes that hung on it. As soon as he was securely bound, Giles removed the wrist and ankle shackles. Giles sat the chair up to his table and left the room to retrieve his television. When he returned, he set it on the table and turned it on. "There you go. I think that Jerry Springer chap you like is coming on. I'll be..." Giles trailed off. Spike obviously knew where he was going to be and Giles didn't like the way he was looking at him. He seemed...almost hungry. It was giving him the wiggins. He disappeared down the hall and shut the door behind him.

Spike sighed at the TV screen. It was true he used to enjoy that show, but now that he could no longer create such beautiful violence and mayhem, it just saddened him to watch. He was jealous. He couldn't even get into a simple elegant nose-crunching fistfight that any human schoolboy could manage on the playground. Spike sighed again, staring down the hall toward the bathroom.

That was some spell the other night. Here he'd been thinking of Giles like a father only two days before, and now he no more thought of Giles as a father than Buffy did. Why were the humans so blind?

Spike began to tap his feet in boredom, casting glances into the hall every few seconds. He was trying to decide if the idea that had just popped into his head was going to spare or cost him his life.

"Oh what the Hell!" Spike pushed the chair hard so that it landed back-first on the floor and splintered. He untangled himself from the broken wood and coiled ropes. He wanted some fun, and if he could give the Watcher a reason to keep him around after he spilled his guts about the military pillocks, then so much the better.

* * * * *

Giles shampooed his hair and sighed. Two days without a shower but with blindness, a vamp-crazy Slayer, and a maddening vampire roomate was more than he could take. As the warm sudsy water cascaded down his naked body, he wondered if he should be bathing in the water or trying to drown himself in it. Somebody really was going to have to take over Spike-sitting duties soon or he was sure he'd go insane.

He sighed and stepped directly under the showerhead, letting its steady pounding of water rinse the lather from his hair and slowly massage his scalp. Just that moment, he shivered as he felt a draft surround him. Giles assumed he must have accidentally pulled the shower curtain aside. He reached out to shut it, eyes closed under the waterfall. He got the surprise of his life in the form of being pushed gently against the back wall, nearly losing his balance as his calves hit the rim of the tub. Next, lips covered his own, kissing him breathless. A hand came to rest just below his belly button and Giles' eyes snapped open.

Spike grinned at him. He looked down and then just as quickly looked up. Correction, a naked Spike grinned at him.

"What the hell do you thin..."

He was silenced by another kiss. "Relax, Ducks." He nibbled on the Watcher's lower lip as he spoke. "I can't hurt you anymore, but I can do other things."

Spike kept Giles pinned to the wall with the one hand he rested firmly on his abdomen. Thevampire's other hand crept lower and slowly began to stroke the Watcher's cock.

Spike sank to his knees in the tub, keeping his eyes locked on Giles' the entire time. "Wha...what are you doing?"

He grinned and licked his lips, his massaging hand slowing to simply hold Giles' member as he brought his face closer to it. "You wanted me to lick you to death, remember? Thought I'd give it a go."

Any further thougths Giles might have had were swept away in the rush of blood that drained from his head to his cock as Spike's mouth enveloped him.

Spike took him fully in once, then removed his mouth and smiled up. "It really is a shame I've had to switch to little take-out packets of blood. You're more than meal enough." His mouth slid down the underside of Giles' shaft, causing his legs to shake.

Spike brought his hand under Giles' scrotum and began to massage it as he moved his lips to surround the tip, trapping it there as his tongue lapped lazily over the head. Giles reached for anything that would help him stay upright as he drew in ragged breaths, assaulted by sensation. He wound up with his hands gripping the curtain rod for dear life as the vampire beneath him began to piston his cock in and out of his wet inviting mouth.

Giles thrashed his head back and forth as the erotic pleasure tightened in his trembling limbs and stomach. Spike looked up at him and pulled slightly away. He smiled and gently squeezed Giles' balls. Giles stared down as Spike's mouth once more slipped over his tip. The blond vampire's prominent cheekbones accentuated even more as he sucked him as hard as he could. With a wild shout, Giles climaxed, expelling his essence in Spike's waiting mouth.

Spike eagerly licked him clean and placed soft kisses along his body as he stood once more. "Well, Watcher, things just got a bit more interesting. I think I've found an effective way to pay for my upkeep 'round here. After all, you held up pretty well there. If I'm going to lick you to death, we're going to have to do that quite a few more times. Don't you think?"

As Spike nuzzled his neck, Giles rolled his eyes and made a decision. Spike could definitely stay in his bathtub another week or two without any more complaints from him.