Have Yourself A Scooby Little Orgy
Chapter Two - Three For All
written by Gileswench & Fabrisse

Although she liked it better when the top was down, Willow Rosenberg had to admit that she just loved driving Gilesí new car. It had been a big surprise to both her and Xander to find that he had, as a matter of course, put them on his insurance. Mind you, it had been made very clear that neither Buffy nor Anya was to know this as Giles didnít trust either of them behind the wheel, even after they had licenses.

Right now, Giles was napping in the back seat and Tara was sitting beside her looking at the scenery.

"Wesleyís not coming until very late tonight at least and maybe not until tomorrow."

Tara looked at her, "Yes, but Riley will be joining us for the opera and weíd have to be fairly, um, open about it."

"Does that bother you?"

"A little, all of your friends look out for me because they love you. I donít want them thinking that Iíve corrupted you. I mean, well, other than the fact that weíre lovers." Tara smiled at Willow fondly.

"Then weíll ask another time."

"No, youíre right. This is the perfect opportunity."

"Tara, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, and I know that itís what you want too. And I think we should ask him as soon as we change drivers."

Giles spoke up, "Ask me now. Whatever you two are plotting, you obviously expect it to have an impact on me, and I donít want to deal with impact of any sort while driving."

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to know that you two are up to something, Willow. Spill it."

Giles watched the look that passed between them. He suspected that they were mildly telepathic with each other, an assumption that seemed confirmed when Tara began to speak.

"You um know that the Scooby girls had a slumber party last weekend?"

"I was flattered by an invitation."

"Well, er, in the midst of all the other slumber party type things, it came out that, um, most of us found you very attractive."

"I donít know what to say. Thank you?"

"It, it, um, it also came out that Iíve never been with a man and Willow and I discussed it and we think, um, that," Tara looked pleadingly at her lover.

"What we discussed was that youíd be sensitive and experienced. Since we both find you attractive, and since Wesley wonít be there tonight, we thought that you might like to..."

"Come to bed with us." Tara finished.

Giles swallowed hard; he really hadnít expect this invitation. "Iím very flattered but I donít think you entirely realize what youíre asking. Though Iíll tell you right now that the lad I was at 17 is shouting at me not to be a fool. Willow, this is our rest stop."

Willow pulled the car in to the usual place and turned to look at Giles. "When we used to research at the library together, I found you really handsome and all. But I knew that with you being the school librarianÖ and then there was Xander and Oz and now Tara. That doesnít change the fact that youíre the sexiest man I know."

Giles shifted his gaze to Tara, "Everything Iíve read has said that my first time with a man will probably hurt. Youíve met my family. You are the first man that Iíve ever trusted about anything. Not that I donít trust Xander and Riley, but itís not the same. Youíre a man in a way that theyíre not and youíre safe and really gentle and not attached at the moment. Most of all, I donít think that youíre shocked by the idea that I love Willow -- do you realize you were the only one of our friends who didnít make a big deal about us being together -- and might understand that I want Willow to be there with me. With us." It was the longest speech heíd ever heard Tara give about anything and she hadnít once hesitated or stammered.

Giles motioned to Willow to change seats with him. Once he was behind the wheel, he began the last of the drive into San Francisco. "It looks like weíll be at the hotel by two. Willow, would you check out the used book store across the street? Iíll give you some money, in case you find something for my library."

"Um, sure."

Tara turned in her seat and looked at her lover. "I think Giles wants some time to ask questions before he makes up his mind. His aura is perplexed."

He smiled. "I donít know how an aura can be perplexed but youíre right. Willow, Iíll send Tara to get you. I want to ask you a few questions too. Would an answer by three be all right?í

"Yes. Of course."

Giles glanced at Tara quickly as he changed lanes right. "You do understand," his voice was gentle, "Even if I say no, it wonít be because I donít want to." Taraís smile dazzled him.

* * * * *

Willow nearly jumped through the ceiling when she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned to see Tara and caught her breath. Most people wouldnít find Tara extraordinary, sheíd once heard Buffy refer to Tara as Ďmousyí, but every once in a while Tara just glowed and she became a true beauty. Her talk with Giles must have gone well.

"Iím getting coffee for all of us. You want a white chocolate mocha? Or will you walk on the wild side?"

Willow paid for her purchases and the one book sheíd found for Giles. "Um, the usual is fine. Same suite as always?"

"Yes, and donít worry, I donít think heíll bite." She waved as she walked up the street to the coffee shop. Willow crossed at the light and went up to the suite. Giles was sitting on the sofa reading. He looked up as she came in and patted the space to his left. Willow sat.

"Iím going to start by giving you the same advice I gave Tara. Never proposition someone you havenít kissed." His eyes danced as he looked at her. "Weíll get to the kissing part in a moment, though. I want to ask you something first. Did you consider the emotional consequences?"

Willow stared at her hands and then glanced at him. "I did wonder if I was talking Tara into something. I. Youíve been a. Fantasy. Of mine for awhile now. Even back when I was wondering if Xander would ever notice me or in my early days with Oz, I used to think about you sometimes. Just wondering what a kiss from you would be like, you know, do the British do it differently. And I know that Tara would do most anything for me, but I really think that itís more than that."

"She did mention that some of the tantric magics youíve been practicing would be stronger if a male partner were involved." Willow looked guilty as Giles cocked his eyebrow at her. "And weíll have that discussion another time." He cupped Willowís face in his hands and kissed her very gently. She didnít let it stay gentle though and kissed back with ardor.

When the kiss broke Giles began, "Well, thatís all right then. I didnít mean emotional consequences for you and Tara. Sheíd convinced me that even if you did lean on her a little, sheís perfectly capable of saying no to something that she doesnít want. Right now, she wants to know what itís like to make love with a man. And thatís fine. But Willow, I meant the emotional consequences for me. Do you think that once Iíve felt Tara surround me or tasted your quim that Iíll be able to sit next to you with a book and not *want* you or her or both? You especially. Others were somewhat hostile to me when I first arrived in Sunnydale, but you never were. You loved books and we talked. And you were there for me when Jenni died. Iíll never forget the sheer despair I felt when we thought that youíd been turned. Youíve been my friend for a long time. Will this risk that friendship beyond repair?"

"Giles, Tara is the person in my life. But you were, how do I say thisÖ Iíd always gotten along well with teachers, but you were the first one who treated me as an equal and not like I was precocious. Most students donít get that until college, if then. I guess Iím saying that I think weíre good enough friends that if consequences occur, we can deal with them. Maybe not without some pain, but without tearing each other to shreds. Youíre right. I did wonder if Tara might decide I wasnít enough for her once sheíd found out about the wonder of men. And she told me that she thought I might have suggested it because, well, I missed something that she could never give me. Weíve already worked through that. It was stupid of me not to realize that you and I had something to lose here too. Because you are a good friend."

Giles let out a breath he hadnít known he was holding. "One last question then. Iím not going to pretend that Iíve never shared my bed with two women before. However, Tara presents a new twist. Basically, Iíll need to pay a lot of attention to her so that, even if when she wakes up tomorrow she decides she hates men, she wonít hate me. I promise you that you wonít leave my bed unsatisfied, but will you help me to take care of her first?"

Willow pulled him into a kiss and grinned when it broke. "She should be here any minute so is there anything you want to know before she arrives."

Grinning right back at her, Giles said, "Well, there is one thing. Does an orgasm make her too sensitive to be touched right away or does it leave her wanting more?"

"Sensitive, but she can be kept on the brink for hours."

Giles nodded. "And you?"

Her smile became a little wry. "Tease me too long and Iíll take your arm off and beat you with it. But sometimes I just keep coming and coming."

"Thank you. Iíll be very happy to accept your kind invitation." With that he pulled her into their most intimate kiss yet.

They were still counting each otherís fillings when Tara came in with the coffees. One of the things she and Giles had talked about was jealousy, and she was a little surprised that she wasnít jealous at all. Envious of Willow, envious of Giles, and really turned on, but not jealous. As they broke their kiss Giles scooted Willow over on the sofa and held out his hand to Tara. She snuggled in under his right arm and kissed Willow over his chest. Then she reached up and kissed him.

Telepathy. That was certainly one explanation for the two of them undoing alternate buttons on his shirt and running their tongues against his nipples so perfectly. Hands were rubbing across his bare chest as he took turns kissing and nuzzling two soft and willing females. When he felt a hand start to undo his belt, though, he stopped it.

"Iíve asked the front desk to ring us at 5 p.m. or when Riley arrives. Iíd rather not be in the midst of something when he comes in." He then leaned over and whispered something in Taraís ear. She smiled and began to kiss Willow and undo her blouse. Giles concentrated on Willowís ear and neck and pulled her in for a kiss when Tara was done.

Tara pulled off her turtleneck and began mouthing Willowís breasts. Giles pulled her back to her side of him and leaned down to trap one of the nipples he could see straining through her bra. Tara closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. She could feel him smiling as he licked up her neck and back to her mouth. Willow pulled on his shoulder and he reversed the process beginning at her mouth, tracing her ear with his tongue, and suddenly suckling at one of her nipples. He was rewarded with a small groan and then found two women pushing him back into the sofa. Fingers entangled in his chest hair as both of them nibbled at his ears and licked and sucked at his neck. Tara moved her hand down to his thigh and began rubbing it.

"Tara, if you want to touch it, go ahead."

Willow looked at her lover and saw her embarrassment. Taking her hand Willow guided it over to Giles crotch [He must be glad heís wearing thick jeans] and then pressed Taraís hand down. Tara gasped and her eyes went wide as she felt Gilesí cock harden through the fabric under her palm; Willowís hand slid up a little way and she too pressed against him gently. [Heís quite, um, large]. He moved his hips to press against their hands and they could hear little noises coming from the back of his throat.

Giles had begun kissing Tara again, but Willow found that she enjoyed the sensation of her breasts being cupped by his free hand. Suddenly he stopped and very gently pulled their hands away from him. "I havenít had *that* kind of accident in years." His face reddened as he said it and for a moment they all just laughed. He slipped down to his knees and pulled the girls together on the couch. Kneeling in front of them he mouthed and stroked his way up their bodies, comparing tastes and textures. When he tugged a belt loop on Willowís jeans and brought the rough seam into contact with her clitoris, she moaned. Gently he pressed their breasts together and took both nipples into his mouth while Tara and Willow kissed each other. He stopped and watched them together for a moment, just appreciating the sight [He has the sweetest smile]. Two hands pressed him back to the task heíd chosen and he licked and mouthed and flicked their nipples and slid his fingers between their legs. Tara was damp through her thin silk trousers and Giles was rewarded by her pressing against his hand.

The phone rang. Giles looked at his watch; it was 4:45. "It must be Riley." Willow and Tara picked up their now lukewarm coffees and ran for the bedroom as Giles picked up the phone. "Yes, thank you. Heís on his way up?"

Giles was tucking in his shirt and beginning to rebutton it, when Tara poked her head out. "My shirt?" he saw one arm of it sticking out from between the sofa cushions. He tossed it to her and she shut the french doors as Rileyís key turned in the door.

"You know, your shirtís buttoned wrong."

"Buffy told me it was the latest style." Giles was sitting on the sofa sipping cold coffee and reading a book. "Wesley will be joining us either after the opera tonight or sometime tomorrow, so he and I will take the other bedroom and you can share a bathroom with us, if thatís all right."

Riley sat down in one of the armchairs. "Perfect. Itís not as if I havenít slept on the pull-out before. I really appreciate your inviting me to this. Who knew Iíd like opera?"

"Iím glad to have you along. Willow and Tara are already in their room primping. If you want to shower, Iíd prefer that you do it now. Iíll take mine a little later."

"Sure, no problem." Riley collected his things and started toward the other door. "Um, Giles, are there supposed to be two beds in the extra bedroom?"

Giles met his eyes. "No."

Riley swallowed any comments he may have had and just nodded. "Then thatís all right." He walked through the door. Giles grinned to himself [that young man has promise].

* * * * *

Tara and Willow were the first to enter the suite after the opera. It was a new piece and very interesting, but none of the group had enjoyed it as much as the more traditional works. Willow went to the phone and dialed room service. She asked for two large pots of tea and then settled into one of the armchairs; Tara was on the sofa near her holding Willowís hand.

Riley had hung up the ladiesí wraps and gotten himself a scotch from the mini-bar. "Want something Giles?"

"No, I think the tea is for me." Giles was pacing behind the sofa.

Riley sat in the other armchair and began to talk about current events with Giles. When room service arrived with the tea, Willow asked them to leave it in the bedroom. She picked up her purse and wandered into the other room. Tara followed her and took Gilesí hand to lead him to their bedroom. Riley saw Tara embrace Giles through the open doorway.

Willow poked her head back out. "If Wesley comes in tonight, please tell him a) where Giles is and b) that heís welcome to knock on the door to say hello." She quietly shut the door behind her.

Riley knocked back his scotch and went to get another. [Damn, where did I put the earplugs.]

Willow saw two hands reaching out to her. She kissed Giles then Tara and Giles pushed them into an embrace while he took off his jacket, vest, shoes, and socks. Then he pulled Willow away from Tara and embraced the redhead running his hands over the soft blue velvet of her strapless dress. He felt Tara undo his cufflinks and Willow unbutton his shirt. Taking her hand in his, Giles nibbled at her palm and licked up to her neck. He unzipped her dress and with a last kiss stepped away from her and shrugged off his shirt. Her dress fell to the floor. She looked magnificent in high-heels, panties, and a smile.

Bare chested Giles pulled Tara to him and let her hair tumble down from its tight french twist. He teased her mouth with his tongue. Her pink silk dress had what felt like hundreds of tiny little buttons all the way up the back. As he nibbled at her neck and started to unbutton her, more nimble fingers pushed his out of the way. Willow mouthed the word "Concentrate" and unbuttoned the dress. Giles felt Taraís hands smoothing over his back and slid his hands under her buttocks to pull her closer. When he felt Willow finish the last of the buttons, Giles slipped his hands inside Taraís dress. His fingers teased the dimple at the base of her spine, his tongue suckled at hers.

Tara broke the embrace and stepped away from him. Slowly and deliberately she pushed the thin straps off her shoulders without breaking eye contact with Giles. The dress slipped to the floor. His mouth went dry when he saw her naked. Full ripe breasts with raspberry nipples pointing straight at him, a soft belly and a rounded behind. He knelt in front of her and captured first one nipple and then the other in his mouth. He kneaded her buttocks with his hands, and, when he heard Taraís breathing begin to quicken, flicked his tongue into her bush. Willow helped get her to the bed when her knees began to buckle.

"I like watching you kiss her, Willow."

Willow obliged him and felt Giles tug her panties off before rifling her hidden treasures with his mouth.

Tara looked at Willow through half closed eyes, "You know *weíre* naked." They both turned and glared at a grinning Giles.

"I was operating on the assumption that Tara had never seen a naked man before." He stood, unzipped himself, stepped out of his trousers.

Willow was the first to recover her voice. "Impressive." Tara just kept staring.

Giles crawled between them and lay flat on his back. He pulled both of them to his chest. "Iím not going anywhere." He kissed Taraís forehead. "Explore all you like, and if you decide you donít want to, well, there are other ways for a man and a woman to please each other. Or you two can kick me out altogether, all right?" Tara nodded, then bent to him for a deep kiss.

When it broke she grinned at him, "If I can find my pith helmet, Iím going exploring."

Willowís smile almost split her face, "May I join the expedition?"

Tara ran her fingertips very lightly up the ridge of his cock and fluttered her fingers around the head. Giles grabbed her hand. "Most men tend to prefer a firmer touch."

"Iím sorry."

"Donít be. Besides it tells me that you prefer to be touched like thisÖ" he slipped two fingers delicately over her mound and heard her breath catch in her throat, "While Willow prefers something like this." His other hand claimed Willow with a firmer touch.

Willow flooded his hand and said, "Oooh, yes."

"Why do men like it harder, er, firmer, um, you know what I mean"

"I canít answer for all men, but I suppose because itís difficult to feel like a stud when youíre giggling like a six year old." Taraís grip had become firmer and she was gently sliding his foreskin back. Giles leaned back and relaxed.

Willow came down off her cloud and helped. Tara turned to her, "Did Oz Ö Was he this big."

Giles spoke up, "Bedroom etiquetteÖ donít discuss other menís dimensions in front of the current man. On the other hand, I must admit my curiosity is piqued." He quirked an eyebrow at Willow.

"He was nowhere near as long, but a little bit thicker." She claimed a kiss from him, then with a wicked grin, "What about Wesley?"

"He is also uncircumcised, about an inch longer than I am, but, as he is a slimmer man in other ways, he also has a slimmer cock." Tara feathered her free hand over his sac and leaned over and sniffed his scent. Then, experimentally, she ran her tongue up his length. "Oh my, that feelsÖ"

When he pulled Tara up to him and claimed her mouth, he was met with passion. He slipped his other arm from around Willowís shoulders. Before turning to concentrate on Tara, Giles looked Willow in the eye, "Are you certain about this?" At Willowís nod he added, "May I make love to your girlfriend?" She kissed his lips quickly and then pushed him toward Tara. Of Tara he asked, "Would you like to make love with me?" Her response was immediate and enthusiastic.

Giles brushed his hands down her body and slipped two fingers inside her. She was oozing soft liquid and he longed to bury himself in her. Her firm breasts and rigid nipples rubbing against his chest were driving him wild. He felt Willow slide a condom on him and then push his hand out of the way. She guided him to Taraís entrance and he pushed gently until he felt the barrier.

"Tara, are you certain?" He brushed a few loose tendrils from around her face. At her nod Giles pushed into her and buried himself to the hilt. Raining gentle kisses on her face and neck he remained otherwise unmoving until he felt her relax underneath him. "Willow, give me your hand." He placed her hand on Taraís belly. Her eyes widened as she felt him begin to move inside her lover. His strokes were slow at first; he didnít even try to establish a rhythm, just let Tara get used to this new sensation. When he felt her begin to push up against him, he lengthened his motions and found her rhythm. Sweat formed on Taraís face and Giles nipped at her neck and plundered her mouth with his tongue. They moved well together and the movements were gaining momentum. Their eyes locked for a few seconds and then Tara pulled him down and bit deep into his shoulder. Giles felt her arch under him and tighten around him, Willow climbed onto his back and rubbed her wetness against his buttocks. Tara had a look of absolute wonderment on her face and then, as her world exploded, she cried out, "Giles!" He pushed deep into her and her name echoed through the room too.

"Giles, what happened to her?"

"She fainted. Sheíll come Ďround in a minute."

"Fainted. You donít seem surprised."

"I was 25 before I knew that fainting wasnít a common side-effect of a female orgasm."

Willow kissed him, teasing his mouth with her tongue. "Think youíll make me faint."

"I donít know, but after a long cuddle and a cup of that tea. Iíd like to try."

Tara stirred. There was wonder in her voice. "Giles?"

"Yes, Tara."

"Thank you."

"The pleasure was mine." Giles slid himself out of her very gently. Willow took care of the detritus and went to pour tea for them all, while Giles held Tara close in a long afterglow.

Willow cuddled under the bedclothes with them. Every once in a while Tara would gasp as another aftershock went through her. Then, for a little while, they all fell asleep.

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