Have Yourself A Scooby Little Orgy
Chapter Three - The Fourth Musketeer
written by Gileswench & Fabrisse

[Damned earplugs. It's not like I wanted to listen. And bad enough that I find out about Giles and Wesley, just sort of in passing. What's up with that? I'd no idea Giles was gay or if he's with Willow and Tara… Nope, better not to think about that. But all the moaning and gasping from the bedroom… Worse, the laughter. I can't remember the last time Buffy and I laughed together in bed, just from the sheer joy and the sheer silliness of sex. Did we ever? I've heard Willow and Tara whispering and giggling, but to hear Giles sweet, I mean deep, laughter with it. Lord, I wish that Buffy and I could just -- the sex is terrific, I love her -- but, Lord, why can't we laugh like that?] Riley pulled the extra pillow over his ears again and tried to press out the sounds of joy coming from the bedroom and, having succeeded, finally fell asleep.

Wesley was very quiet as he undressed. He'd thought Giles had gotten the second bedroom this weekend, but apparently not because there he was in the pull-out. Well, at least he could snuggle in beside Giles. Very gently he sat on the bed and pulled the covers over himself. Wesley warmed his hands for a few moments before lightly running them over the thighs in front of him. He kissed up the waiting spine to the nape of the neck just as his hand closed over a thick hard cock. That wasn't at all the right shape.

"Buffy?" Riley's eyes opened to the most wonderful sensation playing up his back and hands massaging his thighs. He groaned lazily and pushed back against his lover. Who had a five o'clock shadow. And an erection. Oh dear. As the realization dawned over Riley, he heard Wesley's voice apologizing right against his ear and felt his cock twitch and stiffen farther.

"Riley, I'm not Buffy and I really thought you were Giles…" Wesley wanted to move his hands, but the warm cock between them was growing more aroused. Oh dear. Quietly, "Riley, I haven't been called a tease in a very long time. If you want me to finish what I started, I will."

Riley tried to process this; what it would feel like to be with a man, but he just, "No. I mean. Thank you, but Buffy…"

Wesley removed his hands very gently, and finished the sentence, "Buffy is your lover and you're trying to remain faithful. Of course, I understand." He kissed Riley on the cheek. "I'd best go join Giles in our room. I *am* sorry to have done this." He crawled out of bed and gingerly pulled his riding leathers back on over his erection.

"Wesley, Willow asked me to give you a message if you came in tonight. Giles is in with her and Tara. You are welcome to knock on the door and say hello, if you want to." Even in the dim light, Riley could see a range of emotions play over Wesley's face. [He really has beautiful eyes. I did not just think that about another man.]

"Thank you." He motioned to the extra pillow. "I take it you couldn't find the earplugs?" He dug a set out of his ditty bag and passed them to Riley. Then he went to knock on the bedroom door.

Wesley leaned against the doorframe for a minute after entering, just appreciating the sight of Giles fondling and nuzzling Willow while Tara kissed her. It was Tara who saw him first. "Giles, take over for me." Wesley suddenly found his arms full of naked woman. He remembered a quote from Heinlein about how much skin a small woman can have, and found himself pulled into a very enthusiastic kiss.

"Just paying my respects. I can see that you're busy."

Tara took his hand and led him to the emptier side of the bed. "We talked about it earlier, that if you came tonight, you could join us. I mean if you want to." Tara kissed him again very gently, "I hope you want to."

"Then let me greet the others." He got Giles out of the way by blowing in his ear and leaned in to kiss Willow. "Are you certain that this is all right."

"Giles is my fantasy; I think you may be Tara's. Besides, he promised I wouldn't leave his bed unsatisfied; I plan to make him work for it." Wesley gave her a wicked grin and said, "Good idea, he can be very lazy," and laughed and kissed her, then he turned and kissed Giles with all his usual passion.

"Y'know Will, I think I see why Giles likes to watch us kissing."

"It *is* very satisfying somehow."

As they broke Giles whispered in his ear, "Be gentle with Tara, tonight was her first time and she may be a little tender." Wesley looked him straight in the eye and nodded.

"Now then Tara, how shall we occupy ourselves."

She'd been running her hands over his leather clad thighs; now she reached a little higher to unzip him. Wesley stopped her and pulled her into a gentle kiss. Then, laying her underneath him Wesley slowly kissed down her throat and mouthed his way across her breasts licking and sucking at them but avoiding Tara's ripe nipples until she begged him to suck them. He ran the flat blade of his tongue around first one and then the other, finally capturing one in his mouth and sucking so gently it felt like a butterfly's wing.

Tara moaned as Wesley slid further down her body, licking and nibbling at every inch, until finally he parted her nether lips with his tongue. He took his time licking her slowly, pausing every now and then to sink his tongue inside her. Tara tried to move across his mouth to make him go faster and harder, but Wesley locked his arms around her thighs and continued to lick and suck at her as if they had eternity.

When he felt her relax underneath him, Wesley slid a finger into her and pressed against a very sensitive spot. He heard Tara's breath catching in the back of her throat deepening into moans. Beside him Willow was making very happy noises and he could hear Giles' deep chuckle as he discovered some new reaction in the redhead.

Tara grabbed the top of his head and looked him in the eyes, "I want -- more? Right now."

Wesley released his hold and after kissing her clitoris fondly, slid off the end of the bed. He removed his trousers and snuggled in beside her. They shared a long kiss. "Whatever you want, love."

Tara looked at the couple beside them puzzled. "Willow, if you can ride Giles like that, I don't see why you can't ride a horse."

Giles pulled Willow down to his chest as they collapsed in laughter. Wesley, too was laughing as he brushed the hair from her face and kissed her repeatedly. "There are advantages to what they're doing. You control the friction and the depth." He tongued her ear and breathed into it, "Would you like to ride me?"

At her nod, Wesley slid under her. For the first time, Tara saw his cock and she stroked it gently, "Feels like velvet."

Wesley showed her how to put on a condom and held himself still for her. Willow saw her confusion and showed her how to guide him into herself. Wesley drank in the look of wonder on her face as Tara slid onto him fitting herself to him. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest, locked eyes with him and began to move. Wesley wanted to thrust into her but held himself back as she engulfed him again and again.

Propping himself on his elbows, he flicked his tongue against her nipples. Wesley felt Giles hand underneath his and they interlaced fingers. Willow and Tara were both galloping towards satisfaction and he could feel Tara tightening around him. Willow's scream of ecstasy, set off Tara's orgasm and Wesley lost all control as he cried out Tara's name. Spurting into her as wave after wave after wave rolled over them both, Wesley noticed that Willow and Tara were also holding hands.

Long kisses and lots of cuddling later, Giles said, "I'm very sorry but there are far too many elbows in this bed."

Wesley slid out of bed and kissed each of them in turn. "I'll head for the other room then. I'm certain you ladies have further plans for Giles tonight."

Willow and Tara locked eyes for a moment. As Wesley reached the door, he heard Tara call out his name and once again found his arms full of willing woman. "Can I come?"

"Again?" Wesley's grin belied the question. He slid his hands under her buttocks and said, "Jump up." With her legs wrapped around him, they kissed their way to the other bedroom. Wesley bent his knees at the end table so that Tara could pick up his kit and then they closed the second bedroom door behind them.

Riley watched them through half closed lids. [I can't believe I just saw that. No, what I can't believe is that I have a cock like a rock and that I'm not certain whether it was from seeing Tara's ripe breasts or Wesley's gorgeous ass. Oh HELL.] He took himself in hand.

* * * * *

Riley woke the next morning when Willow crossed the living room to the other bedroom door. Her hair was wet and she was engulfed in one of the hotel bathrobes. "Sorry didn't mean to get you up." She knocked on the door and went through it. Riley felt a bit like Alice and the White Rabbit.

Giles entered similarly attired and noticed that Riley was awake. "May I?" Riley nodded as Giles sat on the edge of the bed. He quickly pulled the extra pillow over himself as he felt his cock harden. "Before I kicked Wesley out last night, we spoke, very briefly, about his mistake when he came in. I know that you're trying to work out your relationship with Buffy right now, but I want you to know that you're always welcome to knock on my door. For friendship and a compassionate ear, or if you like, for something more. And I'm sure that Wesley will make you a similar offer at some point in the next day or two." Giles leaned in closer, he noticed that Riley's eyes were half closed and brushed his lips against Riley's. Somehow he was less surprised than Riley was when the kiss deepened. "Don't hurt Buffy. Or Wesley for that matter. But I wanted you to know, either of us, both of us, we're here for you."

Giles smiled as he stood up, "Now then, would you mind calling room service and ordering breakfast for five? And ask if housekeeping can take care of the main bedroom and the living room. They won't need to look after the spare bedroom."

"Um, yeah sure."

"Thank you."

[Giles just kissed me. And I liked it. Well, that's one way to avoid going back to the military.] Riley picked up the phone to order breakfast.

Giles closed the door behind him. Wesley was pinned down and being licked all over by two recently showered females. "Giles, you are to be our demonstration model. The ladies have just asked me to instruct them in the finer points of fellatio."

"I'm honored." And Giles crawled into the bed beside them.

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