Have Yourself A Scooby Little Orgy
Chapter Four - Free For All
written by Gileswench & Fabrisse

Buffy sat up in bed with a start. Throwing on a robe, she padded downstairs and dialed the phone.


"Xander? It's Buffy. We have to get to San Francisco, and I mean now."

"Huh? Is this some kind of joke? 'Cause I'm not seeing the funny this early in the morning."

"Just get here as fast as you can and drive me to San Francisco. Something weird is happening and I have to make sure Giles and Will and Tara are okay."

"Um, Buff? Isn't Riley there too?"

"Didn't I say Riley? Well, him too. Just get here."

She slammed down the phone and ran to get dressed.

* * * * *

Cordelia massaged her sore forehead as Gunn drove them to San Francisco.

"You feeling any better?"

"I hate these damn visions! It's like I have a jackhammer and a herd of tapdancing elephants in my head."

"So you ever gonna tell me what you saw that has me dragging your skinny ass to 'Frisco? 'Cause I'm telling you I don't appreciate being hauled off on some shopping spree when my people are being threatened."

"I told you. I sent Angel to take care of your demon while we see what danger Wesley's in, and he'll join us after. It's important or the PTB wouldn't have sent us."

"Yeah, Wesley's real important. You know, I just love your sense of humor. All I can say is, I better get to whup me some demon ass on this trip"

"Don't be so grouchy. If this vision was right, you'll be seeing plenty of action real soon."

* * * * *

"You're bringing Anya?"

Xander grinned sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders.

"She said I couldn't go on a road trip alone with another girl."

The former demon glared at Buffy.

"You can't have Xander."

"I don't WANT Xander! I just want to get going and make sure the gang's okay."

"So what are we up against, Buff? How much weaponry should we pack?"

"I don't know, and I don't know." She lifted an alarmingly full weapons bag into the car. "I had a prophecy dream. And remind me never to have one of those after eating pizza again 'cause this was, hands down, the strangest I've ever had. All I know is Giles and Will are in danger and we've got to save them."

There was no way she was going to mention the fact that in her dream Giles and Willow had held their hands out to her in a pleading manner and both were dressed in wedding gowns, as were Tara, Wesley, Cordelia, and a tall young black man she'd never met. Nor did she care to mention the fact that Riley and Angel were both there, off to the side, dressed as bridesmaids. That had to be the pizza.

* * * * *

Riley sat listening to the embarrassing moans, groans, and fits of giggles emanating from the spare bedroom. After breakfast, the four had retreated back behind closed doors, taking the leftover jam and a fruit basket with them. He was alarmed at how much that had excited him. Food was for the table, not sex. Wasn't it?

He was also somewhat concerned that while both men had now propositioned him, neither girl had. They were obviously enjoying the attentions of the two Watchers, so it wasn't that they didn't like men. So what was it?

His reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door. Finally. Housekeeping would take care of the mess, and the noise of the vacuum would drown out the oddly titillating sounds from the next room.

He opened the door to find a short brunette and a tall black man, neither of whom wore a hotel uniform.

"You're not Housekeeping, are you?"

The girl eyed Riley suspiciously.

"Where's Wesley? What have you done with him?"

"I - I - nothing. It was a mistake! I thought he was someone else, okay! And... that's not what you meant. He's in there."

Riley pointed to the spare room.

"Oh God; he's moaning! He's hurt!"

Cordelia ran to the door and froze at the sight before her.

Giles knelt on the floor between Willow's spread thighs, lapping enthusiastically at her pussy, while Wesley was imbedded from behind in a girl Cordelia didn't recognize.

It took Cordelia a moment to process what was going on: Wesley was actually getting laid. She couldn't hold back a gasp of surprise.

Being a gentleman, Wesley made the introductions.

"Cordelia, this is Tara McClay. Tara, Cordelia Chase, an associate of mine."

* * * * *

Gunn understood the noises before Cordelia did. He also noticed that the young man before him had a fairly impressive hard-on he was trying to hide. He decided this warranted further investigation.

He approached the floppy-haired soldier with a smile.

"No need to be shy, brother. Name's Gunn. Charles Gunn. What's yours?"

"Finn." He swallowed hard. "Riley Finn." Being polite, he held out his hand to Gunn.

Gunn took the proffered hand, but didn't shake it. Instead, he ran his thumb over the palm and pulled Riley closer, snaking his free arm around Riley's back. Rolling his hips firmly against the Iowan's growing erection, Gunn moved in for the kiss.

He nibbled at Riley's lips until an involuntary groan told him he could up the ante. Thrusting his tongue between Riley's lips, he was pleased when he felt an answering tongue.

Suddenly the door swung open with such force it almost came off its hinges. Buffy took up a battle stance, crossbow raised and at the ready. When she realized that Riley was kissing a man, Buffy dropped the crossbow. The bolt zinged across the room and into the opposite wall.

Riley looked up, startled.

"B-Buffy! It's not what it looks like..."

"Then what is it? And what's all that noise in the next room? Xander, Anya, go check it out, and take weapons with you."

The whelp and his demon lover followed instructions only to find an amazing sight before them. As Giles and Willow cuddled naked, feeding one another grapes, Wesley was now giving Cordelia the fucking of her young life while Tara nursed at the former cheerleaders breasts. Anya's eyes glazed over, the way they always did when she thought of sex.

"Xander, I want to have sex. Right now."

"I think I can help you with that, Honey."

They dropped the swords they'd been holding and moved into an enthusiastic clinch.

Gunn, meanwhile, decided he was not needed in the same room with Buffy and Riley. Besides, that other girl who'd just arrived looked pretty good. And her boyfriend was definitely a good thing.

Buffy glared at Riley for a minute as the young man shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"So were you ever planning to tell me you're gay?"

"I didn't know I was... I mean... I don't know if I am... I don't know what I mean. I just know I didn't mean for this to happen."

"Look, I don't have time for this right now. I have to get to Giles and Willow. We'll talk later."

The Slayer turned on her heel.

"Buffy wait!"

"Not now, Riley! Later."

Riley sat with a thump as she walked through the door.

* * * * *

Buffy was astonished at the sight that met her eyes. Wesley and Tara were reducing Cordelia to a puddle of pleasure on one side of the bed, while Giles and Willow looked on in enjoyment between lazy kisses and caresses from the other. In another corner of the room, Anya was now massaging Xander's erection she had just freed from his jeans, while Gunn kissed the back of her neck and fondled her breasts.

At her startled gasp, Giles looked up.

"Buffy? Are you alright?"

He stood and moved toward her instinctively.

"Oh my God, Giles; you're naked! And huge." Buffy swallowed hard. She couldn't tear her eyes from his penis until she realized Willow was with her too, taking her hand.

"Come on, Buff. Join us. It'll be good, I promise."

Buffy looked to Giles for guidance. A gentle smile played over his lips as he took her other hand. "It's up to you, Buffy" he told her, his free hand caressing her cheek. "But I feel pretty sure there's more than one person in this room who would like to make love with you." He glanced at Willow with some humor.

Tilting Buffy's face toward his own, Giles brushed his lips gently over her cheeks, her eyelids, and her forehead before softly capturing her lips. He met with no resistance. Nor did Willow when she moved her arms around her friends' waist and began lavishing wet kisses along her throat from behind.

The pair led Buffy to the bed and undressed her, working as a team while the blonde gave herself over to their ministrations. She let the two take turns plundering her mouth with their tongues, reveling in the different tastes and textures. She'd never thought seriously about kissing another girl before, but if this was what it was like, she decided she wanted to do it often.

By the time Willow began pinching her erect nipples with her soft fingers Buffy was squirming in delight. The redhead laid her friend down on the bed with her head in Giles' lap, and began to suckle at the tiny pink buds as the Watcher stroked Buffy's hair and held her hand.

"What about you?" She asked him between sighs and moans.

"I'm your Watcher. This is my job. Besides, my turn will come later."

Buffy giggled as she felt Giles' cock twitch at his words.

Soon Willow was working her way down Buffy's belly, licking and nipping at the soft skin she found there. By the time the witch reached the juncture of her friends' thighs, Buffy was thrusting her hips automatically seeking relief. She was rewarded with a soft, pointed tongue digging into the complicated folds of her womanhood. Willow flickered her tongue across Buffy's clit, thrilled when the girl cried out in orgasm almost immediately.

She continued her ministrations until Buffy had come three more times, finally stopping only when begged to. Then the two girls kissed deeply, hungrily, as Giles caressed them both.

Willow pulled herself up to kiss Giles "I'm gonna go see Tara a while. You two have fun without me."

"I believe we can manage that." he told her.

Giles pulled Buffy to him and kissed her gently but thoroughly. He was delighted by her eager response.

"So why have you been sitting on the bench all this time, Giles?"

"Not so much sitting on the bench as in recovery. Wesley was giving a tutorial in fellatio to Willow and Tara this morning and I was the demonstration model. I'm not as young as I used to be and it takes me a bit of time to spring back after three climaxes."

Buffy gaped in astonishment.

"You've gotten off three times since breakfast and you're ready to go again? So that's what a stevedore is. Sure you're up to it?" She teased him with her lips at his throat as well as with her words.

Taking hold of her hand, he guided it to his nearly bursting erection. "Oh I'm up to it, love" he nuzzled in her ear. "And as for stevedores, I'll be happy to demonstrate exactly what they're like."

Giles handed Buffy a condom packet as they laughed at their own jokes. Without hesitation, she sheathed him in the latex, and then in herself. Buffy held herself still a moment looking thoughtful.

"What are you thinking, Buffy love?"

"I was just thinking I've never laughed while I was, y'know, doing this before. What do you think it means that I'm laughing now?"

"It means you've never done it properly before. Good sex is a joyful thing, and joy is best expressed in laughter. Besides which, it's a damn silly looking operation"

With that they fell into fits of laughter combined with sighs and moans of pleasure as they fell into a rhythm.

* * * * *

Across the room, Anya knelt between Xander and Gunn, licking and sucking their cocks in turn, always stroking the one that was not in her hot mouth. Xander became a little nervous when Gunn leaned across and kissed him, but curiosity combined with a sexual haze won out over fear. Soon the two were devouring one anothers' tongues across Anya.

The new sensations were overwhelming to Xander. While he'd recognized the impulse before, he'd always fought down any hint of attraction to men. Now he was finally trying it, and it felt wonderfully right. Just as right as it did when he made love to Anya. Plus there was the added bonus that she seemed to like sharing two men, while she had considered the idea of a second woman threatening.

Still, there wasn't time to ponder the meaning of the experience because his prick was throbbing, gushing out torrents of sperm into his girlfriends' mouth, and he could feel Gunn doing the same.

Then all three lay on the floor, touching, kissing, fondling each other. Both men tasted their seed as they licked the droplets from Anya's chin and cheeks. When Anya handed Gunn a condom and pulled herself to her knees in front of him, Xander laid himself back and offered his re-hardening cock to her mouth.

* * * * *

Wesley pulled back, exhausted, and removed yet another condom. He laughed quietly to himself as he imagined the reaction Housekeeping would have when they came to do up the suite.

And Cordelia; if he'd had any idea of the fires she held within when they first met in Sunnydale, he'd never have let her go with only one kiss. She'd been a tigress with him, and was now moving on to a most delectable threesome with the two witches. It was a delightful sight to him, watching three beautiful women mold themselves together, exploring with lips and tongues and fingers the myriad treasures each possessed.

His reverie was broken by Giles' voice.

"Wesley, love, would you come over here?"

He immediately slid across the quilt to his lover only to find him buried to the hilt in Buffy, who was hiding her face in Giles' broad chest.

"What is it?" Wesley asked, kissing Giles gently on the lips.

"Buffy has just made a rather surprising confession to me."

"Giiiiles!" came a muffled protest between giggles.

The older man slid a hand over the Slayer's rump.

"I've just been informed that nobody has ever tried out this delectable little arse of Buffy's, and she would like that situation rectified."

"Yeah, and my Watcher-man says he won't do it. Y'know, you're supposed to teach me stuff." She teased him mercilessly, poking him in the ribs she'd just discovered were ticklish.

"Much as I would love to, Buffy, I have your best interests at heart. I'd probably hurt you, and I don't want to do that. Besides which, I'm very comfortable where I am."

"Ah, I begin to see where this is going. Buffy, would you like me to do the honors?"

The girl looked at him seriously, blushing all the while.

"Giles said you'd be the best one. Look, I know I was awful to you back in Sunnydale, and you probably still hate me..."

"No, Buffy. I don't hate you. I couldn't." Wesley silenced the protests he knew were coming with a brief kiss. "Would you like me to do this for you?"

"Would you, Wesley?"

"With the greatest of pleasure." He kissed her more passionately, pleasantly surprised when he felt her tongue request entrance to his mouth. When she retreated, he bent down to kiss Giles with equal fervor.

Giles caressed his lovers' cheek. "You'll take good care of my girl, Wesley." It was half an assurance, half a warning.

"The very best."

With that, Wesley moved behind Buffy. She expected him to start touching her ass right away, but he surprised her by brushing her hair aside and kissing the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. As Giles kissed her deeply and pumped into her from the front, Wesley used his lips to make an erotic journey down her back. He took his time, occasionally retracing his path to the places that made her gasp or moan softly.

When he reached the small of her back, Wesley carefully avoided Buffy's buttocks in favor of kissing and caressing her thighs. While he was in the neighborhood, he nuzzled Giles scrotum as well, earning him a deep groan of pleasure.

Finally, Wesley took hold of Buffy's hips and began to softly kiss her ass cheeks in turn. Each kiss brought him slightly closer to the cleft in between the firm globes. He could feel Buffy begin to tense slightly.

He left his spot reluctantly to lay beside her, stroking back her hair in a comforting gesture.

"It's alright, Buffy. I won't hurt you. And if you start to feel too uncomfortable at any time, just let me know and I'll stop a bit. Or even altogether, if that's what you want."

"It's okay. I guess I'm just sorta nervous, but I like it. Does that make me a total slut? If I like it with both of you?"

"Not at all, Buffy." Giles assured her. "Not if you're doing this out of love. There's a big difference between making love and just fucking, and I really don't think you could just fuck someone. I certainly know I'm making love with you. You're precious to me, Buffy. You know that, don't you?"

"I know you care, Giles. And I care about you, too. A lot more than I ever say. But what about you, Wesley? I was so awful to you. How can you..."

Wesley cut her off with a kiss.

"Let's just say that there was fault on both sides. And I've always found that make-up sex is particularly enjoyable."

"Y'know, I don't think this was what my Mom had in mind when she used to tell me to kiss and make up with people. Still, I was really bad, so I guess it's gonna take a lot of kisses to make up."

Her sly grin told both men her fears had been laid to rest. They kissed her passionately in turn as Giles resumed his thrusting.

Wesley returned to his position behind Buffy to continue his ministrations to her derriere. This time, he reached into his bag for a condom and some lubricant before getting underway and placed them close at hand so they would be ready as soon as he needed them.

After a series of tiny kisses, Wesley began to run his tongue along each rounded cheek, occasionally ducking his head to bestow a lick or a kiss to Giles' balls as well. Finally, he spread the girls' ass cheeks and applied his tongue directly to the puckered rosebud in between.

Buffy gasped at the unexpected sensation. When she opened her eyes, she saw Giles smiling up at her with an amused twinkle in his eye.

"I told you he was good."

They shared a full throated laugh which quickly turned into more moans on Buffy's part as Wesley began to lube her anus. The younger man placed one hand on Giles' hip to still him for a moment. Then he inserted one long, well greased finger into Buffy's rectum.

"Just try to relax, Buffy. And let me know if you want to stop."

Far from stopping him, Buffy pushed back eagerly, loving the feeling and wanting more.

Soon Wesley felt she was ready for it and snaked another finger into the tight passage before him. He opened her gently, probing for the spots that made her cry out with the pleasure of it all. The joyful sounds she made combined with the sight of his lovers' cock sliding in and out of her musky center made him hungry to ram into her with all the force at his command. He knew, however, that this was not the time for it. Giles was trusting him to make Buffy's first time good for her. He could be gentle too, and would be so that she would enjoy it. Perhaps there would be another chance, another time, to take her hard. To simply give in to the animal pleasure of a fierce rut with a warm and willing partner.

But now, Buffy was telling him with both words and movements that she was ready for him. He eased his fingers back, using them to hold her open when he pressed his cock to her back door. Slowly, he slid just the tip inside and stopped to let her accustom herself to the sensation.

Giles watched as Buffy's eyes grew wide with surprise, then half-closed as a smile spread across her features. A moment later, he felt his own features mimic hers as Wesley pushed slowly home.

"Oh God, Wesley, I can feel you. It's wonderful."

"I can feel you, too, Giles." He reached out a hand to his lover who took it, entwining their fingers as they joined into a rhythm making love to their Slayer.

Wesley felt the pinprick of gathering tears as they thrust in time and in Buffy. While he'd been enjoying the sex the weekend had resulted in, a part of him had worried that this was Giles' subtle way of saying he needed more than he could get from Wesley.

In particular, his heart had sunk a bit when he saw Giles begin to make love with Buffy. He'd been sent to Sunnydale to break their bond, after all, but he'd never come close to succeeding. The sight of the two kissing had reminded him of the days when they ganged up to taunt him and let him know just how much he wasn't wanted.

Now as the three rocked together, he realized that what was happening in that hotel room was not an end; not a rejection. It was final acceptance. There was no need to break the bond when he could join it.

He was finally a Scooby.

* * * * *

Three exhausted young women cuddled together in the aftermath of a furious daisy chain. The dark one blushed as she laughed.

"Who would ever have thought I'd end up doing it with Willow Rosenberg?!"

The redhead shrugged. "I never would've thunk it. Of course, I'd have sworn on a stack of Torahs that I'd never do it with you either. But it was good."

"So, does this make me totally a lesbian? 'Cause I'm telling you right here and now, I will not stop shaving my legs. Period. End of sentance."

"I don't think that's in the job description. Anyway, you seemed to be having a good time with Wesley earlier. If you're bi, shaving is optional." Tara assured her.

They were joined by Gunn.

"Damn Cordy, you never told me your friends were so kinky. And those two" he jerked a thumb at Xander and Anya "are really something".

Xander crossed the room to Giles.

"Hey Giles, could I ask you something?"

"I am rather busy at the moment." He pushed deeper into Buffy.

"Um, yeah, hi Buff. Look, you wouldn't have any silk scarves Anya and I could borrow, would you?"

"I've a couple neckties in the other bedroom. If you promise to be careful, you may borrow them."

"Thanks, man!"

"And Xander?"


"Don't get any stains on them. They were quite expensive."

* * * * *

Buffy was laughing.

The other noises from the spare room had made Riley uncomfortable, or made him horny for reasons he thought it best not to admit to himself, but this one just plain hurt.

[She never laughed like that with me. She's laughing now, and I'm not even sure who made it happen. Was it Giles? Wesley? Tara? God, don't let it be Xander!]

Just then, Xander strode through the door, every inch a man on a mission. When he saw Riley, he stopped short.

"Hey Riley. Didn't realise you were still in here." He followed the ex-commando's gaze. "And I seem to be having a slight case of no pants. Sorry. I'll just go get what I came for."

Riley stared after him.

[At least I know Buffy isn't laughing for him. And I had no idea he was so well hung. I did NOT just think that. I'm thinking a lot of stuff I'm not thinking today.]

A minute later, Xander was back brandishing two silk ties. He stopped and faced Riley. Swallowing slightly he decided to follow through with his impulse.

"Y'know, Riley, you could join us in there. I'd really like it if you did." Before he could convince himself not to do it, Xander leaned over and planted a quick kiss on Riley's lips.

[Oh my God, that's it! Every single guy in there has kissed me now and not one girl has looked at me. What kind of queer bait am I?]

"No thanks. I'm good here."

* * * * *

It had taken every ounce of control Angel had not to speed on the drive to San Francisco. Wesley was in danger. He didn't like to think about how much that idea bothered - no, frightened him. No matter what, he had to make sure Wesley was safe. He hoped Gunn and Cordelia were safe, too.

Finally he pulled into the parking garage of the hotel. Almost before the car had skidded to a halt, he had leapt out and raced into the building, up the stairs, and burst through the door of the suite Cordelia had told him they would be in.

And stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the sounds coming from the bedroom. Sounds of sex.

Then he recognized the other occupant of the room.



"What's going on in there?"

"You really don't want to know."

Suddenly a bright peal of feminine laughter rang out.

"Was that...?"

"Yeah. Buffy."

"Really? She didn't ever... with me..."

"Yeah, I know Angel. Me either."


"All I know is, it's not Xander."


The two slumped onto the sofa.

* * * * *

The two Watchers collapsed, weary and satisfied as their orgasms faded. The threesome rolled until the two men lay on either side of Buffy, petting her down from her own climax.

"Mmmm, that was wonderful" she purred kissing Giles' shoulder as he held her.

"It certainly was" he agreed stroking the hair back from her sweat-slicked brow and kissing it fondly.

Wesley caressed Buffy's hip as he chimed in: "It was beautiful. Thank you both for trusting me with this."

They took turns kissing one another deeply.

Buffy returned to drawing imaginary circles in Giles' chest hair.

"Giles? Do you think I could come along to an opera sometime with you and Wesley?"

"I thought you said you'd rather fight Adam, The Master, and Drusilla all together than listen to, and I quote: a bunch of refugees from Jenny Craig squealing all night."

She raised innocent eyes to him. "Well, I was thinking if I could come to the opera without the opera part...?"

"Wesley, what on earth are we going to do with this young heathen?"

"Well don't look at me. She's your Slayer."

When they looked up from another round of kisses, Tara had joined them. She leaned over and kissed Wesley.

"I thought I'd come say hi. Willow's a little busy right now." The young witch grinned as the other three followed her eyes to where Willow lay beneath Gunn, thrusting her hips desperately in time with his.

Giles looked further.

"Good lord! What are they doing to my ties?"

"You said he could use them" Buffy observed.

"I didn't know they would be doing that with them!"

Xander lay on the floor, wrists and ankles bound in expensive silk ties as Anya loomed over him dangerously. The young man squirmed in anticipation as he awaited her first move in the game.

"Have you been a bad boy, Xander?"

"Oh yeah! And I need to be taught a lesson."

"I'm not entirely certain I want to see this." Giles observed.

"There is another bedroom" Wesley reminded him.

"Shall we adjourn there, ladies?"

Giles swung Tara into his arms as Wesley grabbed Buffy and flung her over his shoulder in a fireman's grip. The girls shrieked with laughter as they were carried bodily from the room. At the door, Wesley turned back and grabbed a handful of condoms and the apricot jam from breakfast.

* * * * *

Angel and Riley watched as Giles crossed the room with the young witch in his arms, paying no attention to the two men until he got to the bedroom door.

"Are you quite sure you won't join us, Riley? You'd be more than welcome."

"No. I'm good."

"I'd ask you the same Angel, but, well, with the curse..."

"I know. It wouldn't be safe. It's okay. Really."

The Watcher turned again for the bedroom only to be halted by a shriek behind him.

"Don't you dare drop me, Wes!"

"I've only one hand to work with, Buffy."

Buffy replied by swatting Wesley's rear playfully as they joined the other two revellers and all four went into the room.

Angel and Riley looked at one another, then went back to staring straight ahead.

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