Have Yourself A Scooby Little Orgy
Chapter Five - Aftermath
written by Gileswench & Fabrisse

[My cock is harder than the rock of Gibralter and I'm sitting here playing Gin with a vampire. Whose cock is also rock hard. I don't know. If I'm Gibralter is he the other peak Herculaneum or whatever?] Riley's thoughts had ceased to surprise him about midnight. When he realized that the rest of the party had broken down into boys' room and girls' room and the noises still hadn't stopped. Or maybe it had been earlier when Anya had tied Xander up and tortured him by making love with Cordelia in front of him. Then there'd been the incident in the bathroom. He'd needed to release some tension before he could do anything else. He really should have noticed Gunn and Willow in the bathtub. They'd certainly noticed him. Or maybe it was when he'd slept for a few hours next to Angel and contemplated… well, all Angel had said was, "you wouldn't like me when I'm happy."

There'd been much toing and froing since the division into girls' room and boys' room and Riley was no longer certain exactly who was where anymore. Angel had just won another hand when Xander came bursting out of the second bedroom.

"Condoms. Either of you have one in your wallet. We've run out."

Riley opened his wallet and took out the one he always carried for "safety". Since he'd been with Buffy though he hadn't needed it. It was probably past it's sell-by date. Xander snatched it out of Riley's hand and they both turned to look at the sock-like thing with red-strings that Angel had pulled out of his wallet.

"Sheep's gut. They were just coming into use when I was turned." Angel stared at the accordion in his hand. "Or we could order some lemons from room service. Wenches used them when I was a boy."

Xander just shook his head and ran back to the room. Soon sounds of Anya being made very happy (again) were heard.

Angel won another hand of Gin. A very naked Buffy came out grumbling about lack of condoms and grabbed the left over apricot jam from the table. "Well, if I can't have sex, I'll have the next best thing." She opened the door to the main bedroom. "Wesley, where's that tongue of yours?"

Riley turned to Angel, "Ever feel like the towel boy at the turkish bath?"

"More like the eunuch in the harem. Want to blow, I mean get out of this place?"

Riley grabbed his jacket and wrote a quick note asking someone to bring his stuff back to Sunnydale. The main bedroom door was opened and Buffy came out spreading apricot jam on her thighs. Wesley was trying to grab her and kept licking any of the places he could. They were laughing. Riley and Angel watched Buffy scoop three fingers into the jam and spread it all over her quim. Wesley sucked each of the fingers in turn before using his tongue to probe deep into her nest. Buffy's eyes were rolling back.

Angel and Riley looked at each other helplessly and opened the door. Angel immediately recognized Virginia Bryce and kept trying to block her view of the inner proceedings.

"Angel, let me pass." Virginia entered the living room and saw her lover on his knees eating out a babbling blonde. "Hi, honey."

Wesley stopped for a moment and looked up at his lady. "Virginia, may I introduce Buffy Summers." Buffy growled and tried to turn his head back to her needs.

Virginia smiled, "Make introductions later. Finish who you're doing." Wesley nodded and began to seriously slurp at Buffy.

Riley and Angel looked at each other in the doorway. "I know a place that does killer blood sausage."

"Riley, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

The door to the suite closed and Virginia settled herself in a chair and watched Wesley. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Why aren't you, um, really giving her your all." Wesley kissed her and nuzzled at her ear while Buffy made growling sounds at the back of her throat.

"No protection." Wordlessly, Virginia opened her purse and handed him a condom. Wesley pushed Buffy onto her back and claimed her for the long hard ride that he'd been aching for since she'd first joined the group. Buffy's nails in his back drew blood as she thrust up under him matching him stroke for stroke. Their orgasm was noisy and seemed to last forever. Lots of long kisses brought them down to the real world.

Once again, Wesley made introductions. Giles and Gunn came out of the main bedroom with Tara following in their wake. Gunn grabbed Buffy's hand and escorted her to the second bedroom. Tara stopped and kissed Wesley, who introduced her to Virginia, and then followed them. Giles handed Wesley a bathrobe and sat on the couch beside him.

"How do you do, Virginia." She smiled at the older man. "I've called downstairs and arranged the suite for an extra day."

A damp and mostly dressed Xander came in, "Gunn said you wanted to see me."

"I'm going to ask Anya to open and close the store tomorrow. Of course, I'll reciprocate, but when?"

Xander grinned. "I've already arranged to have Valentine's day off."

"Thank you, Xander. Send Anya in."

Anya was clean and dressed and more relaxed than Giles could ever remember seeing her. "I need to stay here at least one more day. If you can take care of the store on your own tomorrow, Xander's asked me to let you have Valentine's day off in exchange." Anya's grin was infectious, "Oh, and you can cover the traditional dim sum on the corporate card. I'm going to stay in and rest."

"Sure, boss." Anya grinned and left the room.

Giles shook his head, "I should have tried using sex on Anya sooner. I've never known her to be so agreeable."

Only a few moments passed before the whole motley crew came out. Buffy, Xander, Anya, Cordelia, Gunn, Willow, and Tara stood before them with bags packed and weapons bristling at odd angles. Each of them kissed Giles and Wesley goodbye, and Giles asked Willow and Tara to stay for a moment.

"We need to clean up before the maids come in. It really isn't fair to them."

Willow smiled. "Tara and I already thought of that. A simple transformation spell to turn all the condoms into kleenex. They'll just think someone had a really nasty cold." The wiccan lovers held hands and started the cleanup spell, but it became clear quite quickly that they didn't have enough energy. Virginia Bryce place her hands over theirs and suddenly the room began to straighten itself up. The sofa folded, cards were put away, and in general the place sparkled.

"A lot of power in my family. I don't get much chance to use it." Virginia noticed the girl introduced as Tara looking uncomfortably at Wesley. "I'll just check the bathroom and make certain the transformation worked too."

"She's nice."

"Yes, Tara, she is."

"We'll never do this again, will we?"

"Virginia and I need to talk first, but I have a feeling that we won't. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"No, I'm really glad. I mean, Giles was terrific and you were so sweet and even the other guys were interesting, but I love Willow and this would just confuse me."

Wesley nodded and pulled Tara in for a long kiss. Virginia started to come back into the room, but backed out before Tara could see her.

Willow whispered in Giles ear, "Can we maybe work something out for the three of us when we get back to Sunnydale?"

"Well, we still haven't had that tantric magic talk." Giles smiled sweetly and kissed her goodbye.

When they'd headed to Chinatown, Virginia came back into the room.

"So you must be the Rupert Giles that makes my man so happy."

"And you're the Virginia that he so clearly loves."

"Um, Wesley didn't know about …"

"Wouldn't matter if he had. We aren't exclusive. But I must admit that I came up here to meet you and see if we can all three come to an arrangement."

"Wesley, you and your lady can pick which room you'll be in for the night. I'm going to shower."

Virginia snuggled up against him. "Would you mind if Giles joined us tonight?"

He smiled back and kissed her. "Not at all. Perfect way to end an orgy."