...Quantum Leap...

One of Scott's best known roles was his portrayal of time-travelling hero Sam Beckett in the sci-fit hit, Quantum Leap.

Spanning five season, Quantum Leap told the story of Beckett's project, known as "Quantum Leap".
Quantum Leap was a theory, the idea that one could time travel within their own lifetime. Unfortunately, funding grew short on the project, and desperate to prove his theory, he took the chance of using himself as a test subject.

Dr. Beckett soon found himself caught in the time stream, leaping from life to life, trying to put right whatever it was that had gone wrong before he could leap again.

With the asistance of his friend, Al - who appears to him in the form of a hologram that only he can see and hear - and their advanced computer system "Ziggy" Sam leaps on, and on, from life to life, saving lives and repairing destinies, eternally wondering if god or fate or time will ever let him rest, and trying desperately to get home.

The series itself spanned five years from "Genesis" to "Mirror Image", the final episode in which it was mentioned that Sam Beckett never made it home. Despite this huge disappointment to fans, the Quantum Leap fanbase remains alive and well, with hundreds of websites still spread across the internet and the series still airing repeats on the SCI-FI channel. For more information on Quantum Leap, please see our links page.