The latest endeavour of Scott's is the newest in a long line of Gene Rodenberry creations - the Star Trek series Enterprise. Playing the famous ship's captain, Jonathan Archer, he finds himself surrouned by pointy eared aliens and plasma conduits rather than holograms.

Since the first Star Trek series, three others have spawned unter the same title - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.Not to mention the nine movies from the first and second series, and an upcoming tenth. The Star Trek empire spans both the online and offline communities, with conventions showing hoards of self-proclaimed "Trekkies" in costumes, bearing alien jewelry or makeup, all determined to show their loyalty to the Star Trek world.

As the newest installment, "Enterprise" finds itself in a tough position - not only does it have to excell as a television show but it also has to live up to it's predecessors. Fortunately for the actors and creators that work on Enterprise, it seems to have, so far, done just that, and hopefully will continue on the same course. Visit the links section for more information on Enterprise and the Star Trek universe.